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Amount of Tether (USDT) on Tron Blockchain Continues To Grow
29 January 2020   
Tether, based on the Tron blockchain (USDT-TRX), reached about 1 billion. In the world, Tether on Omni is inferior to Ethereum in the total supply of stable coins
CEO Cardano Announces Partnership With PwC: ADA Price Skyrockets
29 January 2020   
Charles Hoskinson, CEO at Cardano, has announced a partnership with PwC. After such a statement, the ADA token skyrocketed by 15% over the past 24 hours
Deutsche Bank: Digital Currencies Will Receive Widespread Adoption in a Few Years
28 January 2020   
The number of blockchain wallets may exceed 200 million by 2030, the researchers say
Litecoin founder Charlie Lee involves miners donate 1% to Litecoin Foundation
27 January 2020   
Charlie Lee involved Litecoin miners to donate 1% of each block mined. Donations can be sent to some internal projects.
“BTC… not for payments”: Garlinghouse Confirms Ripple's IPO Preparations
24 January 2020   
According to Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple is ready to begin an IPO. Also in his speech, Ripple CEO criticized BTC for the slow transactions
Survey: 36% of SMEs in America Accept Cryptocurrencies
17 January 2020   
A survey conducted by HSB showed that about 36% of American small and medium enterprises (SMEs) accept payment for goods and services in digital currency
Telegram Will Not Integrate Crypto Wallet Yet; Lawsuit Proceeds
08 January 2020   
Telegram will not integrate the cryptocurrency wallet into the messenger application until it receives approval from US regulatory authorities
First Week of 2020: Crypto Market Capitalization is Growing
07 January 2020   
Over the past week, bitcoin has grown by almost 10%; it is currently trading at 7903 US dollars. Mining complexity peaked on January 1
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