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Komodo: Reasons for Recent Growth and Its Prospects
12 May 2020   
Komodo is a relatively little-known altcoin, which rose 2.5 times in a month. What is remarkable about the project and why investors believed in it - in the Bitnewstoday review
Is Stellar Lumens Awaken?
30 April 2020   
At the moment, the price of Lumens is almost 7 cents with an upward trend — the cryptocurrency was able to recover from the March fall. Still, forecasts of experts have become much more cautious
Cryptodollar: Can this Bitcoin-powered Currency Put an End to Hyperinflation in Venezuela?
24 April 2020   
A Columbian-based startup called Valiu has recently launched “Cryptodollar” that is poised to take hyperinflation by its horns. But will it actually work? Let’s see what it actually does
The Month When Bitcoin Experienced the Biggest Blow in the History of Its Existence
20 April 2020   
Since the beginning of the month of March 2020, Bitcoin has fallen by a staggering 50% and everyone is probably wondering where did such an impulse drop come from?
Plunging Crypto Communities Hint on the True State of the Market
17 April 2020   
Observing the price change is naturally a good indicator of how capitulation is occurring or if it is at all. However, the problem could be buried deeper in the global crypto community
Tezos (XTZ): Is It a Lucrative Investment for 2020?
16 April 2020   
At the time of writing, since the beginning of 2020, the total crypto market cap is $191 billion. During the same period, Tezos grew one and a half times. Bitnewstoday explains, what caused such a spike, and what will presumably happen to XTZ
Cardano: Status and Prospects
10 April 2020   
Cardano is one of those cryptocurrencies which was not overhyped, but which always remained in the top of the rating. What the team is working on now and what to expect in the future — in this article
Amidst Halving, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to Start Supporting Anonymous Transactions
08 April 2020   
Soon, one of the largest forks of Bitcoin will receive the function of obfuscating transactions, increasing the level of anonymity
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