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2019: Failures and Frustrations of the Digital Economy
18 December 2019   
Here we speak about events and trends of the outgoing year that seem important to us because of the negative effect that they have had on the entire digital economy
2019: What good things happened for the digital economy?
10 December 2019   
The results will be reviewed later next year, when the performance indicators of various organizations will be packed in reports. Let’s look at the general trends. How will the past year be remembered?
Turning 2019 Crypto Losses into Tax Savings — A Complete Guide
13 November 2019   
One area of crypto tax that is often overlooked is that you can write off your losses and thus save money. This article will discuss this option that traders are taking advantage of
The Tale of SEC Regulating Telegram
17 October 2019   
The story of TON is happening live, in front of the whole world. It is full of obscure, contradictory, unsaid things, and every day brings a fresh batch of news and rumors
The Review of SEC Activity for 9 Months of 2019
10 October 2019   
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) plays a large role in the crypto market. Who fell out of favor with the SEC in 2019, as well as about the most high-profile statements — read the article
Neobanks have arrived — is the market trembling?
04 October 2019   
Neobank is a name for a company that provides services similar to traditional banking, but without the ordinary offices. They work only online via a special application
How Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies are Disrupting the Online Gambling Industry
01 October 2019   
Despite the fact that there are some barriers faced by casino platforms with regard to bitcoin adoption, the developments over the past few years show a lot of promise
Proof-of-Robbery: 6 Examples Why Crypto is Sometimes Dangerous To Deal With
19 September 2019   
Despite being innovation and disruptive financial instrument, cryptocurrency still has its downsides, which is also being attractive to the criminal world
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