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Will FCA’s Crypto CFD Ban Harm Or Benefit the Crypto Industry?
11 July 2019   
The FCA has notified several media outlets that it will be holding meetings in the near future to determine the legal matters for Contracts for Difference on cryptocurrencies
South Africa Suffers From New Crypto Ponzi Schemes
10 July 2019   
The educational programs in Africa should be popularized even more, because of fraud and scams following the path of technological growth amid regulatory uncertainty
How Australia Is Changing Its Crypto Landscape With New ICO Guidelines
04 July 2019   
The new ICO guidelines were implemented in Australia. The main idea of implementing them was to provide the population with transparency from the company’s side of operations
EU To Pressure Malta Into Revamping Its AML Framework
01 July 2019   
After years of trying to develop the blockchain industry on their small Island, Malta is finally starting to face some issues in controlling the market due to its massive growth
Crisis in Argentina: Investors Massively Convert Pesos to Bitcoins
17 June 2019   
Will the cryptocurrency and its legal status become an instrument of political struggle in Argentina? Anything is possible in such situation
Challenge Accepted: SEC Filed Charges Against Kik Interactive (KIN)
06 June 2019   
The US Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against a popular project, and as a result, Kin cryptocurrency instantly fell in price by more than 30%
The Restless And Reckless: How Craig Wright Incurres the Wrath Of Crypto Industry
03 June 2019   
Last month the self-proclaimed Satoshi submitted two applications to the US Copyright Office. A man called himself the author of white paper cryptocurrency and an earlier version of its code. What did it lead to?
Quebec Regulator Announced New Rules For Crypto Mining
30 April 2019   
According to the new rules, the regulator obliged the energy supplier Hydro-Quebec to allocate 300 MW of energy for the needs of the blockchain industry
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