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Data security

How Сhanges In Messaging Principles Disrupt The Security Of Enterprises
19 March 2019   
Methods of distance communication have changed significantly. Free messengers are becoming more and more common, but they threaten the security of corporate data exchange
Two Reports Claim The Cybersecurity Threats Were Growing During The Last Year
05 February 2019   
Cybersecurity remains an actual problem in the field of digital economy. By the end of January, two companies almost simultaneously reported on cyber crimes in 2018
IoT Vulnerabilities Cost More Than $500,000 Per Month. How To Protect Devices?
19 December 2018   
8% of companies lose $5 million per month from cyber attacks. The number of IoT devices is expected to increase to 50 billion by 2020. What are the main cybersecurity threats currently?
Blockchain As Digital Evidence in Court. The Power of Giants Ernst & Young and Microsoft
12 November 2018   
Damage from trade secrets theft is $600 billion, pirated software gets $225 billion in the US per year. Blockchain becomes an evidence for intellectual property protection in court
New Food Monopoly or Why Walmart and Carrefour Connect To The Blockchain
19 October 2018   
Food retail giants decided to change the supply chain, which is outdated since the end of the 19th century. IBM Food Trust platform will make delivery tracking possible in 2.2 sec.
Nation-state cyberwarfare and why a lot of hackers is good
12 October 2018   
Over the past year, hackers have attacked the five largest digital exchanges. On CyberCrimeCon 2018 experts said why this is happening and how to handle it.
Doom'n'Gloom: What Threats Are Too Much For Informational Security
11 October 2018   
The digital economy is a direct byproduct of technological progress. And its protection and constant vigilance, when it comes to, is crucial for its survival and further development.
Big Pharma: Blockchain To Move The Big Guys With Big Prices
11 October 2018   
The blockchain evangelists recommend a shift of the healthcare to DLT until multinational corporations did not take the whole market into their own hands. The doctors will be completely replaced by the diagnostic AI machines in 50 years.
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