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Nvidia to shops: gamers come firs
23.01.2018    |   7
Miners bought so much graphics cards lately that gamers are now with empty hands, and Nvidia tells miners are not the people the company is making the video cards for
Europol Executive Director: criminals start to use altcoins more often than Bitcoin
23.01.2018    |   9
Due to the big popularity Bitcoin now has, criminals and hacker groups will move to altcoins similar to Monero and other privacy-focused digital currencies, reports say. Rob Wainwright, Executive Director of Europol, con...
Shell ramps up its stock prices by investing in Applied Blockchain
23.01.2018    |   17
Situation with this investment made by Shell looks similar to that blockchain rebranding of Long Island Tea: nobody really knows what is going to happen next, but the price grows anyway due to the interest of the majorit...
Vitalik Buterin’s father: fiat currencies are backed by collective hallucination, just like cryptos
23.01.2018    |   8245
Dmitry Buterin has a deep understanding of the work his son does, as witnessed by the recent interview to Radio Liberty (in Russian). Meanwhile, his son Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, warns of new scammers posing ...
bitFlyer gets EU’s Payment Institution license - now it’s compliant with Japanese, US and European laws
23.01.2018    |   1226
bitFlyer became probably the world’s most compliant cryptocurrency exchange, as the media notes. Read below to see who gave the Payment Institutions license and what the company itself thinks on the event
IMF not thrilled about people borrowing money to buy cryptos
23.01.2018    |   14
European and Asian countries together with the United States will discuss joint cryptocurrency regulation on G20, and the International Monetary Fund representative decided to support the emerging trend of collaborative ...
Vermont senator to introduce new blockchain initiatives, including e-residency
23.01.2018    |   56
As the time goes by, the senators of America propose more and more new blockchain initiatives within their states. Such initiatives are aimed towards blockchain improvements of either cybersecurity or paperwork optimizat...
OneCoin office searched by Bulgarian police
22.01.2018    |   36
The Ponzi scheme posing as cryptocurrency has managed to infuriate several European authorities, with Bulgarian financial crimes enforcement agencies lately joining the group
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