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How to Develop a Bitcoin Wallet Application
19 July 2019   
It’s a full guide on how to develop a Bitcoin Wallet application. We’ll explain everything in detail and discuss what Bitcoin wallet API you need to use in your app
Blockchain For Democracy
18 July 2019   
Blockchain products offer good solutions for voting systems as they provide transparency of transaction records, reliable data saving and absence of the trusted third parties
Notary and blockchain — the perfect combination?
06 June 2019   
The use of DLT technology in notarial services seems to be one of the most obvious applications. However, these services have not been widespread yet
Centralized Blockchain Is a Risk for Further Development
29 May 2019   
Along with the growth of the cryptocurrency industry, experts and private investors have begun to wonder about the level of decentralization of the blockchains launched and developed
Web 3.0: Browsers With Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies
27 May 2019   
Decentralized Internet is a huge ecosystem. In this article we will speak about one of the solutions for web 3.0 — about browsers with blockchain and cryptocurrencies support
How Blockchain is Changing Digital Marketing
13 May 2019   
Consumers and marketers are yearning for private and confidential transactions — that’s where blockchain comes in. It could revolutionize the system by acting as a regulator
Blockchain And Big Data To Be Deployed For Food & Wine Sector In Italy
30 April 2019   
The use of the blockchain can improve traceability and quality of certification of the whole food chain, says Mauro Rosati, leading expert of the Qualivita Foundation
How Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Influence The Market Of Collectibles And Antiques
02 April 2019   
Non-fungible tokens (NFT) created a certain furore on the crypto market in 2018. This year their use will only grow
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