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WWF-Australia Launches Blockchain Platform For Goods Tracking
17 January 2019    |    4654
Representatives of the organization said they are hoping to help people and businesses identify illegal, harmful or unethical food and consumer goods
More Global Oil Giants Keep Joining Vakt Blockchain Platform
16 January 2019    |    5529
The platform was established in November 2018, as part of agreements reached by oil industry leaders. It became known that Chevron, Total and Reliance Industries have joined
Indian Corporations Are Testing Blockchain, Despite The Regulation Uncertainty
15 January 2019    |    4726
According to India Times, Hindustan Unilever, ABG Shipyard, HDFC Bank and Reliance Industries are the companies which confirmed the experiments with record-keeping
It’s Not Just Mining: Douglas County To Establish Blockchain Campus
14 January 2019    |    4401
The crypto market decline stopped the enthusiasts from coming to the region. Following the market trends, the representatives of the county decided to diversify and develop
Ripple Protocol Finds Use In Tokenizing Real Products
10 January 2019    |    5833
eMetals is a project of digitized shares representing the real commodity equivalent. What’s important, they can be acquired with cryptocurrencies
AMD And ConsenSys To Collaborate On New Blockchain Project
09 January 2019    |    5559
The third party is Halo Holdings, Abu-Dhabi-based investment management firm. The project is called W3BCLOUD
Samsung Filed Trademarks In UK and EU For Cryptocurrency Wallet
29 December 2018    |    5551
It is rumored that the company plans to introduce crypto wallets implemented in Galaxy S10 smartphones. However, Samsung representatives denied it
Visa Inc About To Acquire Earthport Plc, One of Ripple’s Partners
28 December 2018    |    5804
The deal that Visa International Service Association and Earthport are about to conclude, is estimated at £198 mln. The Earthport shares’ price surge by 346%
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