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El Petro’s Eleven Enemies: Why The World Policemen To Force Venezuela To Its Knees
09 October 2018   
The US Senate will prepare the stop-list for the digital coins of rogue states.
Let's Make Venezuela Great Again? Toon #1
27 September 2018   
We officially open a new section - Bitnewstoday TOON. The most meaningful digital economic trends through the eyes of the brilliant cartoonist Maxim Smagin.
Venezuela's Economic Disaster: How El Petro Can Oppose The USA Politics
25 September 2018   
The Venezuelan national digital coin is entering the global market. But in the current economic and political situation, it is unlikely to be necessary to anyone
New Venezuelan Currency to Finish EL Petro Along With the Country
21 August 2018   
To beat inflation, Nicolas Maduro, has pegged the Bolivar to crypto. Experts believe that this will only aggravate the situation of the country.
Nicolas Maduro's Hype Is Too Expensive For Venezuela
09 August 2018   
Albert Cortez, Venezuela: «70-80% of my fellow countrymen are busy with finding basic resources, such as gas, electricity, water and food. They don't have time to think about some virtual money».
El Petro To Force The Next Global Financial And Economic Crisis
08 August 2018   
We'd like to think, that those who are in power in countries under international sanctions won't make up their minds to create national ICO. You shouldn't shoot yourself in the foot.
Russian KAMAZ truck plant debunks the rumors on Petro token foreign trade
05 April 2018   
Reports suggested that the Russians will sell car parts for Petro tokens which are under sanctions, but the representatives of KAMAZ made it clear they would prefer to wait for official requests
OFAC to sanction digital currency wallets of persons from SDN lists
22 March 2018   
Read below what OFAC means, how exactly is it planning to restrict relations with toxic wallets and what this could potentially mean for illicit finance. Also see what difficulties have already been mentioned
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