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DATO For ICO: Are The Philippines Looking For The Perfect Set Of Regulations?
27 February 2019   
Since 2014, the Philippines has become one of the cryptocurrency development driving countries. However, regulatory issues are still not fully implemented
Malaysia Legalized ICO And Tokens. Details To Be Approved In March
08 February 2019   
Malaysia was on the list of those countries where regulators took a wait-and-see position, despite statements made at the end of 2017. It looks like it's time to change
Singaporean Authorities Change Their Stance On Cryptocurrency Regulation
24 January 2019   
The Ministry of Law of the country does not consider cryptocurrency as a legal tender and obliged enterprises to carry out the necessary legal verification
Kill Shot For The Stocks Or Lifeline For The Crypto: The Fed Dilemma
18 December 2018   
The US stock market is repeating after the crypto brother as it has been having the worst December in 16 years. What does it mean for the digital industry
New Global Cryptorules: FATF Sets A New Deadline in June 2019
18 December 2018   
FATF’s report on the UK notes a lack of regulations in the field of cryptocurrencies. Now international regulators are upgrading rules of virtual assets control.
Iran: Сan Heir Of The Persian Throne Take Over The Islamic World With The Help Of digital currency?
17 December 2018   
Iran is the nearest to creating the national cryptocurrency. Rank imposes obligations: the country has been under sanctions for a long time but is it only the country that is promoting the crypto-project?
Saudi Arabia: three reasons for the emission of state digital coins
14 December 2018   
In one of our previously published works, we analyzed the Islamic financial market entirely. The time has come to analyze crypto-projects of certain countries. Saudi Arabia is next in turn
Mesopotamian Triangle: The Middle Eastern Crypto Race Has Started. Ep. III - Crypto And Geopolitics
30 November 2018   
“National cryptocurrency. Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey… We will see who will be the first to create it,” – an expert said in the interview. Competition for leadership in the digital market is unfolding between Middle Eastern states
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