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Cryptocurrencies analysis

Libra moves slowly and carefully. How do regulators respond?
21 October 2019   
Despite the large partners leaving the game, 21 organizations signed the charter of the Libra Association in Geneva. At the same time, Libra continues to be harshly criticized
Q3 2019 Results: Crypto Market Collapses Again
03 October 2019   
BNT has prepared a review of the events in the cryptocurrency market for the Q3 2019. Read how the value of cryptocurrencies changed from July to September, as well as their capitalization
Important Things To Know About Bitcoin
16 September 2019   
As an investor, trader, or entrepreneur engaged in Bitcoin payments or trade, you must keep yourself updated when it comes to new developments involving this cryptocurrency
Bitcoin Fundamentals Hit Highest Levels Ever
13 September 2019   
The volatility is still there, though the price seems set to take a positive trend and many are predicting that this is just the beginning of a bullish market
Top Airdrops You Should Pay Attention To In September 2019
03 September 2019   
Airdrop is a great and easy way to expand your digital asset portfolio. Today the market is full of new projects, but how do you know which ones are the best?
Top Tips For Bitcoin Casino High Rollers
02 September 2019   
For high rollers, those players who enjoy large wagers, anonymity is essential. The anonymous nature of Bitcoin transactions, however, guards their privacy
Top 7 Services For Passive Investing In Crypto
23 August 2019   
Looking to invest in cryptocurrency, but don’t know where to start? Bitnewstoday has compiled seven popular platforms and applications worthy of your attention
What To Expect From Bitcoin And Ethereum In The Near Future
22 August 2019   
And as the crypto market keeps maturing, parallels continue to be logically drawn to see BTC as holding the crown as the world’s reserve digital currency
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