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Witnessing the digital breakthrough


Hahn Air Launches Blockchain-based Airline Tickets
19 November 2019   
Ticket sales through the blockchain made possible by the collaboration of Hahn Air with Winding Tree, a decentralized platform for the travel industry
SingularityNET Integrates PayPal Payments
15 November 2019   
SingularityNET, a decentralized artificial intelligence technology provider, has announced the successful integration of PayPal payments on its blockchain-based marketplace
HerdX and UPS Deliver US Beef to Japan with Blockchain Verification
12 November 2019   
The companies jointly developed tracking technology that improves the quality control of beef products for international shipments
The Central Bank of France is Looking for a Blockchain Specialist
12 November 2019   
The Central Bank of France has published a job opening for a blockchain analyst who will help the bank determine the program for introducing digital currency
Andreessen Horowitz Launches Blockchain School
11 November 2019   
On Friday, the venture capital firm, founded by Mark Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, announced that it is opening A16z crypto startup school
Volvo To Introduce Blockchain in Cobalt Tracking
07 November 2019   
Over the next decade, the concern, together with its battery suppliers, CATL and LG Chem, will monitor the quality of the batteries
TurkeyTo Complete Testing of Digital Lira by the End of 2020
06 November 2019   
Resmi Gazete published a document stating that the digital lira is part of a plan to strengthen the economy. Digital currency will be issued by the central bank of the country
The Federal Reserve Could Be Considering a Digital Dollar
05 November 2019   
After multiple talks for the adoption of the digital dollar, it seems like the US Federal Reserve is starting to consider this possibility
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