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How Blockchain is Shaping the Automotive Industry in the Present
05 February 2021   
The automotive sector is another industry that is now utilizing blockchain technology in various areas of its operations. It is among the fastest-growing industries that is getting revolutionized by the applications of blockchain
Tips for Creating Blockchain IOS and Android Applications
20 January 2021   
In the past few years, blockchain technology has brought changes in development and configuring everything related to the internet and mobile applications
Tokenized Securities on Blockchain. What are They?
22 December 2020   
With the entire year in crypto defined by a maelstrom of projects embarking on decentralized finance (DeFi) aspects to their products, it can be easy to forget that previous advancements in blockchain-based technologies have continued to make great headway in terms of adoption and application
eProvenance And IBM Launch Blockchain Wine Quality Solution
11 December 2020   
IBM will allow tracking of wines on the blockchain after partnership with eProvenance
5 Blockchain Career Options You Need to Know About
07 December 2020   
The sheer revolutionary potential of blockchain technology explains why there's been such a surge in those wanting to work in and develop the technology. The tech jobs market is currently teeming with opportunities for blockchain enthusiasts
The Role of Blockchain in Smart Cities
02 December 2020   
Smart cities represent an unprecedented level of interconnected digital systems. And it’s becoming increasingly clear that blockchain and cryptocurrencies could play a vital role in the cities of the future
An Overview of How Covalent Is Structuring DeFi Data to Power Mass Adoption
18 November 2020   
The sheer size and technical complexity of the market makes it difficult to analyse blockchain-related data. In response, Covalent has built a unified API meant to enhance the transparency and visibility of blockchain networks
Breaking Down Tokamak Network, an Ethereum-based On-Demand Layer 2 Platform
13 November 2020   
The Tokamak Network is providing an easy to build application on Ethereum through its on-demand Layer 2 platform
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