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Israeli Regulator Plans To Speed Up Licenses For Fintech And Blockchain Companies
20 August 2019   
About 2,000 enterprises in fintech and blockchain segments await to receive licenses from the state regulator
Italian Financial Guard Warns of Cryptocurrency Risks
16 August 2019   
According to department analysts, it is necessary to assess the risks of cryptocurrencies at the supranational level and develop predictable forecasts to protect Italy at a strategic level
US FinCEN Is Getting Nervous About Cryptocurrencies In The Betting Industry
16 August 2019   
On Tuesday this week, the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network held the annual meeting with gambling operators about the compliance with the country’s AML laws
SEC Postpones The Decision On Bitcoin ETFs Once Again
13 August 2019   
Proposals for Bitcoin ETFs have been considered for several months, but the SEC still takes time-out for the maximum allowable period in accordance with federal rules
Thailand Plans To Amend the AML Act, Sees Crypto As Threat
06 August 2019   
The Anti-Money Laundering Office in Thailand (AMLO) believes that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies pose a serious threat
The People’s Bank of China Prioritizes The Development Of National Cryptocurrency
05 August 2019   
The People's Bank of China is giving priority to the development of the digital currency in response to the growing global spread of cryptocurrencies
UK: Bitcoin and Ethereum Do Not Require Regulation
01 August 2019   
According to the Financial Conduct Authority, this privilege, however, will not affect utility-tokens and stablecoins
The IRS To Send 10,000 Letters To Taxpayers Owning Cryptocurrency
29 July 2019   
In the newsletter, the service reported that three variations of the letter with tips on paying taxes and submitting corrected tax returns are to be sent
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