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Reports: Vitalik Buterin considered Google employment offer then swiftly deleted tweets
21 May 2018    |   1117
See the information coming from the cryptocurrency media which is unverified, but generally looks like it’s not fake news. What is the deal with Vitalik Buterin and Google HR? Answers below
Chinese IT Ministry: Ethereum is #1 cryptocurrency
18 May 2018    |   1376
Ethereum has been positively assessed by the Chinese officials, see what motivated them and the close rivals of the champion. Also, where is Bitcoin? The report has the answer too
CME Group to launch Ethereum-Dollar Real-Time Index
15 May 2018    |   9107
See what organization which has already been in the recent news messages will cooperate with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in Ethereum tracking tools and see if there’s any indications of ETH futures implementation
Ethereum futures launched by Crypto Facilities in the UK
14 May 2018    |   1445
See how the recent launch of Ethereum futures affected the price of this popular altcoin and if it is too premature to talk about Ethereum price dynamics in connection with the news
Nouriel ‘Dr Doom’ Roubini: what makes you think more tokens is a good idea?
11 May 2018    |   3186
This new material tells about the debate which has happened between Joseph Lubin from the Ethereum Foundation and Professor Nouriel Roubini dubbed ‘Dr Doom’ for his economic pessimism
SEC and CFTC will today decide if Ethereum deserves prohibition
07 May 2018    |   1945
See the information on the upcoming today’s meeting of the United State Commodity Futures Trading Commission and grasp why this meeting of the American officials will have lasting consequences
Tim Clancy’s digital tokens: video game currency evolution
04 May 2018    |   9209
See what has recently been proposed to use for currency in Unreal Engine-based video games and how this virtual payment mechanism works, as well as reasons against its current use
Vitalik Buterin: I’m not visiting CoinDesk’s conference as they post links to scams
28 April 2018    |   3629
See why Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin has decided not to participate in the Consensus 2018 summit and why he calls out CoinDesk and cryptocurrency media for unprofessionalism. Also, see an old story
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