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Witnessing the digital breakthrough


Wyoming’s new bill guarantees legal protection for cryptocurrency owners
15 February 2019   
Thу state became the first jurisdiction in the US to extend property rights to cryptocurrency
SEC Clarifies That Not All Tokens Could Be Considered As Securities
11 February 2019   
SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce expressed such opinion; she referred to the Howey test as a tool for classifying tokens. Is this a sign of the regulator loosen tight grip?
SEC Is Looking For Services To Monitor And Track Data
04 February 2019   
SEC has published a notice on January 31 concerning search and cooperation. It is possible that the regulator is preparing to begin its study on the Bitcoin ETF
The Story Goes On: Bitcoin ETF Re-applied
01 February 2019   
CBOE, VanEck and Solid X decided to make a quick comeback. The reason for the withdrawal of the Bitcoin ETF application on January 23 was the American government being shut down
Kik Interactive (Kin) Is Planning To Take The SEC To Court
28 January 2019   
Ted Livingston, CEO of Kik Interactive, opposes the position of the SEC that all tokens are securities, claiming Kin to be the currency
Russian State Duma To Adopt Сryptocurrency Laws In February
18 January 2019   
According to the statement of Duma officials, it is necessary to solve all the issues on cryptocurrency and its introduction into the economic system of the country
Wyoming To Become The Most Attractive State For Blockchain Startups
11 January 2019   
The state governor touched on the success of the blockchain industry during his inaugural speech. Currently, six more bills are being discussed in Wyoming
The Consequences Of SEC Decisions: No More Utility Tokens?
08 January 2019   
The SEC lawsuits showcase that the regulator is intent on pursuing unregistered securities regardless of whether or not the project was fraudulent
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