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Witnessing the digital breakthrough


Storm Over Bitcoin: Quadrupling Lightning Network May Open Pandora's Box
07 December 2018    |    3910
Lightning Network is in the spotlights of crypto community every week for the last couple of months. It is breaking new milestones, and we couldn’t have avoided the phenomenon.
Blockchain gaming industry. TRON claims the throne?
03 December 2018    |    4426
Ethereum and TRON are ‘fighting’ for the blockchain gaming market dominance. TRON has everything necessary to win in the nearest future.
Big Crypto Crush Of 2018: Mining Is Dead But Not Quite Yet
27 November 2018    |    3914
Back in 2016 cryptocurrency mining was an enthusiast and visionaries thing. In 2017 mining and bitcoin became known by everyone. But what is happening with mining in the end of 2018?
Unprofitable Mining. How Bitcoin Price Decrease Affected Mining Future
26 November 2018    |    4089
Bitcoin price decrease to lower than $4,000 makes mining unprofitable in several countries including Canada, Iceland and the USA that were regarded as world leaders in the industry
The Ancient Tragedy On The Digital Market Stage: EOS Reversed The Transaction And Created Environment For Corruption
21 November 2018    |    3277
The EOS network returned the money stolen in blockchain to the user. A good piece of news for ordinary people but a bad one for the future of the digital market
Blockchain Is a New Playground For The Sports Industry. But No Teams Here Yet
13 November 2018    |    4764
Sports industry has billions of revenues, but is is an old-school playground with legacy players roughly protecting positions. Blockchain creates a new field and changes the rules.
73% of Investment Deals In Israeli FinTech Are Made By Foreign Investors
31 October 2018    |    4275
Foreign investors are interested in Israeli startups: less rounds, but more volumes. MNCs are also looking for alternative ways to penetrate the market in order to cut the costs.
Four Threats For Insurance Agents To Disappear In a Brave New Tech World
18 October 2018    |    6398
In a traditional world, there was always a high demand for insurance agents. Upcoming insurance industry disruptions clearly show that their fate is quite unenviable.
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