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The Fall In Markets Is Caused By Rumors Of A Tax Increase In The United States
23 April 2021   
Markets fall strongly amid rumors of the tax increase on capital gains
Crypto Market Drops Amid Rumors Of US Treasury Department Investigation
20 April 2021   
Crypto market drops due to rumors of US Treasury investigation
Turkey Bans The Use of Cryptocurrencies for Payments
16 April 2021   
The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey has banned the use of cryptocurrency for payments throughout the country
Dubai Economy to Implement Blockchain-Based Corporate KYC Platform
15 April 2021   
Dubai Economy plans to accelerate the full implementation of KYC in the UAE as a national standard based on the blockchain technology
Spanish Tax Authority Sends Warnings To Cryptocurrency Holders
13 April 2021   
Spanish Tax Agency has made it clear that cryptocurrencies are subject to taxation, and their holders have already received warning letters
Sri Lanka Central Bank Warns About Cryptocurrency Risks and Unlicensed Exchanges
12 April 2021   
Lately, crypto-related talks became very popular in Sri Lanka and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka published an official announcement, regarding cryptocurrencies
Crypto Hodlers Will Have To Report To The Federal Tax Service
06 April 2021   
The draft law on amendments to the Tax Code implies the obligation of citizens to inform about the ownership of cryptocurrency
Crypto Users in the US Might Be Surprised by a Capital Gains Tax
19 March 2021   
Robert Frank from CNBC says that people who are buying NFTs will face large tax bills for deals that, in a normal situation, were considered tax-free
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