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Belarus Enters TOP-10 Crypto Friendly Countries and Attracts South Korean Investors
12 September 2018   
What is the superpower of a country with the domination of state property and the industrial sector, which is so attractive for IT startups and the industry of blockchain? Let's find it out.
Belarusian police: no, we can’t open a criminal case on Bitcoin theft
28 February 2018   
Initial coin offerings and cryptocurrency are legal in Belarus, but what about the legal practice towards Bitcoin-related crimes? See the unfortunate story of a local investor below
Belarus legalizes cryptocurrency, mining and tokens
22 December 2017   
The President of the Republic of Belarus has signed the bill that allows to own and trade cryptocurrency and issue tokens (as long as the token issuer is registered in the country’s technological park), effectively making his country one of the most liberal towards cryptocurrency in the former Soviet Union
Belarus is going to become more liberal on ICOs than South Korea
13 December 2017   
The democratic state where people recently persuaded the President to resign has banned ICOs recently, and the authoritarian post-Soviet state is now risking breaking some fundamental stereotypes
Belarus is not planning to legalize cryptocurrency
05 December 2017   
Rumors that Belarus might become the first CIS country with liberal laws on cryptocurrency are categorically rejected by the governmental sources the local media asked on the matter