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Crypto Donations to Political Parties in Japan Will Not Be Subject to Regulation
09 October 2019   
Crypto donations to political parties have been deemed completely legal without having to adhere to any type of regulations
Japan: FSA Is Not Going to Stomp On The Crypto Business
23 August 2018   
FSA chief noted that the FSA was trying to achieve a “Golden mean” between the consumer protection and the support for technological innovation.
Japanese Exchanges In Total Lost $1 Billion. FSA Carried Out An Inspection
15 August 2018   
On Japanese exchanges, a small number of executives and employees control most of the capital. The regulator ordered the exchanges to understand the situation, as well as to create a system of effective internal control and security management
Japan: FSA Declares War On Crypto Speculators
09 August 2018   
The rise in the value of cryptocurrency has led to a sharp increase in speculative investments. The financial regulator comes into play.
Japanese Finance Minister expresses views on cryptocurrency trading taxation
26 June 2018   
This material describes the situation with cryptocurrency trading taxation in Japan right now and what can happen soon thanks to the Finance Minister. The regulatory environment is also outlined
Press: Japanese village to hold its own ICO
18 June 2018   
Learn what region of Japan wants to have its own initial coin offering, why it needs it and who confirms this information (also why ICO announcements sometimes need verification)
MoneX leader on crypto exchange regulation and Coincheck acquisition
24 April 2018   
See the newest opinion of the Japanese classic exchange platform leader about the regulation of the crypto sphere in Japan - and what other exchanges’ leaders might have to say about his claims
Japanese authorities temporarily close Eternal Link and FSHO
09 April 2018   
The post-Coincheck scrutiny continues. In this material, you can find out the most often complaint of the Japanese authorities to digital currency exchanges and see its primary reason
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