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The G7 Agreed That Global Stablecoins are a Real Challenge for Financial Stability
14 October 2019   
The G7 has prepared a report stating that stable coins operating on a global level pose a serious threat to the financial stability of the world
FATF Week Participants To Discuss Stablecoins and Their Risks
14 October 2019   
FATF Week has started, where representatives of 205 countries and jurisdictions, as well as the IMF, the UN, the World Bank and other organizations will discuss virtual assets
The IRS Issues New Cryptocurrency Tax Guidelines
10 October 2019   
According to the report, any and all monetary gain is taxed under the United States law, and since cryptocurrencies have been used as a measurement of monetary gain, they will fall under the relevant rules
SEC Rejects Bitwise Application for Bitcoin ETF
10 October 2019   
The main subject of the dispute was the applicants' inability to convincingly prove that the cryptocurrency investment market is free from fraud and manipulation
Facebook Libra Partners Receive Warning Letter from US Senators
09 October 2019   
A message is published a week after rumors began to spread about the actions of partner companies. Previously, the project was left by PayPal
Hong Kong Regulator Approves Rules for Cryptocurrency Funds
07 October 2019   
In a 37-page document, the SFC introduced terms and conditions for corporations that manage portfolios, investing in virtual assets
Japanese FSA Publishes Draft Guidelines For Crypto Asset Investments
04 October 2019   
The decision is one of the steps of the country's authorities to manage market development. Public comments on the revision are accepted by the FSA until the end of October
US Federal Reserve Receives Pleas About Creating a National Digital Currency
03 October 2019   
Naturally, this is something that should be taken up with the Federal Reserve, as this institution has the sole authority over the future of American monetary and fiscal policies
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