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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


South Korean Crypto Industry Ties Whole Asia Together
19 September 2018    |   1550
We are continuing our journey through South Korea, one of the countries with a very complicated stance on the blockchain and crypto-economy in Asia
Hot Tokens: How Fintech Is Changing Adult Industry
10 September 2018    |   3328
Sex sells. That’s an axiom of marketing. Sex is also a good product to sell - that's an axiom of the adult industry. And cryptocurrencies are about to change it
Trending Trinity Weekly (September 3 - 7)
08 September 2018    |   2680
Our regular chart, presenting the Top-3 posts you were interested in the most for the last working week.
How To Make Your ICO Website Attractive For Investors
05 September 2018    |   3573
Richard Shibi, a blockchain consultant, shares his knowledge and experience concerning the best way to present an ICO project with such instrument as a website
Mining: Economic Rebirth of The Abandoned Single-Industry Towns
05 September 2018    |   2795
Mining is a crucial part of the cryptoverse surrounded by legends, myths and false ideas that bring hope and disappointment on the similar scale.
DLT To Resolve Healthcare Industry Issues
05 September 2018    |   8074
The blockchain is a phenomenon that many people slander for various reasons: it doesn’t scale, it’s not flexible enough, and generally up to no good. Sometimes it’s true, and sometimes it’s not, but medicinal blockchain ...
Mining To Lead Us To An Environmental Disaster. But not Exactly
04 September 2018    |   10461
According to Digiconomist, bitcoin's electricity consumption index exceeds that of countries such as Tajikistan, the Republic of Mozambique and Slovenia.
Digital Spielberg: coming soon
04 September 2018    |   2855
AI makes films, composes music and improves its consciousness. Humans will cease to be the crown of evolution soon. We won’t control anything.
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