Digital Economy:
What will the global market get

The reality of cryptocurrencies on the retail market
20 July 2018   
Crush scepticism: Wanchain and Pundi X launch a collaboration for a global retail challenge
Human aging. What’s blockchain got to do with it?
20 July 2018   
A report from the lecture of British gerontologist Aubrey de Grey. How the the blockchain will help in the research?
Future in the City is today: blockchain and “smart city” change our lives
19 July 2018   
Moscow City holds the second annual conference called “Future in the City”
The image of the cryptoday
18 July 2018 chose only the freshest and most important news about the digital economy
The new rules of Wall Street exam
18 July 2018   
CFA Institute added exam topics on blockchain and cryptocurrency
Australian Government and IBM will implement blockchain and AI in public administration
09 July 2018   
What is the core of the agreement signed by Australian authorities and IBM representatives? What is the cost of becoming a leader in world blockchain industry?
Chinese court OKs blockchain evidence under certain conditions
29 June 2018   
The use of blockchain platforms has been approved by the court in China. Learn if it means the full embrace of the technology or some conditions are still necessary to abide - and what might these be
Russia’s Defense Ministry to use blockchain for data security
29 June 2018   
See what the Russians want to do about data protection against hackers and what other establishments characterized the distributed ledger technologies as a perspective technology
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