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Siberian old woman caught fraud scheming using Bitcoin topic
22.03.2018    |   14
While cryptocurrency is already being discussed at G20, simple fraud stories sometimes connected with Bitcoin continue to happen in different corners of the world. Read the material below to find out more
Twitter founder: Bitcoin to become the world’s single currency in 10 years
21.03.2018    |   1578
See the extremely optimistic vision of Jack Dorsey who co-founded Twitter and currently leads the platform, read about what people in power would have thought about this statement
New Snowden leak: NSA intercepts Bitcoin wallets’ data
21.03.2018    |   39
Bitcoin has been mentioned in the latest secret documents leaked by Edward Snowden. How exactly do the law enforcers get the private data of Bitcoin users? Find out in this material
German scientists: Bitcoin’s blockchain contains links to child pornography
21.03.2018    |   30
A surprising side of a messaging mechanism in the blockchain of Bitcoin revealed in the new research paper. Find out below about one of the oldest features of Bitcoin network and how is it being exploited
Morgan Stanley: Bitcoin price dynamics eerily similar to NASDAQ before Y2K crash
20.03.2018    |   56
See the comparison provided by Morgan Stanley analysts and find out in this new report how similar to NASDAQ in 2000s the price of Bitcoin has been so far. Find out in this report the possible disadvantage of this approa...
Bitcoin and altcoins grow a little after recent plunges
19.03.2018    |   54
Read this material to find out the latest price dynamics of Bitcoin, major altcoins, and possible reasons behind the latest growth provided by the business media and financial analysts
Lightning Network beta launched
19.03.2018    |   21
The beta version of the popular payment solution designed to help Bitcoin become more wide-used is already available for everyone to test, media outlets tell. Find out who backs the project in this new material by Bitnew...
Peter Thiel: Bitcoin to remain top cryptocurrency, fiat money have bubble features too
16.03.2018    |   48
Bitcoin will not become the second or the third popular cryptocurrency any time soon as some might envisage, Peter Thiel says. See why he thinks so and what his arguments are in this news report
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