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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Bitcoin, Exchange and Two Bot Wallets or How Bitfinex Manipulates The Market
29 November 2018    |   5076
Apparently, the crypto market decided to join the Black Friday madness and hold a sale for all virtual assets. Bitcoin has already started to recover, while it is entering a phase of positive price correction, we decided to find out who were the main organizers of the last weekend promotion.
SEC vs DEX: Two Lessons To Learn From EtherDelta Case
15 November 2018    |   4927
Decentralized exchanges encountered strict approach of the SEC. DEXes don’t have central bodies, but the authority implies responsibility. The industry has new lessons to learn
Illusions Perdues: In Economics, The Majority Is Always Wrong
05 November 2018    |   4374
Why more and more crypto companies are planning an IPO, while Coinbase on the contrary refutes rumors about public offering, and what will make the company change its mind in the future
Illusions: How The Crypto Market Centralized Itself
05 November 2018    |   4040
Why the crypto industry cannot survive without traditional financial institutions and whether decentralization is a threat or a benefit
Double Dealing by Payments Companies: How Visa and MasterCard Earn on Digital Junk
26 October 2018    |   5342
Payment giants are developing blockchain projects, while having negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies. What is the reason behind that and whether digital assets bear only dangers.
Tether: Should You Buy 97 Cents For a Dollar
18 October 2018    |   4412
Tether has become a hot topic in media since its first day. This time it’s the newsbreak due to its main advantage - 1:1 dollar peg. What conclusions can be made out of that?
Bithumb DEX: Just A Marketing Ploy For The Regulators
17 October 2018    |   5681
The largest South Korean digital exchange Bithumb has created a decentralized platform. Will the new format help to avoid hacking and will the exchange actually be decentralized?
$300 Million From Christie's And Art Tokens As A New Type of Trading
17 October 2018    |   6922
Christie's announced its first blockchain auction for $300 million, but so far categorically rejected the cryptocurrency.
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