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Belated Hype: Pepsi Launched PepCoin
18 October 2019   
The so-called "coin" gives anyone the opportunity to get 10% cashback when buying chips and drinks. Anyway, PepCoin has nothing to do with cryptocurrency or blockchain
Bank of England’s Governor Emerges as a Libra Supporter Among Critics
16 October 2019   
His views are that the transactions should be almost instantaneous and virtually free. It’s unknown whether Libra will handle that much volume due to restrictions on scalability
Grayscale Investments Confirms Institutional Interest in Crypto Trusts
16 October 2019   
According to the latest Grayscale Investments report for the 3rd quarter, there was the highest demand for the company's products since its inception
TON Is Scheduled to Launch Before the End of October
03 October 2019   
A message was posted on the Telegram channel stating that the initial investors received emails from the Telegram team (EOS) To Pay a $26 Mln Fine For Its Year 2017 ICO
01 October 2019   
In 2017, raised $4 Bln through an initial coin offering, which resulted in the consecutive launch of EOS
The Number of Public Nodes in Bitcoin Lightning Network Has Reached 10,000
27 September 2019   
The second layer scaling technology is aimed at unloading the main blockchain by taking transactions and subsequently reducing associated transaction fees
Monex Group To Pay Dividends To Shareholders and Investors in Bitcoins
26 September 2019   
Monex claims that they are driven by a growing “aspiration” to enter the cryptocurrency industry. Investors will receive the equivalent of 500 Japanese yen in BTC
Bitcoin Dropped to 8000, Crypto Market Lost $30 Bln Per Day
25 September 2019   
September 24-25, 2019 will be remembered as one of the largest dumps when the cryptocurrency market lost more than $30 billion
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