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19.02.2018   |   4
How to draw million dollars to your ICO before the sale
Cryptocurrency is on a rollercoaster again. Polish government pay bloggers for anti-crypto videos, fake Buterins attack and Telegram ICO sound like a top shot. All of this in our news video on Bitnewstoday
19.02.2018   |   549
Who gets their wages in crypto?
Today, one can make the transfer of sportsmen in crypto and pay their salaries. Some prize money are also paid out in cryptocurrency. Is this a short-term trend or we will soon see the great emerge of crypto in the sport...
16.02.2018   |   621
The highlights of the week: bitcoin’s back to 10K
Bitcoin climbs back to $10000, while the mining viruses strike again. More positive news from the altcoins like Litecoin and Ripple push the market forwards. Know more about these news from our video highlights
15.02.2018   |   20
Bitcoin is re-approaching the 10 K mark and the market follows
Bitcoin may soon reach the 10 thousand dollars mark once more very soon. What’s going on with the Markets? What are hackers up to? For full details on these and more, please watch our video
15.02.2018   |   1898
Could Altcoins take over Bitcoin’s place?
Altcoins. A name many have seen or heard of recently. What are the most promisin Altcoins and why? Could they take over the Crypto World and claim Bitcoin’s place? See the answers for these and other questions in our vid...
14.02.2018   |   17
Find out how the Olympic Games were affected by the crypto-fever in South Korea; what’s going on with the Coincheck case; the latest on crypto-hacking and much more on BNT’s latest video
14.02.2018   |   1026
UAE looks lucrative for crypto-investors
Blockchain-based technologies and cryptocurrency implementations are widely discussed by the government and the financial regulator of the Arab Emirates. More about it in our video
13.02.2018   |   26
Icelandic Taxes and the Crypto World
Taxation’s coming to Iceland (a paradise for crypto mining), Thailand is imposing tough measures against cryptocurrencies, and much more on our News Report, check our video for full details
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