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Bitcoin Banning Will Be Unprofitable for India
09 April 2021   
Recently, the government and RBI of India decided to make a warning statement that it could not be regulated, and their money would not be protected from unsuccessful transactions
Indian Turmoil: RBI Wants to Bring Back Crypto Ban in the Country
06 March 2020   
The ban has been in place for over two years now and was beaten through the collection of petitions by the Internet and Mobile Association of India
Crypto Taxes: A New Tax for a New Currency
11 November 2019   
The cryptocurrency market in India is presently quite uncertain. There aren’t clear tax regulations when it comes to cryptocurrencies, but nevertheless, it continues to develop
Indian Blockchain District Purpose And The Real Reasons For Alliance With China
29 October 2018   
The Indian IT in 2017-2018 amounted to $154 bln. The construction of the blockchain district will advance India in the DLT market and will open up new opportunities in the digital economy.
Trending Trinity Weekly (October, 22-26)
27 October 2018   
A compilation of the most popular stories on Bitnewstoday this week. Posts about India, Israel and Liechtenstein are among the leaders.
Crypto Tourism Will Help Chinese And Indian Miners To Survive
31 August 2018   
If India and China close last loopholes for the realization of virtual assets, crypto-offshores will only win.
India becomes an epic battleground for the USA and China. Again. For crypto market now
02 August 2018   
Every day crypto giants increase the pressure on the Indian market. The increased activity of digital companies is the result of the struggle against the United States for the South Asian economic space
Thе third world is challenging USA in the cryptoverse
30 July 2018   
It is believed that America is the leader of the world economy. But it has not been controlling the global market for a long time. And the current situation in the digital economy confirms this.
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