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BREAKING: Cryptopia Exchange Hacked. The Police Starts An Investigation
15 January 2019    |    4558
New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange becomes the first victim of hackers for this year. The amount of stolen crypto is not announced yet
Over 4.3% Monero Is Mined ​​With Crypto Malware
10 January 2019    |    4805
Currently, the cost of maliciously mined XMR is more than $35 mln. Researchers estimate that at least 2,218 campaigns are active
Phishing Attack On Electrum Wallet. About 200 BTC Lost
28 December 2018    |    5204
The application was attacked by hackers. The developers have confirmed this information, but the threat has not been dealt with at the moment.
Secret Services Might Be Behind The Hacking Of 40,000 Private Accounts
12 December 2018    |    4546
The inattentive user of state services may lose not only their cryptocurrency savings but also go to jail on the charge of espionage activities
How Bitcoin Crash Can Trigger a Network Collapse
23 November 2018    |    4404
Dust attack for 18 BTC triggered a queue of 100,000 unconfirmed transactions (UTXO) in the network. What threatens the "dust" in the bitcoin network leads?