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Barbarian financing: woman arrested in US for sending bitcoins to ISIS
Posted On 15.12.2017   
No matter who Satoshi Nakamoto actually is, there is little reason to believe he intended his creation to benefit one of the most cruel terrorist organizations in human history
Bitcoin becomes the #2 most searched in Global News this year — Google Trends
Posted On 14.12.2017   
And who is the champion in this category? The grim event — Hurricane Irma that badly damaged the Southern states in America and Puerto Rico as well. Catastrophe neighbors financial innovation
What does the Bitcoin market think about 2018? LendEDU’s survey
Posted On 14.12.2017   
Answers to the questions from the latest survey of LendEDU show: investors have a very good feeling about Bitcoin
No, former New Zealand PM did not advise to buy Bitcoin
Posted On 13.12.2017   
Initial messages about the former Prime Minister of New Zealand telling that Bitcoin investments is a good idea are denied by both the person from this news and by the New Zealand Herald, the outlet these unidentified cr...
The power couple that invested in Bitcoin in 2013 to donate revenue to cancer research
Posted On 13.12.2017   
Generous gesture by Halle Tecco and Jeffrey Hammerbacher who, not unlike the Winklevoss brothers, invested in Bitcoin at its early stages
Bitcoin in 2018: prognoses and fears
Posted On 13.12.2017   
The year 2017 is coming to its end with some very positive results for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. BTC, for example, has grown more than tenfold, and altcoins have become a hedge tool for Bitcoin traders. What will 201...
Edward Tilly tells what he thinks on the first day of Bitcoin futures his company launched
Posted On 12.12.2017   
Despite the warnings of skeptics, nothing apocalyptical happened and Bitcoin futures worked as intended. Everything went according to plan, assures Mr. Edward T. Tilly, head of Chicago Board Options Exchange
Lawyers from Kleinberg Kaplan: NASDAQ’s BTC futures sourcing will be better than in CBOE and CME
Posted On 12.12.2017   
The two attorneys have been analyzing the rise of digital assets throughout the year, as a number of Kleinberg Kaplan clients were already involved in or have entered the space, including some launching their own cryptoc...
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