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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Come Again And Play the Bitcoin Game! TOON #20
07 December 2018    |   3247
Crypto exchanges are crucial part of today’s market. But this does not excuse them from sins. Today’s toon is all about that fundamental part of today’s ecosystem and their wicked and amusing shenanigans on the market
The Turkish Delight: Academic View On The Issue Of National Crypto Mania
07 December 2018    |   4176
Turkish “crypto expansion” was a big surprise for many people. In a matter of days, Turks became one of the “Alpha wolves” in a crypto financial food chain.
Fintech’R’Us: Сan Banks Keep Up With $41.7 Bln Industry?
06 December 2018    |   3405
For banks, the challenge is keeping up with this pace of technological change. The idea of going to a physical bank is not attractive to the millions of young banking customers.
Digital Caste: How Blockchain Changes The Business Landscape In India
04 December 2018    |   4080
On a modern economic scene, India is synonymous with a single word - potential. This is one of the fastest, growing at a huge speed economies. Annually they get 5.8-6.6% of GDP growth accompanied by a steady 1.1% increase of population.
Advices to Advisors: How to become a proper ICO Marketing Consultant
03 December 2018    |   3106
Sometimes the ICO organizers make mistakes in estimating the role of advisors in their projects. Here are some hints of what to do and what to avoid when choosing the path of an advisor
Bitcoin Keeps Falling Down: How to Deal With FUD And Avoid FOMO
28 November 2018    |   4483
“I am on record that Bitcoin could fall 90%, - said the expert - ”now is an excellent time to begin taking a long term investment position.”
Institutional Investors Strategy: Drop The Market, Buy Coins At Lows And Go To Bakkt To Trade
23 November 2018    |   4466
What connects the sale of treasury bonds on the US stock market with Bitcoin decline and the upcoming launch of the Bakkt
No ICO Needed: Real Business Starts To Launch Blockchain Startups
09 November 2018    |   5423
Even though ICO-projects attracted $13.9 bln in the first three quarters of 2018, this method of fundraising is losing its momentum. What are the reasons
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