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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


What’s the purpose of Sergey Brin for Ethereum home mining?
10 July 2018    |   10613
What crypto has Sergey Brin mined at home? Is it a hobby or something more? We answer all these questions and bring you some details, stated at Richard Branson’s blockchain summit on our News Report on BitnewsToday. Watc...
Steve Wozniak says Ethereum can outlive the blockchain hype
27 June 2018    |   289
Learn what famous Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said about blockchain technologies at a recent tech conference, which blockchain projects might fall and which will endure the test of time
Ethereum reached 100 million
13 June 2018    |   2005
An important milestone in the development of the second largest crypto has been over. While the community is making plans for the future, the developers are solving the issue of Ethereum emission limitation
Parity’s Ethereum segregation bug fixed, users recommended to update to latest versions
07 June 2018    |   3956
This material tells about how the reaction of the Parity team differs from their fiasco with the November freeze of Ethereum assets and describes the exact origin of the bug able to segregate the blockchain of ETH
Ethereum price swings down due to mass sells
29 May 2018    |   2678
Ethereum cryptocurrency backs many ICO projects, and this means that these projects can influence the price of the second most popular altcoin. Learn the details in the new report regarding ETH price motion
Vitalik Buterin: influence of “the Rothschilds” or the world’s richest business leaders overestimated
28 May 2018    |   813
See what the creator of the second digital currency after Bitcoin thinks about the popular stereotype on the rich people controlling every aspect of the financial system, as conspiracy theorists think
Reports: Vitalik Buterin considered Google employment offer then swiftly deleted tweets
21 May 2018    |   2122
See the information coming from the cryptocurrency media which is unverified, but generally looks like it’s not fake news. What is the deal with Vitalik Buterin and Google HR? Answers below
Chinese IT Ministry: Ethereum is #1 cryptocurrency
18 May 2018    |   1761
Ethereum has been positively assessed by the Chinese officials, see what motivated them and the close rivals of the champion. Also, where is Bitcoin? The report has the answer too
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