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Artificial Intelligence

7 Smartest Artificial Intelligence Apps For iOS And Android
13 September 2019   
Two major smartphone platforms, iOS, and Android now include smart apps that are driven by AI (Artificial Intelligence). This will provide a high level of comfort and convenience to the users
Self-driving Machines — Is It A Service Already?
29 August 2019   
Car manufacturers, research institutes and development teams are trying to get people off the wheel, giving control to dispassionate automatic systems
How Artificial Intelligence Can Help IoT in 2020
15 July 2019   
AI and IoT are going to have massive impacts on the future on behaviours, structures, and transactions. Manan Ghadawala describes which industries and sectors to take the most
Credit Scoring: Traditions vs New Technologies
01 July 2019   
Nowadays, an assessment is often put by a computerized artificial intelligence system. The final decision concerning the loan application is also made by the machine in many cases
How Artificial Intelligence Will Enhance Customer Service
24 June 2019   
With the help of an app development company, smaller companies can scale up and larger companies can remain profitable
Trading Bots are Running Wild on Crypto Exchanges
24 June 2019   
Since the start of crypto dealing, the bots have existed to make things stress-free for people who are new in business or have other matters to handle while they invest in crypto
A Lack Of Artificial Intelligence Managers Threatens Italy
24 May 2019   
The problem is about the absence of institutions for educating this kind of specialists, as well as the absence of a general concept that allows solving the training problem
Robots To Blame: 3 Mln Workers Are Under Threat In Italy
14 May 2019   
The robots and artificial intelligence are infesting the labour market and they will displace unskilled or low-skilled workers with a low level of education
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