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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Crypto Funds Regulation in South Korea or How Zeniex Pulled Its Fund Out Of The Big Inspection
14 November 2018    |   1833
South Korea has declared the war on crypto funds on the background of the market overheating. Why regulators have right, and what crypto fund really is
Singapore vs Malta: Battle for The Crypto Market Dominance
13 November 2018    |   3107
Singapore is known for its wildly progressive views on technology. The country has already formed a large and developed FINTECH scene. However, the question is: is there room for one more player?
Blockchain As Digital Evidence in Court. The Power of Giants Ernst & Young and Microsoft
12 November 2018    |   3290
Damage from trade secrets theft is $600 billion, pirated software gets $225 billion in the US per year. Blockchain becomes an evidence for intellectual property protection in court
Holes? Don't Worry, These Are The Best Swiss Traditions! TOON #13
09 November 2018    |   4674
Switzerland has lost some points of attractiveness for crypto start-ups and ICOs in 2018. The regulators urge to change the situation and patch the holes as soon as possible.
Texas Regulator Is The Crypto Sheriff Now or Why The Cloud Mining Company Got Banned
08 November 2018    |   5283
The Texas State Securities Board has cleared away the mining clouds above the state and protected the interests of private investors
Taiwan Demands KYC From Crypto Exchanges, ICO Regulation To Appear In June 2019
08 November 2018    |   3769
Taiwan’s position towards crypto assets remains obscure, and it’s hard to remain enthusiastic. Today the authorities demand strict compliance to KYC and AML, threatening startups.
In Pursuit Of Another Billion: Three New Bills Will Fulfill The Maltese Dream
07 November 2018    |   4170
Malta launches new legislative framework for the DLT-industry. What difficulties ICOs may face and how these problems will turn into economic opportunities for local business
PeruCoin: A Country-Wide Scam or An Attempt To Revive Inca Empire
06 November 2018    |   4039
The project of the national digital currency of Peru may turn out to be another invention of scammers. Why are speculators still trying to hype on communication with the power?
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