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16.02.2018    |   49
Citrix: half of 750 interviewed UK companies invested in cryptocoins
While traditionalists tell about the noxious poison, companies in the United Kingdom are investing in various cryptocurrencies. Find out below how much percent invested in Bitcoin exclusively
$ 10 828.60
-0.0210  -0.21%
$ 942.87
-27.3605  -2.82%
$ 1.14
-0.0476  -4.01%
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Miners of Tanzania consume more power than all residents of the country
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Will bitcoin price go up?
Will bitcoin go up in 2018 and when will it happen - these are the two major issues of concern of the crypto community. Bitnewstoday asked experts, when the bitcoin correction will end, whether we should expect the trend turnaround in the nearest fut ...
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Bitcoin ransom viruses
Virus-making scammers who create new precision viruses, key and codes have started to plunder cryptocurrency. How to evade Bitcoin ransom viruses, how to search and destroy a Bitcoin virus – find out in this material by Bitnewstoday 
09.02.2018    |   3856
Is it worth buying bitcoin now?
To make money on securities or currencies trading, one need to stick to a simple rule - buy low, sell high. Following this rule, is it worth to buy bitcoins now or it is better to wait for further correction? 
08.02.2018    |   3298
Banking half-blood: Ripple’s life after sobering
Bitnewstoday decided to analyze the specific features of cryptocurrency Ripple and to discuss its development perspectives in 2018