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Enough about CryptoKitties, sci-fi filmmakers want to use Ethereum too
Posted On 11.12.2017   
Several cinema pieces will be funded with Ethereum on the blockchain-based platform. Why the need? It seems like an untypical marketing strategy, unclear if it’s actually going to pay off
Motherboard: Ethereum mining rigs are becoming obsolete
Posted On 08.12.2017   
The increasing difficulty of the Ethereum algorithm is soon going to leave some miners only with good memories about how it was good back when their apparatus were profitable
Move over, CME: CBOE announces Bitcoin futures trades launch
Posted On 05.12.2017   
The press release recently posted on the CBOE’s website leads to believe that the company is going to get ahead of CME Group and Terry Duffy (their BTC futures launch date is later)
Ethereum-based game about kittens becomes a local meme
Posted On 05.12.2017   
An application where you can get your own funny kitten has become one of the hot topics of the past few days due to the unexpected popularity and its strongly entertaining nature
Casper testnet might arrive very soon
Posted On 29.11.2017   
The launch of the testing network for the new Ethereum protocol upgrade is coming, developers tell. The update will improve the internal structure of ETH network even more
Ether hits new all-time high
Posted On 24.11.2017   
Not only Bitcoin grows in price, Ethereum has demonstrated some positive dynamics as well recently
Casper ready for testnet stage, Ethereum development team says
Posted On 20.11.2017   
Ethereum openness led to more than two possible protocol concepts. The leader of Ethereum Foundation proposes to combine all approaches to find the best security solution
Parity team tells how the heck it managed to freeze $160 million of ETH
Posted On 16.11.2017   
One of the most disastrous events of this autumn connected with Ethereum has been described in detail by the owners of the wallet platform on which it occurred
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