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SEC Accused Opporty Marketplace in Fraudulent Actions
23 January 2020   
As presented in a statement by the Commission, the company claimed to be registered with the SEC and was complying with securities laws, which was a falsification
Interpol Fight Against Malware Proves Successful
10 January 2020   
Due to the cooperation between Interpol and the world leader in cyber security protection Trend Micro, more than 20,000 infected routers were detected
Chinese Police Report Raids Against Illegal Crypto Activities
25 December 2019   
Police arrested more than 6,800 pieces of mining equipment in the city of Tangshan. Also, on Monday, 72 representatives of the Cloud Token project were detained on fraud charges
HitBTC Scammers Arrested in Canada
18 December 2019   
Two HitBTC scammers have been arrested in Canada for impersonating customer service representatives of the crypto exchange
MicroBT Founder Arrested in Shenzhen on Charges of Embezzlement
16 December 2019   
The arrest itself was conducted in October, but an official comment was made on December 12th. MicroBT is the biggest rival of a crypto mining equipment manufacturing giant Bitmain
ICO Shopin Founder Pleaded Guilty of Illegal Security Offering and Fraud
13 December 2019   
The prosecution also stated that he had misappropriated investor funds to pay for personal expenses. Despite the charge, he did not receive a prison sentence
Scammers Stole $360 ​​Mln on Pseudo Crypto Investments, Arrested in Brazil
12 December 2019   
According to the state government, fraudsters appropriated about 1.5 Bln Brazilian reals ($359 Mln). They deceived about 5,000 citizens, promising high interest on investments
The Largest Seize: $1.5 Mln Worth of Crypto Arrested by Australian Border Police
04 December 2019   
The largest seize of cryptocurrency assets in the world occurred yesterday, being taken away by the police from a couple trying to cross the Australian border
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