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Decentralized Casinos — Going Against the Wave of Unfair Gambling Practices; Insights into CryptoPunt
17 June 2021   
The gambling industry reaps the rewards of blockchain technology's transparent and decentralized nature, creating a fairer and more appealing gambling ecosystem for users worldwide
7 Benefits Of AI In An Education Setting
10 June 2021   
As Artificial Intelligence increasingly finds its way into our daily lives, and with further developments in the field coming thick and fast, its growing use in the classroom is inevitable
Top 9 Artificial Intelligence Technologies Making a Breakthrough in 2021
09 June 2021   
AI combined with the latest technology affects the present world. It is transforming industries like healthcare, transportation, retail, and finance
Is Dual Mining Relevant in 2021?
08 June 2021   
Dual mining is a method that could give you not only one, but two crypto coins per one mining iteration. This method was popular in 2017. But is it worth dealing with in 2021?
How AI Can Be Used to Improve Healthcare Security Operations
04 June 2021   
Today, Artificial Intelligence could be a well-known subject that is typically examined within the innovation and business circles
What Is Big Data Analytics and Why Is It Important?
28 May 2021   
Big data analytics is gaining importance in the new age business field. This is because it helps to pull out the hidden patterns, correlations, and market strategies from within the complex data sets
Tidal to Provide Insurance Coverage to EasyFi Ecosystem
26 May 2021   
EasyFi to enter into a strategic partnership with Tidal, a Polkadot-based DeFi insurance platform, to offer up to 5 million USDC coverage to EasyFi's protocol and users in the event of a failure or hack
Adopting Innovative Technologies into Blockchain Applications to Increase User Experience
25 May 2021   
Blockchain applications’ innovative technologies have been very helpful in offering greater transparency in securing the data of users against hackers that are in the hunt to compromise it
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