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Great Britain

The Crown Runs Away From Wonderland. TOON #11
02 November 2018   
This Bittnewstoday TOON is dedicated to the UK and the processes that take place in the field of digital market regulation
British hacker converted stolen £500,000 to BTC
29 May 2018   
See the exact age of the hacker, what hacking method was his main source of income and what the United Kingdom police intends to do with bitcoins that they have found after his arrest
‘Magic wands’: Martin Walker tells blockchain highly overestimated
03 May 2018   
Learn where technological expert Martin Walker voiced concerns over the serious overestimation and unnecessary hype around blockchain technologies and other recent news from the same country
UK Treasury creates new task force to assess the crypto market
23 March 2018   
The issue of regulation of cryptocurrencies in the United Kingdom is currently being solved by the Treasury which has announced a new team of experts on the topic. Find out with which country the UK is also talking on this
Coinbase acquires licence to trade e-money in UK, but e-money is not crypto
14 March 2018   
Find out the important difference between electronic money (e-money) and digital (virtual) currencies in this new material regarding the latest achievement of Coinbase on the British financial market
Bank of England leader Mark Carney: cryptocurrencies are bubbles and attract fools
06 March 2018   
See the details on the latest statement of Mark Carney who clearly doesn’t consider digital currencies a proper financial instrument and views them as bubbles - or overestimated assets
United Kingdom Parliamentary Treasury Committee to review digital currencies
22 February 2018   
The committee in the United Kingdom Parliament responsible for the monitoring of Treasury is going to review the local market and develop regulative measures. Read what the officials think below
Mark Carney, Governor of Bank of England: Bitcoin failed at being a currency
20 February 2018   
The leader of the central bank of the United Kingdom tells about his views on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in particular. Find out the reasoning of his theses and see what else recently happened on the local market
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