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France To Launch a Digital Asset in Q1 2020
05 December 2019   
This was announced by the head of the Bank of France during his speech at ACPR, the French regulatory agency for banks and insurance companies
German Banks Will be Permitted to Buy, Sell and Store Digital Assets
29 November 2019   
Financial institutions in Germany will be able to provide digital assets to their clients — currently it is prohibited for banks and other companies
India Plans to Create National Blockchain Infrastructure
28 November 2019   
India followed similar blockchain decisions made last month by Chinese President Xi Jinping
Benoit Coeuré Warned of Europe’s Risk of Losing Economical Edge
27 November 2019   
According to the politician, Europe needs its own scheme, whether on the basis of a blockchain or another system. The ECB and other banks are exploring the idea of ​​a digital currency
South Korea Prepared a New Bill to Regulate Digital Assets
27 November 2019   
South Korea's National Policy Committee passed a bill according to which cryptocurrencies are classified as digital assets
The FBI Thinks Cryptocurrency is a Threat to National Security
08 November 2019   
The director of the FBI of the United States of America testified in front of congress and pressed the issue of cryptocurrencies. Senator Mitt Romney also voiced his concern
Hong Kong’s SFC Invites Companies to Apply for Regulatory Licenses
07 November 2019   
The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong has finished drafting its regulation and started to release a set of guidelines for crypto companies based in the city
European Union on Board With the e-Euro Idea, Drafts New Bill
06 November 2019   
The European Union is urging its member states to consider creating a local digital currency for better controlling the blockchain industry
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