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Indian officials are not pleased with non-taxed coin transactions
Posted On 14.12.2017   
The authorities of India are neither fully anti-Bitcoin nor pro-Bitcoin, and the latest news about their sentiment points more at the regulative approach instead of full prohibition or permission
Belarus is going to become more liberal on ICOs than South Korea
Posted On 13.12.2017   
The democratic state where people recently persuaded the President to resign has banned ICOs recently, and the authoritarian post-Soviet state is now risking breaking some fundamental stereotypes
SEC makes Munchee refund thousands of dollars back to token buyers
Posted On 12.12.2017   
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission decides to close the initial coin offering of Munchee, Inc. after it becomes apparent the company does not interpret the federal law as it should
Drug merchants who tried to launder profits with Bitcoin caught in the Russian town of Kirov
Posted On 08.12.2017   
Cryptocurrency was used in a buy-and-sell scheme – illegally received funds were changed for bitcoins, and then bitcoins were changed back to Russian rubles
SEC’s Cyber Unit to have more resources thanks to the cryptocurrency growth
Posted On 08.12.2017   
CME and CBOE announce Bitcoin futures - more people buy Bitcoin ahead of trades - more scammers get to the market - SEC’s cyber unit receives more funds
German Klimenko, Russian President’s high-tech adviser: crypto market is volatile due to its size
Posted On 08.12.2017   
In an interview to a local TV channel, the Chairman of the Review Board of the Russian Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency told what he thinks about the current rise of Bitcoin
South Korea to outlaw Bitcoin futures
Posted On 07.12.2017   
Previously, the authorities of this country banned initial coin offerings which some called an absolutely shortsighted decision
U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission: we will make sure nobody cheats with Bitcoin futures
Posted On 06.12.2017   
The statement made by chief market intelligence officer from the CFTC precedes the launch of Bitcoin futures by the Chicago Board Options Exchange
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