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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get

About is an English-language international online media, focused on the digital economy: news, trends, analysis.

The central principle of choosing stories and subjects to cover is "What Will The Global Market Get." Everything that is published should answer this question in an obvious way.

Being readers of the means not only to be in the loop for boasting of the knowledge but to get the global trends for choosing the path of developing the business within the digital economy.

How is the new digital reality changing your deal and how fast or long will this process go on for? Is it really reasonable to dive deep into the virtual currencies or blockchain? How much do the global changes cost? For a person, a company? For states and governments? is asking not about today but about that tomorrow when the new reality comes into its own. We are doing our best to make our readers escape the futureshock.

Just to know, is no longer enough. You should understand the reasons and the aftermaths, the terms of changes and the conditions of involvement into such complicated macroeconomic processes.

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