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Bitcoin's Use of Green Electricity Now Exceeds 50%
18 June 2021   
One of the most influential Chinese miners claims that bitcoin mining is already predominantly green
DHVC Joins Theta Network As An Enterprise Validator
17 June 2021   
DHVC venture fund becomes the ninth enterprise validator joined Theta Network
Hedge Funds Plan to Increase Their Shares in Cryptocurrencies by 2026
15 June 2021   
Hedge funds expected to hold $312 bln in cryptocurrencies by 2026
African Countries Lead in P2P Bitcoin Trading
15 June 2021   
African countries record over 15% growth in P2P bitcoin trading over past six months
The Popularity of Chia Has Led to an Increase in Demand for Hard Drives
15 June 2021   
The launch of the Chia cryptocurrency has led to a sharp increase in demand for hard drives in the European market
ETH to Outpace BTC in Volatility and Demand
10 June 2021   
Despite a recent consolidation of BTC price on June 9th, most experts are still skeptical about the coin’s performance in regards to ETH
PayPal Processed $2 Bln Worth of Cryptocurrency Transactions In May
10 June 2021   
PayPal processed $2 bln in 4 popular cryptocurrencies in May 2021
Zilliqa and Zilliqa Capital Become Members of the US Chamber of Digital Commerce
09 June 2021   
Zilliqa and Zilliqa Capital announce the joint membership in the US Chamber of Digital Commerce
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