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Ku Coin Security Incident Prompts Radical Change: How Crypterium Protects Its Assets Through Smart Contract Swap
26 October 2020   
The platform is about to take a radical step – from November onwards, all CRPT tokens in public use will be swapped from existing smart contract to the new one
A Hack To Remember: 150 Million USD In Losses. Will KuCoin Handle It?
05 October 2020   
Investigators claim they tracked the hacker behind the attack on one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, all while the emergency security measures are being taken all around the world
The US Sanctions Targeted Crypto Addresses of Russian hackers
16 September 2020   
Russians are accused of interfering in the US presidential elections. The addresses attributed to the organization in the Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash and Ethereum blockchains fell under financial sanctions
Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges That Do Not Require KYC
09 September 2020   
The European Union AMLD5, adopted in January of this year, actually obliged cryptocurrency exchanges operating in the EU countries to introduce a mandatory KYC
Why Antivirus Alone Isn’t Enough To Protect Your Crypto Wallet In 2020
04 September 2020   
With a greater number of increasingly sophisticated threats on the loose, the days when an antivirus was enough to protect you online are long gone
Is it Possible to Cheat the Face Recognition System: Meet the Expert
14 July 2020   
Neural network algorithms are developing at such a speed that they can often recognize people more effectively than the human eye. Expert Yuri Godina talks about the most common “bypass techniques”
Crypto Valley Association’s Cybersecurity Group Unveils New Guidelines for Protecting Digital Assets
07 July 2020   
The CVA, the leading global cryptocurrency and blockchain technology ecosystem, has announced the publication of its Trusted Key Ceremony Guidelines
The Importance of UI for the Safe Management of Crypto Transactions
15 June 2020   
Users must know different types of possible security vulnerabilities that may happen to a website or an application
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