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The Return Of Crypto Ponzi? Bitconnect To Launch New Project
20 May 2019   
The crypto community showed negative reaction to the news: users say that the organizers are planning another scam and no one should fall to their new tricks
The Researchers Reported A Bug That Could Bring Down The TRON Blockchain
07 May 2019   
It was possible to organize a crash with just a single computer — it was far enough for the attackers to resort to a DDoS attack
Court Ordered Craig Wright To Provide Information About Blind Trust And Bitcoin Assets
06 May 2019   
The document states that the court has reviewed its decision on the motion regarding Wright’s list of BTC holdings
Canadian Police Arrest A Record Amount Of ‘Criminal’ Bitcoins
04 April 2019   
It became known that the Canadian police managed to confiscate bitcoins worth 1.9 mln US dollars from the arrested drug dealer
ChangeNOW Announces The Freezing Of Funds Withdrawn From Bithumb
02 April 2019   
Recently it became known that the Korean crypto exchange Bithumb was compromised again — the funds were transferred to another exchange, ChangeNOW
DragonEx Exchange Hacked, Users’ Assets Stolen
26 March 2019   
The official statement says that the exchange has lost control over the users’ cryptocurrency assets, but the amount of losses is not specified yet
Scammers Discovered Vulnerability In the Augur Betting System
21 March 2019   
Reddit users claim that the fraudsters exploit the vulnerability. Augur CEO announces that the team has found a solution
Former Mt.Gox CEO Sentenced To 2.5 Years In Prison
15 March 2019   
Throughout the entire process of the Mt.Gox case, the defendant claimed that he was completely innocent. Tokyo District Court convicted him under one of the charges
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