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The State Duma of the Russian Federation Adopted A Draft Law On Taxation of Cryptocurrency Transactions
18 February 2021   
The State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted in the first reading the draft law on the taxation of cryptocurrency transactions, the tax limit will be considered in the second reading
Blockchain Law Enters Into Force In Switzerland
02 February 2021   
The first part of the Swiss blockchain law regarding company reforms came into force on Monday
New Round of Bans in India
01 February 2021   
Indian Government submits the bill banning private cryptocurrencies
Crypto Community Addressed To FinCEN
27 January 2021   
Coinbase asks FinCEN to suspend regulation
Isle of Man Provides Regulatory Certainty for Crypto Businesses
27 January 2021   
Isle of Man permits online pre-registration of crypto companies
Custodian Xapo Will Receive a Banking License In Gibraltar
21 January 2021   
Xapo is now a full-fledged bank, according to the British Overseas Territory Finance Minister
UK Regulator Does Not Classify XRP As Securities
13 January 2021   
Her Majesty's Treasury document contradicts SEC charges against Ripple
The Ban on the Crypto Derivatives’ Sales Goes Effective in the UK
07 January 2021   
It was approved by the FCA in October after lengthy consultations, banning the sale, marketing and distribution of CFDs, options, futures, and ETNs that refer to cryptocurrencies — for retail investors
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