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Polkaswitch: An Exciting and Game-Changing DeFi Gem
13 April 2021   
Polkaswitch is a decentralized cross-chain asset exchange and liquidity protocol that uses smart algorithms, contracts, and bridges to execute the trades across the top Polkadot, Ethereum, and ER20 DEXes
TradeStars: A New Approach To Fantasy Sports
07 April 2021   
Fantasy games have generated a lot of interest since their inception, and the team at TradeStars believes that it can improve and leverage new technologies, using them in the industry
Obortech Promises to Revolutionize Supply Chain Systems With a DeFi Twist
05 April 2021   
The old-age supply-chain business also needs a revamp for better efficiency and the answer lies in Decentralization and more specifically, DeFi
Bithumb Global Lists LCMS — a Token Promoting Healthy Consumer Products, Announces a $20k Trader Event
01 April 2021   
LCMS is now available for trading at Bithumb Global—one of the world's most liquid cryptocurrency exchanges posting over $1.5 billion as the average daily trading volume
Is Ethereum Worth Investing In?
28 March 2021   
Ethereum is undoubtedly the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Slated to be the next Bitcoin, ETH is on its way up and many experts believe that there’s no stopping its growth
Elrond: Flight to the Moon or Journey to Valinor?
24 March 2021   
What interesting do the Romanian developers offer, and what does the elven lord Elrond, a character from the legend of J.R.R.Tolkien have to do with it?
Polkamarkets: Changing the Prediction Market Space
19 March 2021   
Decentralized prediction markets offer flexibility which allows users to trade on the outcome of future political or sporting events in an open, cheaper, and less censored manner
Avalanche Cryptocurrency - a Truly Avalanche Development
11 March 2021   
The Ava Labs' project is positioned as an "Internet of Finance" or a "platform of platforms" — that is, an environment where developers can create a variety of projects
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