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Hyundai mining pool hacked, management declines responsibility
25 May 2018    |   44
This material tells about how it becomes popular amongst hackers to target mining pools and describes the latest example - a mining pool which belongs to the South Korean car manufacturer
Commerzbank and Thyssenkrupp successfully verify €500,000 deal on Corda
25 May 2018    |   58
See the brief info about both organizations, then read about the benefits of blockchain technologies in this case, and, lastly, read about other recent successes of Corda. All in one material
China will use blockchain to help the poor
24 May 2018    |   4587
This new material tells about the latest blockchain initiative of the government of China. Read about it and about other similar projects already developed by the United Nations
Corporate rep: HSBC, Cargill and ING have fully developed soy trade blockchain
24 May 2018    |   2616
In this material, you can find out why the soy trade on the blockchain matters, the key info on all three participants and, in addition, the view of the bank CEO on digital upgrades in general
Monero founders to develop Tari - a blockchain network
23 May 2018    |   1270
In this material, the reader can comprehend how a man with a nickname “fluffypony” can potentially transform the market of consumer rewards and about his partner, successful entrepreneur from Ticketfly
Unknown US artist involved in OpSec customer service blockchain project
23 May 2018    |   2640
Brand protection company OpSec has decided to cooperate with a firm connected to blockchain technologies - see why the distributed ledger tech may help to improve the music industry
Smart Containers company to learn blockchain benefits and issue new tokens
22 May 2018    |   1267
See what Smart Containers came up with and what separates this logistics company from the rivals which are also currently studying blockchain technologies and distributed ledgers
Tradeshift announces new blockchain payment platform
21 May 2018    |   4466
See how Tradeshift and its leadership wants to upgrade financial payments by using blockchain technologies in this new material and learn what other popular data storage technology is being used as well
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