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Iran Will Revise Its Policy Towards Electricity Costs For Crypto Mining
26 June 2019   
An official of the Ministry of Energy of Iran said that the country had recorded a 7 percent surge of electricity consumption over last month
CFTC Approved the Application of LedgerX to Offer Physically Settled Bitcoin Futures
26 June 2019   
The approval of this application, which was first filed in November 2018, means that the company can now list derivative contracts for bitcoins
Brazil Tightens Control Over Cryptocurrency Transactions
20 June 2019   
The Department of Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) has released new rules requiring crypto exchanges to inform the regulator of user transactions
Bruno Le Maire Demands Guarantees From Facebook Libra
19 June 2019   
Minister of Economy and Finance of France Bruno Le Maire, known for his loyal attitude to cryptocurrency, said that he would “ask for guarantees” from the social network
SEC Chairman Answered Questions Concerning the Regulation of the Crypto Industry
07 June 2019   
Many crypto enthusiasts believe that the Commission deliberately resists the creation of a clear regulatory framework
Precedent: Israeli Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Cryptocurrency Exchange
04 June 2019   
Israeli Supreme Court ruled that Leumi Bank cannot block the account of the Bits of Gold cryptocurrency exchange on regulatory concerns
The Japanese House of Representatives Introduced New Crypto Regulations
22 May 2019   
The lower house has moved crypto-related amendments to the existing financial law to the House of Councillors at a recent plenary session
The US Internal Revenue Service Plans To Update Cryptocurrency Tax Guidance
21 May 2019   
In accordance with a request from a member of the House of Representatives, the IRS is working on guidance for acceptable methods for calculating the taxes
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