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New Mining Malware Targets Call of Duty Player
02 April 2021   
Researchers at Activision have discovered a new malware that installs hidden cryptocurrency miners on users' PCs
Crypto Farm In Russia Turned Out To Be A Fraud, A Criminal Case Was Initiated
02 March 2021   
The first official mining center in Russia turned out to be a pyramid, more than 20 people were victims
Exmo Crypto Exchange Underwent Second Attack In Two Months
16 February 2021   
Exmo cryptocurrency exchange underwent a DDoS attack, as a result the total volume of the cryptocurrency exchange fell
SEC Charges Organizers Of Bitcoiin2Gen Fraudulent ICO
03 February 2021   
US Securities and Exchange Commission indicted three ICO fraud participants
Hackers Stole $3.8 Bln Worth of Cryptocurrencies in 2020
15 January 2021   
In 2020, cybercriminals stole $3.8 bln worth of cryptocurrencies in 122 attacks
Ledger Offers Bitcoin Rewards For Information On Data Attacks
14 January 2021   
Shopify data leak affected another 20,000 Ledger customers
Leaked Customer Data From Ledger Hardware Wallet Manufacturer
21 December 2020   
The second data leak made the data of 270,000 Ledger customers public
EXMO Crypto Exchange Hacked
21 December 2020   
Crypto exchange Exmo suspends withdrawals after attacks on hot wallets
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