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Ford: Blockchain Will Reduce Pollution
25 December 2020   
Ford says blockchain can help reduce pollution in big cities
Paypal and BitGo Deal Failed
25 December 2020   
PayPal's alleged deal with BitGo is failed
Digital Art Collection Sold For $800,000
15 December 2020   
Digital artist Beeple raises record $3.5 mln in NFT auction
Microsoft And Ernst & Young Will Develop A New Blockchain Platform
15 December 2020   
Microsoft and EY will develop blockchain platform for managing royalty contracts
BitPay Has Applied For U.S. National Bank Status
10 December 2020   
Crypto payments company BitPay has applied for U.S. National Bank status
Libra Association Changed Its Name To Diem
02 December 2020   
Libra Association announces name change to Diem and hired several world-class experts
THETA's New Partnership To Fight COVID-19
27 November 2020   
Theta Network unveils Edge Compute helping Folding @ home fight COVID-19 and other diseases
Hublot Watch Warranty Added To LVMH AURA Blockchain Network
23 November 2020   
Luxury watchmaker Hublot has partnered with technology company KerQuest to implement an e-passport and warranty system for all of its watches
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