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An Overview of How Covalent Is Structuring DeFi Data to Power Mass Adoption
18 November 2020   
The sheer size and technical complexity of the market makes it difficult to analyse blockchain-related data. In response, Covalent has built a unified API meant to enhance the transparency and visibility of blockchain networks
Breaking Down Tokamak Network, an Ethereum-based On-Demand Layer 2 Platform
13 November 2020   
The Tokamak Network is providing an easy to build application on Ethereum through its on-demand Layer 2 platform
Disadvantages of Blockchain Technology. Is It Possible to Solve Them All?
03 November 2020   
Since the invention of first consensus algorithms and blockchains altogether there have been many advancements, but we are still at a very early stage of decentralized technology and face many serious drawbacks that may be deal-breakers moving towards mass adoption
How Blockchain Could Benefit Clinical Trial Data
27 October 2020   
The blockchain could have major implications for the clinical trials. A trustworthy, organized and universally available data source could help coordinate these trials and make the data easier to access
Blockchain as a Service (Baas): Financial and Non-Financial Use Cases
22 October 2020   
Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) business model helped businesses avail the blockchain technology opportunities without maintaining big server deployments for blockchain
Here’s how Blockchain Could Change the World for the Better
22 October 2020   
The internet is very unique in the fact that it has absolutely no central control, authority or administration. It has given people the chance to experience success unlike any other and they can also exchange various ideas too
What Blockchain Technology Has for The Food & Beverages Industry?
08 October 2020   
From tracking food more precisely in the supply chain with all valuable data to ensuring food quality and health quotient, blockchain is benefiting the food and beverage industry in more ways than one
Coinbase CEO: Apple Forces to Change Crypto Products
15 September 2020   
CEO of the American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Brian Armstrong believes that Apple is not bringing innovations to the cryptocurrency and removing DeFi
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