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IoT and 5G: Is the Smartness of Smart Cities Being Compromised?
20 December 2019   
With advantages also come disadvantages, risks involved with 5G and the vast connectivity network of IoT are immense. Cyber-attacks can become a matter of life and death
Kaspersky Discloses Data About Crypto Cybersecurity in 2019
18 December 2019   
According to the company, the number of attacks in 2019 rose by nearly 14%, but the “attack share” of crypto-mining attacks has fallen drastically
Mastercard: Zero Cash Transactions is the Goal
20 November 2019   
President of International Markets for Mastercard has announced the company’s global goals — nullifying cash transactions and a full guarantee of the plastic cards’ safety
Hot October: Ransomware Attacks
18 November 2019   
In terms of malware activity, some compare this year with 2017, when the infamous WannaCry raged. October 2019 met these expectations
5 Ways to Avoid the Menace of Cryptocurrency Mobile Fraud
18 November 2019   
If you are new to crypto, you will likely find the whole process confusing. This confusion, coupled with light regulation makes cryptocurrencies an ideal target for fraudsters
Summary of 2019: Personal Data Continues to Leak
22 October 2019   
Global data leaks are increasingly occurring; the amount of information flowing away to intruders or simply becoming accessible to anyone is growing
Authentication: a Compromise Between Price and Security
17 September 2019   
In a previous article we talked about the processes that occur in computer systems when a user connects. Today we will focus on the user authentication process
Authentication: The Door To The Digital World
09 September 2019   
Identification, authentication, authorization, verification — all these terms are associated with connecting person to digital services. Where they come from and what do they mean?
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