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BitMEX Research: Mining Of Bitcoin SV Resulted In $2.2 Mln Of Losses
15 April 2019   
These losses are estimated at an even greater volume, considering the depreciation of equipment, overhead costs and labor costs
Bitcoin Cash Grows By 50% Amid the Asian Hype
03 April 2019   
Another major spike in cryptocurrency prices over the past 24 hours has led to another trading boom on the markets, where BCH is the cryptocurrency in the highlights for today
The Crypto Market Cap Grows: the $150 Bln Milestone Reached
02 April 2019   
Cryptocurrency media and communities proclaim the bull run once again, marking the end of a bear market which lasts for 16 months already
Litecoin Price Doubles During Q1 2019
01 April 2019   
Currently, “digital silver” is trading at a price of $61, crypto investors predict further growth and consider such recovery as a positive signal
Bitrefill Included An Option To Pay For Airbnb And Netflix With Crypto
28 March 2019   
Users can utilize Bitrefill Airbnb and Netflix gift cards to book hotels and pay for video-provider services, with five types of cryptocurrency available
EOS Price Grows By 12% Amidst New Positions In Rankings
27 March 2019   
Weiss Crypto Rankings and new CoinMarketCap metrics have played an essential role in the growth of coin’s price
Kin Returns To TOP-100: Token Price Increased By 120% In 7 Days
19 March 2019   
Crypto market analysts say the reason for the high demand for Kin is the token migration from the ERC-20 standard to its own blockchain, which began on March 12
Dash Launches SMS Donations System
18 March 2019   
Dash crypto project announced the launch of a P2P charity system which is based on its own cryptocurrency and doesn’t need an internet connection
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