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Сryptocurrency In Europe Is Promoted By Funds
30 August 2019   
A variety of financial instruments tied to the cryptocurrency is growing in Europe, while the US SEC continues to delay the decision on them
Smart Strategies For Trading In Bitcoin
04 July 2019   
Just like any other currency, you can trade bitcoin in the market, and there are many strategies for this. Here, smart strategies for trading bitcoin will be discussed to enlighten you
Binance Leadership Is Under Question
17 December 2018   
Being the largest exchange in terms of the trade volume, Binance has recently faced tough competition. What are the reasons and what are the tools to determine an actual leader
Switzerland Approves ETP: Why Nobody Cares
22 November 2018   
The first crypto ETP received an approval but Bitcoin did not even notice it. What is the difference between ETP and ETF and why there is no reaction on the market?
Tether: Should You Buy 97 Cents For a Dollar
18 October 2018   
Tether has become a hot topic in media since its first day. This time it’s the newsbreak due to its main advantage - 1:1 dollar peg. What conclusions can be made out of that?
Bithumb DEX: Just A Marketing Ploy For The Regulators
17 October 2018   
The largest South Korean digital exchange Bithumb has created a decentralized platform. Will the new format help to avoid hacking and will the exchange actually be decentralized?
The Irony Of The Crypto Industry: Banks Turned Out To Be More Decentralized Than Crypto Exchanges
16 October 2018   
In this year alone hackers stole $927 mln from crypto exchanges. Why fraudsters tend to choose exchanges as their target and what are the tools and methods of dealing with them.
Exchange Transparency SWOT-Analysis: Consider It Before You Deposit
09 October 2018   
Cryptocurrency exchanges have faced hacks, scams, corporate shutdowns, due to one huge underlying problem in the industry: transparency. Let’s look at the issue from different angles, though.
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