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Joseph Lubin, Ethereum CEO: calling market correction its end is ‘shortsighted’
20.03.2018    |   29
The co-founder and chief executive of Ethereum enterprise which is dedicated to the development of the eponymous cryptocurrency warns: those who call local bearish trends the burst of the bubble are making a mistake
Vitalik Buterin: Plasma Cash will improve Ethereum structure
12.03.2018    |   47
Read the information regarding the newest additions to the blockchain of the second most popular digital currency in the world called Ethereum and find out where exactly Buterin made his speech
Suddenly, hackers return over $15 million in ETH to CoinDash
28.02.2018    |   67
The CoinDash initial coin offering has been robbed last year, and now under mysterious circumstances a huge part of stolen money returns to rightful owners. Find out below how much CoinDash has yet to return
ETHGlobal will organize major hackathons dedicated to Ethereum
15.02.2018    |   183
The new organization ETHGlobal has been formed thanks to the grant by Vitalik Buterin and the efforts of Ethereum fans. Read below what benefits will it bring for the Ethereum community
Vitalik Buterin donates $2.4 million to center researching human diseases
05.02.2018    |   317
SENS Foundation gets $2.4 million from Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin, who thus helped qualified medics to come up with something new about age-related diseases. Find out below why there is a reason to believe Buterin ...
Ethereum-based Seele ICO becomes an object of scam, $1.8 mln lost
05.02.2018    |   349
The initial coin offering once again becomes a target of fraudsters, indicating how start-uppers often lack the knowledge of how to counter malefactors posing as administrators. Read below whose practice could be used by...
Hackers steal a million dollars from BeeToken
02.02.2018    |   365
BeeToken, the digital currency startup based on Ethereum, has become a target of hackers. Miscreants launched the dissemination of phishing email messages simultaneously with the ICO launch. The screenshots show a messag...
Experty ICO investors duped by hackers
31.01.2018    |   401
The initial coin offering investors have become a target of hackers who managed to get their hands on the list of said investors. They sent an email in which asked for funds transfer, and below you can find out how much ...
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