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Artificial Intelligence

AI Can Be Pleased With the Performance in 2019
30 December 2019   
This article is devoted to significant events and trends in the artificial intelligence field that took place this year
Italian Lombardy is Leading in AI Development in the EU
25 December 2019   
Lombardy has not been chosen for financing by chance: the region was able to spend European funds as efficiently as possible on the promotion and implementation of projects agreed with the EU
The First “Smart” Wine Label Presented in Italy
26 November 2019   
It creates an interactive communication between producer and consumer and works as a virtual assistant activated by a QR code
Evolution of Small Intelligence using AI and UX
26 November 2019   
Because of quick development in AI and AI innovation, organizations have unusual new methods for conveying a superior UX
Artificial Intelligence To Select Virtuoso Football Players
22 November 2019   
The Italian professional football industry has launched an experiment to select promising young football players using artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence To Increase GDP in Italy By 13% By 2030
31 October 2019   
According to experts, the talks are about the upcoming fourth industrial revolution — the revolution of data, knowledge and intelligence
Bots: Humans VS Machines
15 October 2019   
Companies need reliable communication with their users. In the modern world, automated systems are increasingly used for this purpose. This article provides a look at the origins, progress, and prospects of such systems
AI in 2019: 7 Trends Every Business Must Focus On
26 September 2019   
While companies are adopting AI to push growth, this is high time for all of them to take a comprehensive look at the unfolding trends in the world of AI
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