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Ripple Unlocks 1 Bln XRP Again: Is There A Change For The Better?
02 December 2019   
In December 2017, Ripple announced that it had blocked 55 billion XRP on escrow account and these tokens will be released at a rate of 1 billion XRP per month over several years
Loom Network Plans to Make LOOM a Multi-chain Asset
25 November 2019   
According to the statement, this is a natural development of the Loom Network — it is interoperable with Ethereum, Binance Chain and TRON. Bitcoin and Cosmos (ATOM) are on the way
Weiss Ratings: Cardano Better Than EOS
14 November 2019   
In their latest tweet, Weiss Crypto Ratings defiantly praised Cardano, triggering a storm of crypto enthusiasts’ reactions
Bakkt Sets a New Record for the Number of Contracts
11 November 2019   
Bakkt Volume Bot's Twitter account, designed to track Bakkt's trading volume, estimates the number of contracts traded at 1,741 over a 24-hour period
Istanbul Hard Fork Date for Ethereum Network Is Unveiled
08 November 2019   
Team lead of Ethereum Foundation confirmed the upcoming fork of Istanbul. He tweeted about it
Bitmain’s Largest Shareholder Sacked, Bitcoin Cash Grows Impressively
29 October 2019   
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) soared 10% after reports that Bitmain is removing its co-founder Micree Zhan
Ripple Opens Office in Washington, DC
23 October 2019   
Ripple Labs opened an office in the US capital, making it the first blockchain technology company to have a regulatory team in Washington, DC
Belated Hype: Pepsi Launched PepCoin
18 October 2019   
The so-called "coin" gives anyone the opportunity to get 10% cashback when buying chips and drinks. Anyway, PepCoin has nothing to do with cryptocurrency or blockchain
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