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San Francisco Fed analyst: judging by mining costs, the actual price of Bitcoin makes $1800
24 May 2018    |   98
The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco has published yet another paper regarding Bitcoin’s financial behavior and properties of the most popular cryptocurrency. Learn what they think in this new material
South African teenager kidnapped, criminals demand $120,000 ransom in Bitcoin
23 May 2018    |   1398
See how traditionally non-digitized regular criminals use cryptocurrency, if the message from the title is confirmed by the police of South Africa and how much bitcoins is demanded by kidnappers from parents
Marvel character Tony Stark mentions crypto in new comic
22 May 2018    |   1187
See what Tony Stark said in response to the riskiness of digital currencies raised by one of his interlocutors in a catastrophic situation and why this actually matters in the first place
Bitcoin didn’t go to the moon amidst a conference
21 May 2018    |   1088
See who predicted Bitcoin price dynamics spike upwards and then witnessed how this digital currency falls from $8760 to $8000 - and what economic school is once again worth remembering in this case
Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures: Warren Buffett just doesn’t understand crypto
18 May 2018    |   1713
See the reaction of the large venture capital firm director to the harsh words of famous Warren Buffett about rat poison and reasons why the latter investment magnate is wrong. New material on financial conservatism
County in Florida to accept both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for tax payments
16 May 2018    |   1129
Read the report to see what can be said about the words of the representative of BitPay who claims that this was the first ever agency to accept bitcoins and to specify the county the news is about
Consensus 2018 promotion takes creative forms
15 May 2018    |   1203
See what events surround Consensus 2018 in New York, who of the digital currency developers ignored the summit and for what reason, as well as information regarding the backers of this event
Secure vaults of this company store 6% of all Bitcoins
11 May 2018    |   2357
See what has happened to Xapo’s reputation and where are the bunkers with the cryptocurrency of the rich are situated according to the latest news messages and on who leads the organization
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