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Frozen: Biden Ceases the FinCEN’s Crypto Wallet Limits and Regulations
28 January 2021   
The decision has been made to freeze the Federal regulatory process, including the controversial self-hosted crypto wallet regulations proposed by the former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin
New US Treasury Proposal: The End of Crypto Privacy?
25 December 2020   
The US Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) finally put an end to the rumors surrounding the new regulations on cryptocurrency exchanges.
Is the US Treasury Trying to Backstab Crypto?
21 December 2020   
The rumor is that the U.S. Treasury and Secretary Mnuchin were planning to rush out regulation regarding self-hosted crypto wallets. What will the aftermath be?
US Congress to Face “Stable Act” Bill Concerning Stablecoins’ Fate
08 December 2020   
On December 2nd, the United States Congress received a new bill dubbed “The Stable Act”, which aims to make any usage of stablecoins in the United States without permission from federal regulatory bodies illegal
Crypto Investors Get Warning Notices From the IRS
26 November 2020   
The Internet Revenue Service in the United States (IRS) has sent out many letters to crypto investors reiterating the fact that they have pending taxes on their unreported profits from cryptocurrency
U.S. Senator Vows to Bring Bitcoin Debate to National Level
20 November 2020   
American politician Cynthia Lummis was recently elected to the U.S. Senate and thus became the first member of the upper house of Congress to publicly declare her assets in Bitcoin
USA: a Step Closer to Proper Digital Asset Regulations
06 October 2020   
According to the new letter issued by the US SEC on September 25th, the process of broker-dealer operated digital asset securities will become less lengthy and complex and more secure
Banking Regulators in the USA Authorize the Holding of Stablecoins in Reserves
28 September 2020   
Presently, federal banks are expected by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) to feel comfortable offering services to the users of stablecoin providers
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