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Data security

Authentication: The Door To The Digital World
09 September 2019   
Identification, authentication, authorization, verification — all these terms are associated with connecting person to digital services. Where they come from and what do they mean?
This Is The Security Software You Need To Keep Your Bitcoin Safe
06 September 2019   
What can you do to keep your own bitcoin safe? This is the security software you need on all your devices
Mozilla Firefox Will Start Blocking Crypto Miners By Default
06 September 2019   
The crypto-miner blocker will become a default setting for all Mozilla Firefox users as only a small percentage used the added extensions in the past
Online Payments: Threats and Prevention
27 August 2019   
Online purchases have been happening since the internet has been publicly available. Reputable online vendors follow three strict rules to ensure the safety of their customers
3 Ways Insurance Technology Endangers Your Privacy
16 April 2019   
With easy access to data that’s way more individualized and detailed than ever, insurtech raises concerns about privacy and data security
VPNs Boost Crypto Security Significantly
08 April 2019   
An increasing number of traders prefer to remain anonymous during their dealings – something which can rarely be achieved fully without making use of a crypto-specific VPN
How Сhanges In Messaging Principles Disrupt The Security Of Enterprises
19 March 2019   
Methods of distance communication have changed significantly. Free messengers are becoming more and more common, but they threaten the security of corporate data exchange
Two Reports Claim The Cybersecurity Threats Were Growing During The Last Year
05 February 2019   
Cybersecurity remains an actual problem in the field of digital economy. By the end of January, two companies almost simultaneously reported on cyber crimes in 2018
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