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Dutch AML Policy Registration for Crypto Firms Meets Deadline. What’s Next?
19 May 2020   
The Netherlands, much like many other EU countries were forced to adopt the new AMLD5 guidelines set by the European Union
Mexico Warns Citizens About Cryptos Amid Pandemic
08 May 2020   
The director of the Center for Business Research and Development (CIDE) in Mexico wants the citizens of the city of Aguascalientes to be cautious of investing money into cryptocurrency
Singapore Makes More Steps to Become a Crypto Haven and Blockchain Hub
07 May 2020   
Singapore, a financial center of the world is recently known as one of the ‘Crypto Havens’ because of its balanced regulatory and legal regimes as defined by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MSA)
Crypto Regulation May Push Bitcoin Investors to Other Industries
10 April 2020   
Crypto regulations worldwide are extremely diverse and it's hard to tell exactly how the whole market will react when many of the laws finally come into place
The Role of Cryptocurrencies in the UK Can Explode at the End of 2020
09 April 2020   
The British economy is in the middle of a turmoil, right at the edge of the economic downfall. Challenges that arose for the nation are hard to overcome and to succeed, the government will have to take effective and innovative measures
Australian Tax Office Warns Investors to Report on Their Crypto Trading
16 March 2020   
Last week, ATO sent letters to thousands of Australian citizens requesting them to report any and all cryptocurrency trading activity they have conducted starting from 2017
Indian Turmoil: RBI Wants to Bring Back Crypto Ban in the Country
06 March 2020   
The ban has been in place for over two years now and was beaten through the collection of petitions by the Internet and Mobile Association of India
Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi Configure Crypto Regulations to Align with FATF
28 February 2020   
The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has recently seen two new jurisdictions join its ranks in terms of the configuration of their crypto regulations
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