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Data security

Crypto Valley Association’s Cybersecurity Group Unveils New Guidelines for Protecting Digital Assets
07 July 2020   
The CVA, the leading global cryptocurrency and blockchain technology ecosystem, has announced the publication of its Trusted Key Ceremony Guidelines
The Importance of UI for the Safe Management of Crypto Transactions
15 June 2020   
Users must know different types of possible security vulnerabilities that may happen to a website or an application
How to Secure Your E-Commerce Website?
29 May 2020   
Website security and safety is the most important way to uphold the users’ trust. Here are the top 7 factors you should consider to secure your e-commerce site
The Best Practices in Outsourcing Software Development
26 May 2020   
What drives globalization nowadays are business objectives. Nonetheless, the reported number of breaches in data security becomes a major issue for businesses
Private Security in the Digital World. How to Behave in the Era of Social Media
23 March 2020   
The rules of social platforms are obscure and mostly not obvious to users. That’s why platforms use the received information for their own benefit at full capacity
Private Security in the Digital World. How to Protect Yourself from Malicious Intents
20 March 2020   
This article reveals threats, and provides readers with a few simple ideas that could help them increase their level of personal security in the digital era
Investments in Information Security: It’s All about Budgets and Staff
06 March 2020   
What are the most effective ways of information protection in modern conditions? This question was answered by the panel discussion at the conference “Challenges of Digital Transformation”
Meet Pipka: A New and Threatening Website Skimmer
07 February 2020   
Payment card skimmers have digital versions. Instead of a physical appliance, they are malicious code that sits on a payment page of a website and harvests payment card information
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