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TOP-6 Universities Offering Blockchain Technology Courses
20 March 2019   
The demand for blockchain education is needed to fill a skills gap in the market and keep up with supporting and regulating a growing technology
DApp-platforms: When Mass Market Adoption?
07 March 2019   
Decentralized applications are discussed here and there. It all started with Ethereum, but today there are competitors present on the market. Still, dApps wait for a better future
Italian Government Develops Blockchain Platform To Oppose E-Commerce Giants
27 February 2019   
The Italian authorities intend to bring the entire network trade under full control. The goal of the project is to initiate competition with e-Commerce giants — primarily Amazon, Alibaba and eBay
Sberbank Ranked The Second Strongest Brand In The World Due To Digitalization
25 February 2019   
The Russian bank was outranked only by Ferrari. What are the reasons for the overwhelming success of a national financial institution at the global level?
Blockchain Education in Africa: An Establishment Of Global Talent Source?
22 February 2019   
The success of fintech companies in Africa is difficult to overestimate. However, there is one rather weighty problem — the lack of specialists. Education might be the key
Private Cities Emerge — Is It A Sign Of Global Decentralization Coming?
18 February 2019   
"Smart" cities are known to be based on technocratic principles, and there are also concepts of private cities based on the idea of ​​voluntarism. Is it to become a trend?
Blockchain in Football: How Crypto and The Digital Ledger are Modernising European Clubs
01 February 2019   
Blockchain has great potential in a number of different industries. Football is the latest among a string of industries taking steps to adopt blockchain technology
TON Rumored To Be 90% Complete. Сan This Project Change The Market Game?
31 January 2019   
TON used to disappear from the media field. Now the project of Durov brothers is on the way to a triumphal return. A large investor meeting should take place over the next 30 days
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