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Industrialists for the Industry: New Exchange Service from the Experienced Crypto Players
22 July 2020   
For those who operate on the crypto market and change one type of coin to another or fiat currency, offers the exchange service
PrimeXBT Trading Platform Review
25 May 2020   
There are lots of trading platforms nowadays, trying to attract and retain users with different features. Bitnewstoday studied one of such platforms — PrimeXBT
Revolut-ish: Killer Features of the Most Competitive Neobanks You Might Not Know
27 March 2020   
Neobanks — these new players in the banking landscape — now have more than 3.5 million active accounts, having increased this number at 75% in one year
Finovate Europe 2020: For the Better Customer Journey
19 February 2020   
Relocated from London possibly due to the Brexit reasons, the European stage of one of the most important world fintech events has gathered new and regular public in Berlin
Ten Digital Banks to Keep an Eye on in 2020
11 February 2020   
In the next few years, most of the financial institutions will enter 2.0 mode: banks will become available for money transactions around the clock from anywhere in the world
2019: Failures and Frustrations of the Digital Economy
18 December 2019   
Here we speak about events and trends of the outgoing year that seem important to us because of the negative effect that they have had on the entire digital economy
2019: What good things happened for the digital economy?
10 December 2019   
The results will be reviewed later next year, when the performance indicators of various organizations will be packed in reports. Let’s look at the general trends. How will the past year be remembered?
Turning 2019 Crypto Losses into Tax Savings — A Complete Guide
13 November 2019   
One area of crypto tax that is often overlooked is that you can write off your losses and thus save money. This article will discuss this option that traders are taking advantage of
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