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Artificial Intelligence

Hacking Human 101: Pros And Cons of Transhumanism
06 December 2018    |    5334
Transhumanism is about creating the best experiences for humanity by merging with technology more closely. People often the way the human race can become better by integrating with technologies. However, this is a significantly controversial topic with many barriers that are yet to be fully explored.
How Self-driving Vehicles To Save Annually $488 Bln in US
05 December 2018    |    3762
How the FOMO effect will give the early disruptors a good opportunity to push the giants like Mercedes, BMW and Ford, out of the market. And why GM is shutting down its existing production plants in the North America and invest $1.1 billion in robo-taxi
Will AI Disrupt The Duties Of Your Doctor And Why It Might Create A Better Healthcare Industry
05 December 2018    |    4638
The medical and healthcare industries are subject to rapid change in AI and machine learning technologies. Will they somehow affect the duties of your doctor and in what way?
Maltese State Will Explore The Possibility To Create A Citizenship Test For Robots
07 November 2018    |    3807
Results of the Malta Blockchain Summit - the largest event of the year in the crypto industry
AI-Drones: The Governments Try To Reduce Casualties Just For Good PR
31 October 2018    |    4364
The world budget for UAV purchase calculated until 2020 amounts to $6.5. What countries are developing autonomous unmanned AI weaponry? And what threat does it pose to humanity?
Global Military AI Development: Not Top But Secret
25 September 2018    |    4808
Experts promise the launch of AWS by 2023. US will allocate $9.6 billion for the drones development in 2019. The automated gun emplacements ask intruders for capitulation in Korea.
Will AI Cure The Trading of Speculations and Create The New Financial Crisis
19 September 2018    |    4599
Neural networks are used to detect the scam. AI will take control over the trading and replace the traders in 20 years, and the crypto market will burst like a soap bubble.
Neural Networks In Trading: Goldman Sachs Has Fired 99% of Traders Replacing Them With Robots
18 September 2018    |    8566
Exchanges release neural networks at the market that make perfect forecasts without specialists. The experts predict a self-supporting AI that will replace all traders in 20 years.
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