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7 Ways Blockchain Benefits Mobile App Development Services
03 April 2020   
To stay competitive in the mobile app development industry, it is necessary to adopt the new technologies that give you an edge over your competitors
Prospects for Artificial Intelligence in 2020
02 April 2020   
Several trends where the AI ​​will move, considering machine learning, speech and text recognition, big data analytics — presented in an article by Yuri Pakhomov
Most Promising Blockchain Use Cases in the Real World of 2020
24 March 2020   
Robert Kroos makes a brief review of some of the real-time blockchain use cases in 2020 — which are already expanding
Private Security in the Digital World. How to Behave in the Era of Social Media
23 March 2020   
The rules of social platforms are obscure and mostly not obvious to users. That’s why platforms use the received information for their own benefit at full capacity
Private Security in the Digital World. How to Protect Yourself from Malicious Intents
20 March 2020   
This article reveals threats, and provides readers with a few simple ideas that could help them increase their level of personal security in the digital era
Italian Authorities Threaten Tax Evaders With Big Data
17 March 2020   
The Italian Tax Office shifts to new methods of combating tax evasion using IT solutions
How Futuristic Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Financial Industry?
10 March 2020   
Thanks to the demand for deciphering data patterns, leading industries are embracing AI. Many financial companies and banks are regarding AI as the next big value addition for their business
Investments in Information Security: It’s All about Budgets and Staff
06 March 2020   
What are the most effective ways of information protection in modern conditions? This question was answered by the panel discussion at the conference “Challenges of Digital Transformation”
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