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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Under What Conditions Can The Digital Arab Market Grow Like Islamic Banking by 20% Annually
21 September 2018    |   1556
Arabian financial regulators all together insist on the unified rules of the game in the digital market. But what rules do they need actually?
Image of The Day, 19 of September: The New York Times, Forbes, Market Watch and Others
19 September 2018    |   2909
We're presenting "image of the of the day”. The most important stories of this week in the most indicative quotes are below!
The US and The UK: It’s Time To Get Ready for a Struggle for The Digital Market
19 September 2018    |   3560
Geopolitical rates in the struggle for the digital market are rising. The USA and Great Britain give their legislators the cue: stop stalling the adoption of the laws on virtual assets!
Europe and Africa Are Legalizing Digital Market as Crisis Is Coming
19 September 2018    |   3333
France and Zimbabwe took on the regulation of the virtual assets market. Perhaps, the politicians of these countries are pushed to the decisive actions by the presentiment of the global economic crisis
NATO and BRICS: The Start of The New Digital Race
17 September 2018    |   3971
As in former times, two blocks of countries compete with each other for the technological readership
South Korea: DLT To Solve The Problems of Unemployment and Government Budget Deficit
15 September 2018    |   5418
From 17th to 19th of September South Korea will host the Blockchain Seoul 2018 Summit. On the eve of the conference we have prepared an analysis of the digital economy development in the country of morning freshness.
How To Go Crypto in Switzerland: All Regulations for Blockchainers
14 September 2018    |   7629
One of the most developed countries of the world strives to gain the status of ‘crypto nation’. Learn more about the establishment and legislation of blockchain industry in the Swiss lands.
Diamond Tokens To Become The Motivation for The US Legislative Activity
13 September 2018    |   3189
The Court of New York equated virtual assets to securities. Thus, it finally transferred the crypto market under the jurisdiction of SEC but at the same time, it cleared the way to lobbyists
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