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Different Industries Making Use Of Chatbots
20 March 2019   
Chatbots offer perfect solution for several industries when it comes to resolving situations and there’s the potential that businesses could be revolutionised by their introduction
TOP-6 Universities Offering Blockchain Technology Courses
20 March 2019   
The demand for blockchain education is needed to fill a skills gap in the market and keep up with supporting and regulating a growing technology
How Сhanges In Messaging Principles Disrupt The Security Of Enterprises
19 March 2019   
Methods of distance communication have changed significantly. Free messengers are becoming more and more common, but they threaten the security of corporate data exchange
Best Practices and Examples For Developing AI-Powered Concierge App
11 March 2019   
The biggest tech companies are combining AI and machine learning to create curated assistance for customers — AI can play crucial role in the hospitality industry as well
DApp-platforms: When Mass Market Adoption?
07 March 2019   
Decentralized applications are discussed here and there. It all started with Ethereum, but today there are competitors present on the market. Still, dApps wait for a better future
Augmented Reality for Museums: How to Promote Culture to the Masses
05 March 2019   
The use of augmented reality (AR) in museums, development of AR-applications and devices for their playback
Robototechnics, AI, And Blockchain — Together They Can More
01 March 2019   
Robotics and AI inevitably overlap, while blockchain, big data, and other technological developments are joining the tandem. How do robots help us today?
Italian Government Develops Blockchain Platform To Oppose E-Commerce Giants
27 February 2019   
The Italian authorities intend to bring the entire network trade under full control. The goal of the project is to initiate competition with e-Commerce giants — primarily Amazon, Alibaba and eBay
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