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Jack Ma: Bitcoin ‘could be a bubble’
25 June 2018    |   16
One of the most famous and influential businessmen of our time has expressed his opinion on Bitcoin and blockchain today. Learn what he thinks in the new material and who else prefers the same approach
How the winners live: crypto billionaire told reporters about new futuristic office
25 June 2018    |   18
A perfect illustration of dreams of those who are late to the crypto party - big amounts of money, luxurious lifestyle and daring purchase plans. All this recently became known to the press after an interesting excursion
British Castle Craig Hospital starts to view crypto addiction as actual health threat
25 June 2018    |   23
Learn how medics in the United Kingdom describe the daily overestimation of cryptocurrency trading and its close relatives which have already been studied in the scientific papers
Brad Garlinghouse on Ripple control: “Saudi Arabia owns a lot of oil — that doesn’t give them control of oil”
25 June 2018    |   25
Learn about the context surrounding this statement, what Brad Garlinghouse said about Coinbase and Ripple and old insider posts which turned out to be partly true
Report: Indian crypto exchange Zebpay manipulated market by provocative emails
25 June 2018    |   31
Learn about a plausible theory of the cryptocurrency press outlet regarding the big Indian exchange Zebpay and its messages which have greatly contributed to the fall of Bitcoin/rupee rate
Bank for International Settlements research head: coins may be treated as securities
25 June 2018    |   24
Learn what Hyun Song Shin, the adviser and research department chief at the Bank for International Settlements, has described in the yesterday speech and what this may potentially mean for the cryptocurrency market
Bitcoin drops below $6000 — market pessimism levels rise
25 June 2018    |   30
This material describes the latest price drop of the first cryptocurrency which has happened on Friday, and the reaction of Bitcoin advocates and critics that followed afterwards
Vitalik Buterin and Stanford University to open joint blockchain research facility
22 June 2018    |   77
Ethereum creator and other digital currency companies are going to support the new research center in Stanford - learn what other projects are going to participate in the development of this facility
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Regulation days: weekly review
22 June 2018    |   70
Countries where cryptocurrencies are legal
20 June 2018    |   1022
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