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Q1 2020: the Сryptocurrency Market Feels Better than the Stock Market
03 April 2020   
Bitnewstoday provides statistics on the operations of the crypto market in the Q1 2020. Read the article about how the market capitalization and the value of key currencies changed
Coronavirus and Bitcoin. How COVID-19 Pandemia Affects the Crypto Market
25 March 2020   
Quarantines, a sharp decline in consumption, collapses of financial ratings — all of this was reflected in global markets. Cryptocurrencies did not evade this as well
Cryptocurrencies in Times of Сrisis. Will They Someday Become a Global Safe Haven?
18 March 2020   
Recent local financial crises occur in parallel with the development of crypto. BNT reports on how recession influences the behavior of citizens, countries and crypto companies
The Advantages of Using Bitcoin
28 February 2020   
Bitcoin is one of the most popular methods of digital currency and there are plenty of advantages when it comes to using this peer-to-peer payment process
VeChain Thor: Improving on Supply Chain Globally
25 February 2020   
Looking for a novel way to invest in blockchain technology? Look no further than VeChain
Libra Continues to Lose Major Supporters. But Is That a Problem?
23 January 2020   
The association is still seeking regulatory clearance and looking for new members as well. And, in fact, it has quite a queue of possible partners
Crypto Market: the Review of 2019
30 December 2019   
Bitnewstoday publishes annual cryptocurrency market statistics. We present you how the prices of bitcoin and altcoins changed during 2019
Famous Analyst Unveils Idea for New Cryptocurrency Ranking System
02 December 2019   
Analyst Aat de Kwaasteniet believes that evaluating cryptocurrencies by capitalization is “fictitious” — he offers an alternative method for evaluating and ranking projects
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