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Witnessing the digital breakthrough


Russian State Duma To Adopt Сryptocurrency Laws In February
18 January 2019    |    3005
According to the statement of Duma officials, it is necessary to solve all the issues on cryptocurrency and its introduction into the economic system of the country
Wyoming To Become The Most Attractive State For Blockchain Startups
11 January 2019    |    5319
The state governor touched on the success of the blockchain industry during his inaugural speech. Currently, six more bills are being discussed in Wyoming
The Consequences Of SEC Decisions: No More Utility Tokens?
08 January 2019    |    4448
The SEC lawsuits showcase that the regulator is intent on pursuing unregistered securities regardless of whether or not the project was fraudulent
Switzerland: Crypto-Funds Will Be Able To Invest Up To $100M In Residential Property
06 December 2018    |    5111
The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) informed the public about the new rules that allow digital companies to open $100 million deposits. Where this money can go
G20: Generals Are Preparing For The War That Has Passed
04 December 2018    |    5015
The politicians of G20 have officially admitted the fact of digital currencies existence. How it will affect the global market and why Spain will choose the billion dollar way
South Korea: Promoting A New Bill To Pass The FATF exam
04 December 2018    |    5354
South Korea is going to encourage digital asset trading. What provisions does the new Bill contain and why is the state interested in its acceptance
Nigeria: FATF’s recommendations regarding digital currencies work in terrorists’ favor
03 December 2018    |    4318
The Nigerian branch office of the Union Bank of Nigeria threatened to close accounts of crypto-companies. The situation we witnessed in EU, India and the countries of South America is repeating itself again
How French Authorities Prevented More In-Depth Bitcoin Crash
27 November 2018    |    3803
France is doing everything possible to be in the crypto news: recent months, the Parliament has been actively amending the legislation, and now the regulators have suddenly dramatically reminded private investors of the high risks that are carried with cryptocurrencies.
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