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Cryptocurrencies analysis

The Turkish Delight: Academic View On The Issue Of National Crypto Mania
07 December 2018    |   4152
Turkish “crypto expansion” was a big surprise for many people. In a matter of days, Turks became one of the “Alpha wolves” in a crypto financial food chain.
The Question of The ROI: How Much Can An ICO Pay You Back
18 October 2018    |   9195
In this article from out partners from ICObazaar we will take a look at the best and the worst examples of the ROI that an ICO can get you.
Dogecoin. To buy or to throw? Fundamental and technical analysis
12 September 2018    |   4582
Within the last 10 days, price of the cryptocurrency grew up to 272%. We are starting to receive questions like: what should we do, should we sale or buy? We decided to solve those questions and came up with an analysis.
ICO Trends. The past, the present, the future. Lessons learned in the first half of 2018
17 July 2018    |   8949
In this article, Richard Shibi goes on with analyzing the situation in the field of ICOs, this time deeper into the events of the first half of 2018. The regulatory movements, successes and failures, fundamental questions
Bitcoin Cash presents a challenge to Bitcoin
14 June 2018    |   1589
The history of Bitcoin Cash is worth capturing in a movie: a tense confrontation, a dramatic break, a challenge to the leader, accusations, scandals, and successful development. And while the story has not been filmed yet, just read this article
Press: coder Gavin Andresen is Satoshi Nakamoto
04 June 2018    |   3835
Learn if the arguments of those who allegedly found the real Satoshi Nakamoto look solid and some insight in the personality of the original Bitcoin creator, anonymous even to this day, from people who worked with him
Dash — from darkness to the light
31 May 2018    |   2127
Dash cryptocurrency has been long considered as a means of anonymous payments in the dark areas of the worldwide network, but the project team decided to prove that their brainchild is not a tool for criminal deeds, but a convenient payment system for everyone
Stellar cryptocurrency – it’s Lumen: a complicated story or a promising asset?
24 May 2018    |   4567
There are no random cryptocurrencies in the TOP-10 leaders in capitalization, so Stellar/Lumen is worth considering. Read Stellar cryptocurrency review on Bitnewstoday
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