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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: three reasons for the emission of state digital coins
14 December 2018   
In one of our previously published works, we analyzed the Islamic financial market entirely. The time has come to analyze crypto-projects of certain countries. Saudi Arabia is next in turn
Saudi Arabia Banned Crypto Trading, Leaving a Chance Only For Their State-Backed One
27 November 2018   
Saudi Arabia is controversial in its stance on crypto industry. The country and its officials are passionate about blockchain, but still they forbid cryptocurrency trading because the government plans to launch their state-backed crypto.
Crypto War For Oil: Saudi Call For A Check. Is The Checkmate Coming?
14 August 2018   
If the cryptocurrency can be an instrument of politics, it will inevitably become an instrument of a war. Not of a computer game, but of a real massacre. This is what is happening in Saudi Arabia.