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Chinese Media Calms Investors Down After Crypto Surge
31 October 2019   
The Chinese media is employing similar tactics as they did when local stock exchanges started to burst with speculation during the late 90s and early 2000s
Taiwan Demands KYC From Crypto Exchanges, ICO Regulation To Appear In June 2019
08 November 2018   
Taiwan’s position towards crypto assets remains obscure, and it’s hard to remain enthusiastic. Today the authorities demand strict compliance to KYC and AML, threatening startups.
Grand Chinese Design: Blockchain Regulation as Move for Crypto Yuan
29 October 2018   
In 2017 the People's Bank of China banned ICO and crypto-exchanges. In 2018 government invested $1.6 bln in fund of blockchain startups. What is the Chinese economy preparing for?
The Unpredictability of Chinese Government Disturbs Hong-Kong Stock Exchange
30 August 2018   
Chinese manufacturers of mining equipment want to enter the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Will they be the first and the last, done it?
Is China Cleaning Up its Digital Market?
23 August 2018   
Сhinese government is outlawing crypto on its territory. But in the same time, they are building a launchpad that will send their crypto economy “to the moon”
China: Victims of the Cybertheft Could be Sentenced to Life Imprisonment
21 August 2018   
The theft of the millennium is uncovered in China. The cryptocurrency stolen could belong to corrupt officials and illegal miners
Chinese hackers and corrupt Internet providers form a dangerous latent mining alliance
19 June 2018   
Chinese criminals mined cryptocurrency is a wide range of cafes. Providers helped them to conduct operations more efficiently. Learn what sentence awaits hackers and who else can use providers for mining purposes
China’s Central Bank offers blockchain platform for checks
06 June 2018   
Fake checks are a big problem in China, and to counter it, the People’s Bank has been quietly researching blockchain since 2016, which resulted in a new environment. Check out how it works
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