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Crypto to be Considered Property in Russia
23 March 2021   
Due to the strict centralized system in Russia technological advancement is really high, as it always had the ambition to be the superpower in the international arena
Sberbank Prepares for Crypto Regulation in Russia Starting in January 2021
09 December 2020   
As the Russian government prepares to launch its crypto regulation legislation starting January 2021, the largest bank in the country is ready to unveil its crypto project and according to several local experts, absolutely dominate the Russian crypto market
Russian AlfaBank to Provide Services for Freelancers
04 December 2020   
Because of the increased use of blockchain technology, even private banks started to realize that they can actually benefit by offering freelancers blockchain platforms designed specifically according to their needs
Salary in the cryptocurrency: hello, gray zone!
31 July 2018   
You can spend the cryptocurrency in Russia, but you can not earn it legally.
Blacklisting of funds and cryptoprojects
16 July 2018   
The Russian Association of cryptocurrencies and blockchain has created a register of trusted companies. Blacklisting of unfair miners, equipment suppliers and ICO - next step
Russia’s Defense Ministry to use blockchain for data security
29 June 2018   
See what the Russians want to do about data protection against hackers and what other establishments characterized the distributed ledger technologies as a perspective technology
Lithuanian regulator exec: ICO investors from Russia are ‘not in line with our national interests’
26 June 2018   
Learn about the statements of Marius Jurgilas who is the member of the board of the Bank of Lithuania and if his concerns about Russian investors are based on anything from the world of classic finance
Elina Sidorenko: FATF has new cryptocurrency risks list
20 June 2018   
Learn what the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering has to say about digital currencies while also not forgetting that the organization reps have not confirmed the existence of this list at the press time
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