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Tax Agency in the UK Demands Customer Trading Data From Crypto Exchanges
08 August 2019   
The UK HMRC agency has contacted several locally registered cryptocurrency exchanges and demanded they provide information on customer transaction histories
Will FCA’s Crypto CFD Ban Harm Or Benefit the Crypto Industry?
11 July 2019   
The FCA has notified several media outlets that it will be holding meetings in the near future to determine the legal matters for Contracts for Difference on cryptocurrencies
BREXIT-effect: how the idea of sustainability is departing to the digital reality
31 October 2018   
Economy of developed countries will not grow for another 250 years and for institutional investors the transition to decentralized markets may become the only chance to rescue
After Brexit Britain Will Receive Crypxit
30 August 2018   
Great Britain presented the program of digital guest workers. Local companies have to either move to other jurisdictions or compete for existence.
Bermuda Insurtech Attracted $14 Bln of Investments
28 August 2018   
12000 foreign companies are registered in Bermuda. Due to the Digital Assets Business Act and ICO Act, more to come.
Great Britain: the presumption of guilt for crypto entrepreneurs
15 August 2018   
The British authorities define the digital currency as "a unique combination of figures obtained as a result of mathematical calculations." Such a vague concept opens up an extraordinary space for interpretations and manipulations. Is it a well-thought-out policy aimed at undervaluing the status of the cryptocurrency, or has the English justice simply turned out to be unprepared for the new digital economy?