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Cryptocurrencies analysis

Which Cryptocurrencies, Introduced In 2018, Made It To The TOP-50?
31 January 2019   
Bitnewstoday analyzed the TOP-50 cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization and found 10 coins that appeared last year. Learn, which projects managed to get their currencies into the lead
Davos Aftermath: Investors Scold Bitcoin And Praise The Blockchain
30 January 2019   
The World Economic Forum 2019 is over. However, it is worth noting that the rhetoric regarding cryptocurrencies was mostly far from positive. Is that a tradition or what?
Are National Cryptocurrencies Viable? 4 Practical Approaches To Consider
25 January 2019   
2018 presented to the world a number of projects initiated by government officials. How is this phenomenon going to develop and will this trend be successful at all?
Bitnewstoday Recalls: TOP 5 Events Which Shook The Crypto World In 2018
17 January 2019   
Last year was full of different events and news. It's time to remember the ones which inflicted some impact and are worth including into the cryptocurrency chronicles
PRIZM Cryptocurrency: Paramining, MLM, And... Steamers
16 January 2019   
Bitnewstoday decided to learn the story behind the “‘successful” cryptocurrency, what determines its success and is there any sence in this project at all
What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019
29 December 2018   
Investments in Bitcoin in 2018 didn’t make profit. The situation on the digital assets market is not so positive, but lots of investors see the bright sides and new opportunities
What will happen to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices in 2019?
27 December 2018   
Most of the investors are interested for the prices to bounce in 2019. The majority of the experts are positive and believe the prices will go up
Hard Times: How Much Money Has Been Lost in Bitcoin in 2018
25 December 2018   
2018 is almost over — at least, it wasn't dull. What has changed, what was in people’s minds, how much money has been lost in bitcoin by enthusiasts, did someone get rich in the end?
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