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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get

Japanese Exchanges In Total Lost $1 Billion. FSA Carried Out An Inspection
15 August 2018    |   10
On Japanese exchanges, a small number of executives and employees control most of the capital. The regulator ordered the exchanges to understand the situation, as well as to create a system of effective internal control ...
How Russian Hackers Related To OTC Trading And Who Benefits
15 August 2018    |   32
According to the study conducted by various fintech companies, Malta is (big surprise!) is a leader when it comes to the trading volumes at the crypto exchanges. Russia is not in a hurry to centralized platforms and beca...
Image Of The Day, 14 Of August: CNBC, Independent, Fortune and others
14 August 2018    |   601 has chosen only the freshest and most important news about the digital economy and virtual currencies. The most important of today's stories in most indicative quotes are below!
Crypto War For Oil: Saudi Call For A Check. Is The Checkmate Coming?
14 August 2018    |   611
If the cryptocurrency can be an instrument of politics, it will inevitably become an instrument of a war. Not of a computer game, but of a real massacre. This is what is happening in Saudi Arabia.
Vietnam Forbade The Import Of Mining Equipment. Currency Operations Are Taken Under Control
14 August 2018    |   158
Vietnam’s government introduced the official ban on the import of mining equipment
Virtual Currency In France Have The Same Rights As Puppets
14 August 2018    |   2132
Common law and civil law are finding out which of them is better. Now, after 200 years of confrontation, cryptocurrency market has become a battlefield.
Fintech Is Obviously Affecting The Economy Of Italy. CONSOB Is Taking The Industry Under Control
14 August 2018    |   153
According to Paolo CIOCCA, an important step in the practical application of Fintech is its use in the logistics chain and the associated financial network. Less noticeable, but more important in terms of impact on the e...
Image Of The Day, 13 Of August: CNBC, Bloomberg, The New York Times And Others
13 August 2018    |   2270
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