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Rules for citing materials

1. General provisions
1.1. These rules define the procedure and conditions for use of materials placed on the internet site (hereinafter the site).
1.2. The use of materials placed on the site must be in accordance with the sections 1 and 2 of these Rules.
1.3. The use of materials means any reproduction, distribution, public display, broadcasting to air, cable broadcasting, public announcement, translation, rewriting and other possible ways of use.
1.4. These Rules apply for news agencies, online and periodical publications, other mass media, subscribers for information products and services of the site, individual and legal entities, using information from the site.
1.5. The use of informational text and graphic materials, which rightfully belong to the site by copyright (marked with © sign) is permitted on a non-reimbursable basis (strictly for non-commercial use).
1.6. The use of analytical and author materials (marked with ©) is permitted only with the written consent of the site. In respect of the stated materials any rewriting is forbidden and their use is permitted on the condition that 100% of the content is retained. It should be noted that some analytical and author materials are intended only for commercial use. 
1.7. In case of need to use photo, video, audio and other materials, placed on the site, which rightfully belong to any third parties by copyright, copyright holders of these materials should be directly contacted. 
1.8. On matters related to use of materials which rightfully belong to the site by copyright  (marked with) on a cost-reimbursable basis, should be contacted for a contract conclusion and payment.
1.9. These Rules are not considered to be a contract. The site reserves a right to change these Rules unilaterally at any time without any special notice. A new edition of these Rules comes into force from the moment of its placement on

2. Requirements when using (publishing) materials and responsibility
2.1. When using materials, it is required:
2.2. The responsibility for the distortion of the content of materials, resulting from their inaccurate reproduction, lies with individual or legal entity, directly using materials.
2.3. It is forbidden to include in RSS-mailing lists messages, which are fully identical to the site materials.
2.4. When using the site materials in RSS-mailing lists, it is forbidden to state the time, which is identical or earlier than the time of the placement of materials on the site.