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Honda and GM Research Electric Vehicle And Smart Grid Interoperability With The Use Of Blockchain
21 May 2019   
It is assumed that this development will allow owners of electric vehicles to earn money for storing energy in car batteries and sharing it with the grid
Vodafone Launched Blockchain Technology Initiative in Ghana Universities
20 May 2019   
The programme took place at HackLab Foundation’s Hackathon 2019, it attracted 600 developers from over 18 institutions which were tasked to come up with feasible and scalable solutions
Amazon Files Patent With Proof of Work Inclusion
17 May 2019   
The document describes a system in which the “first party” performs computational work to gain access to a resource; also hash trees are mentioned
Blockstream Announces Security Token Platform Launch
16 May 2019   
The new platform is a solution for businesses to issue security tokens on the Liquid Network
Bank Of France Is Interested In Stablecoins, Governor Claims
15 May 2019   
He stated that the bank is “observing with great interest” the development of the technology, which allows network members to exchange stablecoins for securities, goods and services
IOST Foundation To Join Singapore Blockchain Incubator Initiatives
13 May 2019   
It is known that Enterprise Singapore will provide grants to founders who launch innovative blockchain solutions. IOST will act as an appraiser and mentor of projects
The Popularity Of Brave Browser Reaches Firefox and Opera
07 May 2019   
Interest in the browser has grown since the beginning of February 2019, and the number of active users per month has grown by 450% since 2018
CTO Ripple Confirms The Launch Of xCurrent 4.0
06 May 2019   
Ripple's xCurrent is one of the company's corporate software solutions; it allows banks to make international payments using end-to-end tracking
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