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South Africa Suffers From New Crypto Ponzi Schemes
10 July 2019   
The educational programs in Africa should be popularized even more, because of fraud and scams following the path of technological growth amid regulatory uncertainty
I'm African, Show Us Your Smart Contract! TOON #7
19 October 2018   
Bitnewstoday toon dedicated to Africa. The stereotypes of Africa as an uncivilized, poor and ‘scary’ will be closed as well: a lot of people move to the continent for perspectives.
The Kenyan government will decide upon cryptocurrencies’ fate in two weeks time
09 July 2018   
To ban or to regulate? That is the question for Kenyan officials. The authorities of the Treasury will decide upon the fate of digital assets as soon as it is possible
South African teenager kidnapped, criminals demand $120,000 ransom in Bitcoin
23 May 2018   
See how traditionally non-digitized regular criminals use cryptocurrency, if the message from the title is confirmed by the police of South Africa and how much bitcoins is demanded by kidnappers from parents
Zimbabwe to ban cryptocurrency
14 May 2018   
See why the prohibition of digital currency activities happened in the country of Zimbabwe, Southeast Africa - and how the residents of this state used Bitcoin when the coup happened
South Africa: new self-regulatory crypto association and old taxes
09 April 2018   
Which new taxes will be imposed on cryptocurrency traders, miners, businesses? What is this new organization the SARB has announced? See the latest news coming from the South African authorities
BTC Global is a $50 mln scam
06 March 2018   
This fake enterprise has managed to get the funds of investors not only from South Africa, but also from America and Australia. See why some media outlets tell it could have easily been debunked long ago
Miners of Tanzania consume more power than all residents of the country
15 February 2018   
Bitnewstoday has decided to discuss the state of Bitcoin in Tanzania and to analyze why the central bank of Tanzania is sceptical about bitcoin
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