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IRS to Meet With Crypto Firms on a ‘Summit’ in DC Next Month
19 February 2020   
The IRS will be hosting a Summit with cryptocurrency companies, entrepreneurs and public figures who seek to better-inform themselves on everything regarding crypto taxation
US Congress Starts Buzzing with CBDC Talk
12 February 2020   
Unfortunately for the United States, the current situation they are in regarding blockchain advancement is nowhere near competitive levels with China
5 Things To Understand When Doing Your Crypto Taxes
22 November 2019   
Cryptocurrency tax reporting is becoming increasingly important as governments begin to monitor this asset class more closely.
Challenge Accepted: SEC Filed Charges Against Kik Interactive (KIN)
06 June 2019   
The US Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against a popular project, and as a result, Kin cryptocurrency instantly fell in price by more than 30%
The Restless And Reckless: How Craig Wright Incurres the Wrath Of Crypto Industry
03 June 2019   
Last month the self-proclaimed Satoshi submitted two applications to the US Copyright Office. A man called himself the author of white paper cryptocurrency and an earlier version of its code. What did it lead to?
Texas Regulator Is The Crypto Sheriff Now or Why The Cloud Mining Company Got Banned
08 November 2018   
The Texas State Securities Board has cleared away the mining clouds above the state and protected the interests of private investors
For Certain Solutions, You Need To Change The Blindfold. TOON #9
25 October 2018   
This Bitnewstoday toon is dedicated to the complicated relations of the American judicial system and digital economy
SEC vs CFTC: How The Crypto Market Will Avoid The Judicial System Tensions
25 October 2018   
In the USA, regulators are playing against each other on the right to own the digital economy. But it doesn’t seem to be interested in the result anymore
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