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Quebec Regulator Announced New Rules For Crypto Mining
30 April 2019   
According to the new rules, the regulator obliged the energy supplier Hydro-Quebec to allocate 300 MW of energy for the needs of the blockchain industry
Brazilian Сrypto Industry: Interest Is Growing, Regulation Is Stagnating
26 April 2019   
Regulators are still not active in the development of crypto industry in the country. Everything is carried forward by enthusiasts who face different barriers
Spanish CNMV Still Is Concerned About Crypto Regulations. For What Reason?
19 April 2019   
Today there are no regulatory acts in Spain regarding cryptocurrency and ICO, but still there are no updates, and the regulator is not in a hurry with decisions
Avant-garde Fintech And Traditional Banks in Italy: War or Truce?
16 April 2019   
Last year became a period of unprecedented rise for one of the leaders in the fintech sphere - Satispay. Banks felt threatened and responded immediately
The Wind Of Change Reached The Indonesian Crypto industry. Does It Bring The Bright Future?
12 April 2019   
In 2017, the country imposed a ban on cryptocurrencies, and the Central Bank constantly warned about the risks of investing. However, it seems that thaw is to happen in this jurisdiction
Mexican Crypto Industry Trapped In "Catch-22." Will The Regulation Paradox Change?
28 March 2019   
The development of crypto industry in Mexico is under threat. In early March, the Central Bank published a circular prohibiting fintech companies from operating with cryptocurrencies
DATO For ICO: Are The Philippines Looking For The Perfect Set Of Regulations?
27 February 2019   
Since 2014, the Philippines has become one of the cryptocurrency development driving countries. However, regulatory issues are still not fully implemented
Malaysia Legalized ICO And Tokens. Details To Be Approved In March
08 February 2019   
Malaysia was on the list of those countries where regulators took a wait-and-see position, despite statements made at the end of 2017. It looks like it's time to change
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