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AFME Urges the European Union to Come Up with a Joint Regulation
15 November 2019   
The report stresses the issues such as defining cryptocurrencies once and for all, so that member states can apply relevant taxing and regulatory approaches
Crypto Taxes: A New Tax for a New Currency
11 November 2019   
The cryptocurrency market in India is presently quite uncertain. There aren’t clear tax regulations when it comes to cryptocurrencies, but nevertheless, it continues to develop
21 Crypto Exchanges Apply for a License from the Financial Services of Malta
04 November 2019   
The mentioned exchanges are among 34 potential VFA service providers who sent letters of intent to the Maltese financial regulator to obtain a license
Chinese Media Calms Investors Down After Crypto Surge
31 October 2019   
The Chinese media is employing similar tactics as they did when local stock exchanges started to burst with speculation during the late 90s and early 2000s
Legislative Сhanges in September 2019: Switzerland is Loyal, Others are Not
10 October 2019   
In September, different European regulators developed laws regarding cryptocurrencies. Bitnewstoday reviewed the innovations and which countries adopted the amendments
Crypto Donations to Political Parties in Japan Will Not Be Subject to Regulation
09 October 2019   
Crypto donations to political parties have been deemed completely legal without having to adhere to any type of regulations
Liechtenstein Passes New Token Act
09 October 2019   
Liechtenstein took a new, very significant step in terms of the development of the regulatory framework within its already crypto-oriented jurisdiction
German Finance Minister Likes Digital Money, But Not Libra
08 October 2019   
Minister Olaf SCHOLZ praised the idea of making an e-Euro in the wake of an economy that is starting to go beyond borders and even hemispheres
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