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Witnessing the digital breakthrough


The Best Movies About Cryptocurrency
17 July 2019   
Many have heard about Bitcoin, but only a few can say what it really is. BNT prepared a list of films that will help learn more about the first cryptocurrency
Crypto Market: the Results of the H1 2019
16 July 2019   
BNT sums up the first half of the events at the cryptocurrency market. How did the markets change and the dynamics of coins
How Crypto Can Be Moneygram Savior?
16 July 2019   
It was projected that distribution was a key obstacle for Ripple, which is why MoneyGram offer a far-reaching infrastructure, allowing people to send Ripple anywhere
IEOs Popularity On the Upswing; Outdo STOs & ICOs In H1 2019
08 July 2019   
IEOs have been incredibly successful at raising funds, providing immediate returns to investors, offering an exit on an exchange and have rekindled investor interest
Project Tokenomics: Problems and Solutions
05 July 2019   
Each project has to find its own way of using the tokens it produces. Learn how to build the right microeconomics of the project, choose the right mechanics to stimulate users and increase the chances of an asset price increase
FoodTech: A Tasty Combination Of Food and High Technology
05 July 2019   
In this article, we will focus on food technology that is a business area in which modern technology and food are closely linked
Smart Strategies For Trading In Bitcoin
04 July 2019   
Just like any other currency, you can trade bitcoin in the market, and there are many strategies for this. Here, smart strategies for trading bitcoin will be discussed to enlighten you
What Will Happen to Bitcoin When the SEC Approves an ETF?
26 June 2019   
All wonder what event or circumstance could be the driver of a $20,000 reversal for bitcoin price. Some look at Bitcoin ETF as a mechanism to recover lost market capitalization
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