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Bitcoin’s price motion best since December
25.04.2018    |   5
See the latest news on price movement of Bitcoin - the most popular digital currency - and get to know what financial experts think about this. Is the trend going to last long or do we see the reversal? Find out
Messages confirmed - MyEtherWallet was hacked
25.04.2018    |   22
This report on MyEtherWallet hack can give info on what amount of money hackers have managed to steal and if it is the first hack of this site. One can learn about the breach the hackers used in this material by Bitnewst...
How Bitcoin could be destroyed: MIT review
24.04.2018    |   25
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides three scenarios in which Bitcoin could be utterly destroyed. Learn what conditions will have the world’s most famous cryptocurrency on the ropes
Ex-head of CFTC: Ethereum and Ripple could become prohibited in America
24.04.2018    |   40
Ripple and Ethereum can be treated as unregistered securities, tells Gary Gensler. Read this new material to find out why digital tokens are in danger if the statements of Gary Gensler are correct
Extortionist hacker demands cryptocurrency from Ukrainian Energy Ministry in 10 hours
24.04.2018    |   11
Learn the details on how exactly hackers evolved like this in such a short period of time (5 years), as well as the info from regional reports on the latest ransomware hack which has affected the ministry of a small coun...
Thomson Reuters survey: one out of five companies considers crypto trading
24.04.2018    |   13
Read whom the respected agency has asked and see the results of the research which might hint at the future rise of popularity of digital currencies even despite the criticism the community is witnessing today
Message on college sexual harassment in China copied to ETH blockchain after officials try to delete it
24.04.2018    |   29
Chinese civil rights and #MeToo activists show how to secure important information from the government with the help of Ethereum blockchain - see how they managed to outplay the state
Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings implies Bitcoin copycats have no good future
24.04.2018    |   165
The arguments of the rating company are provided in this report. Here one can learn why Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin God and others are actually less perspective than developers might want everyone to think
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