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Twitter CEO Wants to Make The Social Network Decentralized
12 December 2019   
In his statement, Dorsey highlighted a number of problems that centralized social network projects face, and noted several ways to solve these problems
Nike Patents a System for Tokenized Shoes
11 December 2019   
Patent of December 10 describes a digital asset for shoes and how to use it — the implementation is a non-fungible token, Ethereum’s ERC721 or ERC1155
People's Bank of China to Test Digital Currency with Banks and Telecom Operators
09 December 2019   
The PBoC has entered into an agreement with seven companies to conduct the test, including four commercial banks and three telecommunications giants
EY Releases Code for Ethereum a Few Days Before Istanbul
06 December 2019   
In April, the company released a development called Nightfall, which was aimed at making private transactions in Ethereum, now it is being upgraded
Juventus Launched the World's First FTO
04 December 2019   
In partnership with a startup company Socios, Juventus has minted JUV tokens to vote on various issues related to the life of the team
Singapore-supported Blockchain Platform Fundraised $15.7 Mln In New Round
03 December 2019   
In a recent press release, Tribe Accelerator said that to date, a total of $28 million has been raised to support blockchain startups from around the world
Bitmain Presents Antminer 17 Models While Having an Ongoing Conflict Inside Company
29 November 2019   
The key goal of the company, according to Cihan Wu, today is an ongoing study of equipment capabilities
IOTA (MIOTA) DID Will Be Integrated with Yallvend Vending Equipment
28 November 2019   
The collaboration is aimed at the introduction of decentralized identifiers (DID) to make identification more secure and reliable
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