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BNT Reviews

Litecoin, The Brainchild Of Charlie Lee
21 March 2019   
Companies most often resemble their creators, who convey the traits of their own character, attitude to life, energy to their business. Charlie Lee and his Litecoin are a good example
Credit Scoring And Blockchain — New Rating Agencies To Emerge
18 March 2019   
Banks turn to blockchain technology. But is it worthwhile from an economic and ethical point of view? Bitnewstoday journalists examine the credit scoring implementations
State Cryptocurrencies Review: Toys or Instruments For Economic Growth?
04 March 2019   
Bitnewstoday reviews several cryptocurrencies issued by various states. Do they have a future or not? Learn in the article
Fintech unicorns: the most expensive startups in the world
27 February 2019   
A story about startups that cost one or more billion dollars and are called unicorns. We explore the emergence of the term, business features and attracting investments
Digital Identity And Blockchain. “Data Is The New Oil”
21 February 2019   
Learn more about digital identity and problem solving while using blockchain technologies. We created an overview of companies developing standards and services
Audit And Blockchain: A Productive Collaboration
13 February 2019   
The Big Four of the world audit is actively looking for spheres of the blockchain implementation. There are also new players on the market who have succeeded significantly
Blockchain And Payment Systems: A Shared Future Awaits?
07 February 2019   
The market is in a need of new and upgraded payment systems. Aleksandre B makes a review of the most successful solutions in this industry
Getting Backstage of Online Sports Betting: Khabib and Conor Are Now On Blockchain
09 October 2018   
The online sports betting market is expected to increase to $18-24 bln by 2020. How DLT can boost its further development and create new opportunities for players to make higher profits.
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