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CNMV Blacklists a New Unregulated ICO in Spain
19 November 2019   
According to the CNMV, the ICO company had absolutely no authority or registered documentations in Spain and therefore did not possess any legitimacy in offering a security token
Dutch Blockchain Company Searching for a Run-away CEO
15 November 2019   
The CEO of Komodore64 is suspect of defrauding several investors of millions of euros into his company and spending it on parties, also failing to pay his employees accordingly
AUSTRAC Performed First Crypto Fraudster Arrests
13 November 2019   
A 38-year-old man from Cairnlea was arrested in his own house after conducting extensive investigations about his proposed fraudulent activities with the help of cryptocurrencies
Crypto Capital Executive Charged with Fraud, Bitfinex Calls Itself an Aggrieved Party
28 October 2019   
The exchange distances itself from money laundering, while international law enforcement officers figure out the frauds of Crypto Capital
The City of Johannesburg Becomes a Victim of Bitcoin Ransom
25 October 2019   
The city of Johannesburg in South Africa, also known as Joburg experienced a very serious cyberattack on Thursday, October 24th, with the hackers demanding a ransom of 4 Bitcoins
FCA’s Crypto Investigation Cases Have Nearly Doubled Since 2018
07 October 2019   
Data shows that just in 2018 nearly 50 cryptocurrency companies were being investigated by the regulator, and were found to be violating the law in one way or another
Trustee of Mt.Gox Is Interested in the Case of Alexander Vinnik
02 October 2019   
Nobuaki Kobayashi requested details of the investigation on the notorious BTC-e exchange with Russian roots, which was operated by Vinnik
Armenian Company in Trouble for Illegally Mining Cryptos
23 September 2019   
According to announcement from the Armenian National Security Service, a local IT company was using the power from a Hydro plant without having informed the authorities
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