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How John McAfee Became a “Prophet” Of the Crypto Market and Still Is Good with This Role
13 May 2020   
John McAfee is an eccentric millionaire whose biography deserves an adaptation in an adventure fiction. So much has happened in his life!
Did Malta's Crypto Dream Come True by 2020?
01 April 2020   
Malta remains one of the most “advanced” countries in relations with cryptotechnologies. But reality was not as cloudless as many had expected
The Changes on the Crypto Exchange Market Within Two Years. Should We Trust the Stats?
20 January 2020   
Cryptocurrency exchanges are the most important intermediaries in the market and at the same time the main object of criticism. BNT studied the changes within two years and who haven’t survived a difficult time of the industry
Crypto Wallets: How to Survive in This Business Over the Years
17 December 2019   
The loss of cryptocurrency is irreversible. You might make a mistake in the address during the transfer… and lose your money! Bitnewstoday’s review focuses on reliable crypto wallets on the market, both old and new ones
TOP 20 Cryptocurrencies: What Has Changed in Two Years
11 December 2019   
While several cryptocurrencies have been hyping, others irrevocably leave the Olympus. Read about the changes in top cryptocurrencies in the new post by Bitnewstoday
Concerning Blockchain: From Euphoria to Breaking Illusions
09 December 2019   
Bitnewstoday decided to study the evolution of opinions about the blockchain. How did the technology which importance had been compared with the advent of the Internet, became... nothing special