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Russian Central Bank head: cryptocurrency - something ‘highly speculative, volatile’
25 May 2018    |   63
Look at the statements of Elvira Nabiullina, Russian Central Bank head, amidst the launch of the regional legislation concerning cryptocurrencies and see how her opinion changed since last year
Monetary Authority of Singapore: yes, we allow crypto business and no, it can’t violate laws on securities and futures
25 May 2018    |   50
The Monetary Authority of Singapore has issued a reminder to investors, ICO issuers and cryptocurrency exchanges. See what they think about crypto operations in this new material
Novogratz and Winklevoss twins support the DOJ investigation
25 May 2018    |   53
If one thought that all market figures would oppose the decision of the Department of Justice, one was wrong: this material gives a possible explanation why it could be beneficial for Novogratz and the Winklevoss twins
US Department of Justice to find out who manipulates Bitcoin price
24 May 2018    |   89
This material tells about the newly-opened investigation by the United States authorities - apparently, Bitcoin’s price was being manipulated for an unspecified period. See what this means and latest price dynamics
US Department of Defense thinks crypto activities of potential employees suspicious
24 May 2018    |   483
This material tells about the concerns of Pentagon towards cryptocurrencies. Why did they rise in the first place? How cryptocurrency can make you a person undesirable for a job post in the military? Answers below
Russian laws on digital assets, crowdfunding and digital rights adopted
22 May 2018    |   3811
See the details about these draft bills which are now in effect in the Russian Federation and what the laws’ adoption means for the market of digital currency in this country, as well as first notes regarding the event
Operation Crypto-Sweep: US and Canada to combine forces
22 May 2018    |   838
What is happening with the securities regulations of the United States and Canada? What do they plan to do together? What if there are any dangers for the crypto market? Answers below
Professor Oh Jeong-geun: some South Korea investors may simply leave the market after UPbit raid
22 May 2018    |   1113
The details on where the law enforcement of South Korea went wrong when searching the large UPbit exchange have been described by the media and experts - see this report to find out the key points
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