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Over 1000 Crypto Farms Brought Down by the Iranian Government
07 September 2020   
With the US atomic sanctions program hitting Iran economically, Iranians frequently talk about the topic of how wealth can safely be stored
2020: US-Iran Tensions Spark Off Interest In Bitcoin
28 January 2020   
The new year opened with a renewed interest in Bitcoin. As tensions between the United States and Iran continued to escalate in January 2020, the value of Bitcoin kept on growing
Iran: Cryptocurrencies Will Not Be Recognized As Legal Tender
07 August 2019   
A new law has been issued by the Iranian government on August 4th that does not recognize cryptocurrencies as legal tender when it comes to payments or trading
Iran: Сan Heir Of The Persian Throne Take Over The Islamic World With The Help Of digital currency?
17 December 2018   
Iran is the nearest to creating the national cryptocurrency. Rank imposes obligations: the country has been under sanctions for a long time but is it only the country that is promoting the crypto-project?