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Posted on 15.12.2017   
Barbarian financing: woman arrested in US for sending bitcoins to ISIS
No matter who Satoshi Nakamoto actually is, there is little reason to believe he intended his creation to benefit one of the most cruel terrorist organizations in human history
Posted on 14.12.2017   
Who manipulates bitcoin price? talked with the experts to find out who or what is behind the rapid growth of the largest cryptocurrency and when can we expect significant price correction? 
Posted on 13.12.2017   
Lawyer's view: how to avoid scam ICO
Lead lawyer and expert on initial coin offerings in Russia tells Bitnewstoday how to keep your money safe and sound while investing in ICOs and which project features deserve more attention 
Posted on 12.12.2017   
How to create your own cryptocurrency?
In this article how to create a cryptocurrency, how difficult it is and what kind of knowledge it is necessary to possess 
Posted on 08.12.2017   
Governments’ view on cryptocurrency economy
Bitnewstoday has prepared a review of statements and resonant claims of authorities and regulators regarding the world’s cryptocurrency economy 
Posted on 07.12.2017   
What platform to choose for tokens issue?
ICO is becoming more popular every day. It has led to emergence of new projects that offer their services of tokens issue for startups. figures out what platforms exist nowadays on the market and which are most trusted by startups