Digital Economy:
What will the global market get

The Supreme Court of India postponed the trial on crypto-exchanges till September 11
20 July 2018   
The struggle between the RBI and Indian crypto exchanges continues. This time, the Supreme Court decided not to pass the final judgement
Blacklisting of funds and cryptoprojects
16 July 2018   
The Russian Association of cryptocurrencies and blockchain has created a register of trusted companies. Blacklisting of unfair miners, equipment suppliers and ICO - next step
Australia affirms the central principle of regulators: implement it, though control it
10 July 2018   
Australian authorities are welcoming digital economy implementation, but are also reminding that tax payments are due. How will the crypto enthusiasts react?
The Kenyan government will decide upon cryptocurrencies’ fate in two weeks time
09 July 2018   
To ban or to regulate? That is the question for Kenyan officials. The authorities of the Treasury will decide upon the fate of digital assets as soon as it is possible
South Korea pushes crypto exchanges to a new level
07 July 2018   
The classification is almost complete, the regulation is on its way — why does South Korea change its attitude towards the industry?
Thailand is getting new ICO regulation rules to minimize scam
06 July 2018   
The Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission will be strictly monitoring the ICO issuers — the new rules for regulation are confirmed
Uzbekistan follows the path of Malta
06 July 2018   
The blockchain industry of Uzbekistan is very positive on the news — the President signed a decree on the development of the digital economy. Experts wait for the inflow of capital and projects establishment  
India hinders the adoption of new financial instruments: experts say it’s a huge step behind
04 July 2018   
The top court of India upholds the ban on financial institutions concerning deals with cryptocurrencies. Experts say that, due to this decision, India would be shut out from trading means
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