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Coinbase CEO: Apple Forces to Change Crypto Products
15 September 2020   
CEO of the American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Brian Armstrong believes that Apple is not bringing innovations to the cryptocurrency and removing DeFi
The Use of Blockchain in the Field of Compliance
24 August 2020   
Have you ever wondered how companies use compliance systems to manage a massive amount of data that it generates? Blockchain is the technology that makes data transparent, secured and immediately accessible
Unique Risks Blockchain Companies Face
21 August 2020   
The popularity of blockchain is increasing, and it's becoming more accepted in the mainstream business climate. Blockchain companies will need to increasingly think about how they manage the industry's unique risks
Nigeria Outpaced Most of the World in Blockchain Use
07 August 2020   
One of the largest online blockchain wallets, has confirmed that Nigeria is their largest growing market in Q2 and Q3 of 2020
Blockchain Developers as Advanced People in IT
08 July 2020   
Experts noticed the opportunities blockchain gives so this technology started to develop at a rapid pace. The popularity of blockchain is a reason why blockchain developers are in great demand
VET Rose By 73% Amid Participation In A Global Conference On Artificial Intelligence
06 July 2020   
VeChain Foundation will attend the Shanghai Conference, as a result of which VET has updated its two-year high
Voice Social Network Officially Launched On The EOSIO Blockchain Protocol
06 July 2020   
On Saturday, the Voice social network on the EOSIO blockchain protocol was launched
How Blockchain Technology is Revolutionising the World of Learning and Development
16 June 2020   
Many say that blockchain will continue in this way until it becomes an integral part of modern classrooms, but how is this the case? In today’s guide, we’ll explore the impact of blockchain technology, and how it’s revolutionising the learning process
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