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Cryptokitties are eager to help the global ocean

10 July 2018  |   

CryptoKitties and ACTAI have teamed up to create an ambassador crypto kitten. Honu, currently existing exclusively in the Ethereum blockchain, is not a usual crypto kitten, since it is a halfway turtle. Its acquisition will be possible at the auction of the Blockchain Summit in Morocco and all the profits will go to protect the ecosystem of the world's oceans.

The Australian Department of Taxation will monitor the data of country’s citizens, concealing revenues from the crypto offshore sales. Advanced data comparison methods and existing agreements on the information exchange with other countries will be used. Several hundred thousand people are supposedly receiving unaccounted profit.

20 employees, dealing with the development of computer technologies, have been arrested in China. They are suspected of hacking a large number of computers and illegal mining. According to the investigation, for the 2 years’ term criminals managed to create a network, consisting of more than 100 agents, that help distribute malicious software, infected at least one million devices and mined 26 million tokens of not the most popular cryptos.

Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google and one of the richest people on the planet, has admitted that he mines Ethereum. He told about it during the Blockchain Summit in Morocco. Brin has also added that his 10-year-old son assists him, and also expressed his confidence that the blockchain technology has a great future.

IOTA will help build smart cities in Europe. 7 Norwegian regions, Ireland and other countries participate in this project. They will improve energy-saving systems and establish the bond between various city devices. The program will last for 5 years with 20-million-euros backing from the European Union.

One of the largest state banks of China has filed a patent application for a blockchain system to exchange financial assets. The solution is a platform, where financial institutions can operate as blockchain nodes. The goal of the concept is to eliminate intermediaries and improve the liquidity of financial assets.

German SolarisBank offers corporate accounts for European crypto business. The bank has received the   license, and also plans to provide additional services, including mobile banking and issuing debit cards specifically for blockchain-companies. The bank's management believes that these actions will help create a "normative and technological bridge" between crypto technologies and banking activities.

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