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New Barriers: What Opposed The Crypto Market Development This Summer
05 September 2019   
Summer was hot in terms of crypto regulations and prohibitions — starting with FATF which has released guidelines for regulators, making hints for them to slowly tighten the grip
Portugal Will Not Tax Crypto Trading And Payments
04 September 2019   
According to a new report from a Portuguese news organization, the Tax Authority of Portugal will exempt cryptocurrency trading and payments from any national taxation laws
European Central Bank Blames Uncertain Regulation in Stablecoins’ Vulnerability
30 August 2019   
According to the European Central Bank (ECB), stablecoins with a clear governance framework can be hindered by the uncertainty of regulation or its complete absence
Italian Citizens are Required to Include Cryptocurrency Transactions in Their Tax Declarations
28 August 2019   
By an act of April 10, 2019, an obligation for individuals to reflect cryptocurrency transactions in the tax return has been introduced. The Italian Revenue Agency has issued an instruction
Crypto Turmoil In South Korea: Exchanges Struggle To Survive
26 August 2019   
A research paper recently revealed that 97% of the crypto exchanges located inside the country are on the brink of collapsing and spiraling into bankruptcy
San Marino Reduces Tax Burden With Blockchain
21 August 2019   
In the Republic of San Marino, a decree that regulates digital instruments has been introduced. This concerns utility tokens and security tokens
Blockchain Knows No Bounds, But Still ...
20 August 2019   
In this article you will learn about how ordinary users in different countries interact with distributed ledger technologies.
The Czech Republic Is Doubling Down On Crypto Regulations
12 August 2019   
The new additions to the law will be part of the implementation of the Anti-money Laundering regulatory regime. Naturally, this was first kickstarted by recommendations from the EU
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