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AI Startup Harem Token Makes Amber Sparkx the World’s First Consensually Deepfakeable Porn Star
09 April 2021   
Fans of Amber will be able to use technology pioneered by artificial intelligence startup Harem Token to deepfake Amber’s face into any video of their choice
ChainGuardians: A Brief Review
01 April 2021   
Blockchain technology could be used as a payment mechanism to make in-game purchases and can also be used to create and manage in-game currency accounts
Top 5 Factors Driving Global Artificial Intelligence in Retail Market Trends
31 March 2021   
Extensive R&D investments to increase AI capabilities and its application scope in various industries will positively influence artificial intelligence in the retail industry
What Blockchain is Doing in Mobile App Development?
25 March 2021   
Blockchain technology in the mobile app development scene is not just used as a mobile wallet technology facilitating cryptocurrency payments and transactions
How Blockchain Is Helping COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution
24 March 2021   
Blockchain has shown particular promise in vaccine distribution, with the potential to do more
Top 10 Internet of Things (IoT) Trends That Will Rule In 2021
22 March 2021   
2020 as a year has not been favorable to everyone, but thanks to emerging digital technologies like IoT, it has been the most talked-about technology of the year
The Impact of COVID and New Tech on Ecommerce
18 March 2021   
One of the least surprising results of 2020 is the fast and huge growth of global ecommerce
5 User-Centric Web Design Techniques for 2021
16 March 2021   
In this article, we’ll walk you through five web design trends to put your users first in preparation for the big update and for general long-term online success
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