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Witnessing the digital breakthrough


Best Blockchain-based Tourism Apps
12 September 2019   
With the advent of blockchain technology, platforms created on its basis give tourists the opportunity to choose conditions of vacations, cost and type of necessary services
How to Integrate Blockchain into Your Content Strategy
06 September 2019   
However, we know very well that blockchain stands to benefit a wide range of industries... Is content marketing one of them?
Blockchain In Aviation: The Example Of S7
22 August 2019   
Read about the experience of S7 Airlines using blockchain technologies for improving the system of ticket sales and settlements with the fuel supplier
Italian Retailers Use Blockchain and QR Codes for Food Supply Chain Traceability
19 August 2019   
Supermarkets have launched a number of blockchain-based solutions, which guarantee the immutability of registered data and the presence of the entire data stream
E-Government In Vietnam: Issues And Approaches To Implementation Through The Use of Blockchain Technologies
26 July 2019   
Technologies have streamlined processes, such as elections, document workflows, but the key concepts rest on the link binding the technology with the population – the human factor
Block-n-roll: Blockchain And Music Industry
25 July 2019   
In this article we will talk about how the music industry develops in the era of the digital economy
How to Develop a Bitcoin Wallet Application
19 July 2019   
It’s a full guide on how to develop a Bitcoin Wallet application. We’ll explain everything in detail and discuss what Bitcoin wallet API you need to use in your app
Blockchain For Democracy
18 July 2019   
Blockchain products offer good solutions for voting systems as they provide transparency of transaction records, reliable data saving and absence of the trusted third parties
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