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Blockchain in Agriculture: New Vision for Agriculture Industry
24 January 2020   
Though the actual uses cases remained limited, with the huge impact in mind, we explain here some of the most potent use cases of blockchain in the farming and agriculture sector
Satoshi Nakamoto's Mistake
10 January 2020   
The disappearance of the creator of Bitcoin is mostly considered as a positive or neutral event for the first cryptocurrency and the entire industry. Are there any negative consequences of this step?
A Third of National Fintech Enterprises in Italy Experience “Digital Hunger”
09 January 2020   
The Italian FinTech ecosystem experienced delays, in comparison to the leading European powers, but its acceleration has recently been highly noted
Decentralization Receded in 2019, Although It Was In Great Demand
07 January 2020   
The contradiction of the modern world: with all the need for decentralization, this idea is losing its position in the crypto industry
What’s Going On with Lifestyle Ecosystems?
31 December 2019   
Lifestyle ecosystem is a “one-stop shop” that opens in a mobile application and allows to use not only banking products, but to purchase a wide variety of services and goods
Italian Banks and Digital Lending: a Test of Strength
30 December 2019   
In the words of Italian financial market operators, fintech is "the space for finding opportunities." Are there any successes in this sphere?
AI Can Be Pleased With the Performance in 2019
30 December 2019   
This article is devoted to significant events and trends in the artificial intelligence field that took place this year
Italy and Big Data: Agriculture 4.0 Accounts for 430 Mln Euros
27 December 2019   
Most Italian agricultural sector operators are actively using the agrotech system in order to switch to innovative agricultural production
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