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25.04.2018   |   280
Russian hackers or Google? - Who’s behind MyEtherWallet’s problems?
Today we bring you: the latest on MyEtherWallet’s case, the MIT and how Bitcoin may end, how the story of an Icelandic crypto-fugitive ended, and more on our Morning News Report. Watch it now on BitnewsToday, and get inf...
24.04.2018   |   809
Are Ethereum and Ripple shares?
Today, we bring you the latest on: Bitcoin’s recovery, former Goldman Sachs partner and government regulator’s thoughts on ETH and Ripple (and why many disagree with him), the world's first digital Blockchain...
24.04.2018   |   638
Litecoin Network’s transaction sets a new speed record
Today we bring you: Binance and it's plans to help an African country’s economy, Litecoin transaction’s speed record, crypto-taxes and more on our Morning News Report. Watch it now on BitnewsToday, and get informed r...
23.04.2018   |   471
New heights: IOTA reaches 2 dollars, Bitcoin Cash 1 thousand 3 hundred dollars
What changes has the crypto market seen at the beginning of this week? Who will get free tokens? We answer all these questions and more on our newest Special News Report on BitnewsToday. Watch it now and get informed rig...
23.04.2018   |   620
Will Mining become unprofitable? - Experts have the answer
Today we bring you: How do credit/debit cards owners see cryptos, a recent financial analysis hoping to explain whether mining will become unprofitable or not, Telegram’s battle against Russia’s ban, and more on our Morn...
20.04.2018   |   1205
“2theMoon” soon?
Today on our newest Special News Report on BitnewsToday we bring you about the main events from this week, forecasts for the cryptos and forthcoming regulation trends.  Watch it now and get informed right away!
20.04.2018   |   31
In just 24h, Venezuelans bought BTC worth 1 million USD
Today we bring you: good news for Savedroid’s investors, Brits and cryptos, Bithumb’s new project and more on our Morning News Report. Watch it now on BitnewsToday and get informed right away.
19.04.2018   |   383
Bitcoin mining hardware thief escapes from prison
Despite a quite high crime rate in the crypto world there are a lot of emergent Bitcoin millionaires. Get the latest on this, and also a dramatic story of a crypto-criminal that’s escaped prison, and also Huawei’s plans ...
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