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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get
18 October 2018    |   4454
Reinsurers Turn To Tech: Insurance Market Cannot Carry Double
Startups don’t see insurance companies as their shareholders. This is an opportunity for the reinsurers to shoot two hares: enter new technologies and reach the end customers.
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11 October 2018    |   6601
Doom'n'Gloom: What Threats Are Too Much For Informational Security
The digital economy is a direct byproduct of technological progress. And its protection and constant vigilance, when it comes to, is crucial for its survival and further development. 
11 October 2018    |   6091
Big Pharma: Blockchain To Move The Big Guys With Big Prices
The blockchain evangelists recommend a shift of the healthcare to DLT until multinational corporations did not take the whole market into their own hands. The doctors will be completely replaced by the diagnostic AI machines in 50 years. 
10 October 2018    |   5212
Lithuanian ICOs Attracted €500 Mln. But Where The Money From
Lithuania is in the spotlight of the crypto world this year. Nevertheless, not all is so smooth as it seems. The officials are deeply concerned about the money coming to ICO projects. 
09 October 2018    |   5609
ICO Market 2018: Numbers And Expenses Evaluation
A million dollar question: to launch or not to launch? Our partner ICObazaar explains why investing in ICOs is too risky now. Only hard facts and numbers. 
04 October 2018    |   5202
Catching A Fish Or What Are The Crypto Funds
Why the funds cannot hold more than 25% of the market liquidity available to them in the portfolio and why 10% of the funds will not survive until 2019