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Ethereum Classic Allegedly Hit By 51% Attack
03 August 2020   
Ethereum Classic has undergone a reorganization that resembles a 51% attack
FBI Arrests Suspected Twitter Hacker
03 August 2020   
US authorities found criminals involved in hacking Twitter accounts of famous people who managed to hack 130 accounts
109 Members Of PlusToken Pyramid Were Arrested In China
31 July 2020   
In China, as a result of investigative actions, members of one of the largest Ponzi schemes in the crypto industry were arrested
Scammers Laundering Money Using Cryptos, Have Been Arrested In Latvia
23 July 2020   
Crypto scammers were arrested in Latvia who bought personal data of people on the Darknet from 2015 to 2020
New GMERA Trojan Steals Cryptocurrency
17 July 2020   
Cybersecurity firm discovered new malware targeting crypto traders using Apple
Cashaa Exchange Suffered From Hackers
13 July 2020   
Bitcoin totaling $3.1 mln was stolen from Cashaa crypto exchange and allegedly withdrawn to Delhi
Chaos In The Banking System Caused By Wirecard Collapse
29 June 2020   
As a result of Wirecard bankruptcy, the UK financial regulator ordered to close the access to accounts of users of debit crypto cards in order to ensure the safety of funds
Australia: 20% Increase in Financial fraud During Pandemic
26 June 2020   
The Australian Securities and Investments Commission recently reported that investment scams have seen a massive surge during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic
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