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Radix (eXRD) Token Sale Recap, Recent Developments and Project Breakdown
23 November 2020   
Radix is a decentralised ledger technology platform built specifically for new financial apps. Unlike the existing blockchains where DApps are built as layer 2 solutions, the Radix protocol allows to create layer 1 DeFi applications
What is Margin Trading in Crypto?
19 November 2020   
A growing cryptocurrency industry has been accompanied by the development of a derivatives market based on crypto, one that enables traders go long or short on crypto coins without having to hold the underlying instruments
Role of Macroeconomic Factors in CFD Trading
10 November 2020   
In this article, we will know about the macroeconomic factors that can affect the overall trading business
Realio, A Blockchain-based Digital Asset Platform for the Real Estate Sector
19 October 2020   
With blockchain integration, it could be possible to bring real estate to the 21st century. Realio is one of the leading projects that’s looking to reshape this space with blockchain technology.
The Underlying Technology of Algorand
14 October 2020   
The brainchild of Turing Award-winning cryptographer Silvio Micali, Algorand is the world's first open source, permissionless, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol for the next generation of financial products
Uniswap: an Unprecedented Generosity
12 October 2020   
What are the reasons for the popularity of Uniswap and what to expect from it — let's try to figure it out in the Bitnewstoday article
UpBots to debut a Multi-Exchange Crypto & DeFi Trading Platform
07 October 2020   
One of the most ambitious projects of 2020, UpBots looks to bridge the gap between traditional and crypto markets. By providing traders with a multi-functional ecosystem, UpBots wants to eliminate all inefficiencies that they usually face in the market
Oh My God! The Story of OMG Network
06 October 2020   
Under the funny name OMG Network (OMG token), there hides a serious corporate project. Why did it change the name and what to expect from the network - let's try to find out
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