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Nigeria Outpaced Most of the World in Blockchain Use
07 August 2020   
One of the largest online blockchain wallets, has confirmed that Nigeria is their largest growing market in Q2 and Q3 of 2020
Is it Possible to Cheat the Face Recognition System: Meet the Expert
14 July 2020   
Neural network algorithms are developing at such a speed that they can often recognize people more effectively than the human eye. Expert Yuri Godina talks about the most common “bypass techniques”
Blockchain Developers as Advanced People in IT
08 July 2020   
Experts noticed the opportunities blockchain gives so this technology started to develop at a rapid pace. The popularity of blockchain is a reason why blockchain developers are in great demand
Crypto Valley Association’s Cybersecurity Group Unveils New Guidelines for Protecting Digital Assets
07 July 2020   
The CVA, the leading global cryptocurrency and blockchain technology ecosystem, has announced the publication of its Trusted Key Ceremony Guidelines
VET Rose By 73% Amid Participation In A Global Conference On Artificial Intelligence
06 July 2020   
VeChain Foundation will attend the Shanghai Conference, as a result of which VET has updated its two-year high
Voice Social Network Officially Launched On The EOSIO Blockchain Protocol
06 July 2020   
On Saturday, the Voice social network on the EOSIO blockchain protocol was launched
Digital Assistance In Sports: An Example of Golf
25 June 2020   
Robotics nowadays along with Artificial Intelligence is providing very effective and useful digital assistants to help you in your daily works, even in sports like golf
Artificial Intelligence in Trading: the World Markets Case Study
19 June 2020   
For several years, AI continues to grow its presence as its use for database analysis has become the main trend in the race for large companies profits, including brokers
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