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FED Turns to Blockchain-based AMERIBOR
05 June 2020   
Ameribor is a reference rate created by the American Financial Exchange based on a cohesive and well-defined market that meets the IOSCO principles for financial benchmarks
Study: Number Of Blockchain Companies In Hong Kong Is Growing
03 June 2020   
Blockchain technology sector surpassed other fintech sectors in Hong Kong in 2019
Harvard Business Review Study: Blockchain Can Change Healthcare
01 June 2020   
A study of Harvard Business Review found out how necessary the use of blockchain technology in global healthcare is
Russian Central Bank Tests DLT for Mortgage Records
29 May 2020   
The official added that the Bank of Russia’s regulatory sandbox for DLT has applications from 50 projects in the pipeline, some of which have already completed pilots
Sberbank Plans To Purchase Blockchain ATMs With An Integrated Nvidia Cuda Card
28 May 2020   
A large Russian bank announces its intention to acquire 4917 ATMs with implemented blockchain technology
CryptoKitties Developer Launches A New Game On Its Own Blockchain
28 May 2020   
Dapper Labs launches a new NBA Top Shot game on its own Flow blockchain
Samsung's New Security Chip
27 May 2020   
Samsung introduced a new security chip for protecting crypto transactions, which will be installed on all devices of the manufacturer from the third quarter of 2020
VISA Approves New Crypto Debit Cards
26 May 2020   
Swiss startup Eidoo introduced a crypto debit card using regulated stablecoins and received VISA approval
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