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Australian securities exchange to use blockchain
Posted On 08.12.2017   
The technology that is used as the basis of every typical cryptocurrency is trusted much more than Bitcoin itself
While sounding like a gimmick, this blockchain-based diamond supply can help fight crime
Posted On 07.12.2017   
De Beers wants to establish diamond supply lines based on the blockchain which, if proven viable, could greatly help law enforcement
Everipedia, new blockchain encyclopedia announced
Posted On 07.12.2017   
New project made by the Wikipedia co-founder will use smart contracts, nodes and distributed ledger, which all are key components of any blockchain technology
Moscow authorities publish blockchain voting structure source code
Posted On 05.12.2017   
Voting blockchain is not the most often theme for digital projects, but it’s being experimented with on both sides of the Atlantic. Moscow Mayor’s Office is a new player on the field
IOTA and Ethereum debate on whose blockchain is better
Posted On 04.12.2017   
The representatives of the rival platforms debate on Twitter on whose supporters from big companies are more competent, hinting at bad quality of the competitor’s product
Another aviation blockchain: Dnata and IBM to cooperate on air cargo transfers
Posted On 27.11.2017   
Previous blockchain projects connected with aviation were mostly related to the air supply parts shipments, and now it’s about goods transferred by planes
Raiffeisen now in R3 too
Posted On 23.11.2017   
The alliance of banks and financial organizations keeps growing, not showing any signs of stopping. Raiffeisen is the first Austrian bank to join the ranks of R3
Blockchain and turkeys: the digital Thanksgiving
Posted On 23.11.2017   
While this may seem like a strange decision, an open-source blockchain now tells buyers where did the turkey they just bought comes from
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