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Singapore Cryptocurrency Regulations Fuelling Online Gambling In Malaysia
02 October 2020   
For Singaporeans, cryptocurrency has long been a gateway to something which cannot be accessed if not approached anonymously
Singapore Makes More Steps to Become a Crypto Haven and Blockchain Hub
07 May 2020   
Singapore, a financial center of the world is recently known as one of the ‘Crypto Havens’ because of its balanced regulatory and legal regimes as defined by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MSA)
Singapore vs Malta: Battle for The Crypto Market Dominance
13 November 2018   
Singapore is known for its wildly progressive views on technology. The country has already formed a large and developed FINTECH scene. However, the question is: is there room for one more player?
Monetary Authority of Singapore: yes, we allow crypto business and no, it can’t violate laws on securities and futures
25 May 2018   
The Monetary Authority of Singapore has issued a reminder to investors, ICO issuers and cryptocurrency exchanges. See what they think about crypto operations in this new material
Singapore Bitcoin robbery: $278,000 lost by investor
16 April 2018   
In this new report, one can read about the main difference between this case and other Bitcoin robbery cases, while also finding out more about the cryptocurrency legislation in Singapore
European Central Bank: cryptocurrency regulation is not our top priority
07 February 2018   
The European Central Bank (ECB) does not view Bitcoin and other digital currencies as the problem that needs immediate solution, tells chief supervisor Daniele Nouy. The private banks clearly think otherwise, as witnessed by the recent news on Lloyds and JPMorgan Chase
Singapore’s Deputy PM: no compelling reason to ban Bitcoin
06 February 2018   
Due to the regulative actions in the neighboring China, Singapore decided to clarify its position, although by some older statements one could already deduce that this small state is not going to prosecute Bitcoin-related activities
Monetary Authority of Singapore: Bitcoin’s fall won’t provoke new 2008
29 January 2018   
The central bank of one of the most developed financial hubs in Southeast Asia tells that his organization would interfere with the market when it’s needed, and implies it is easy to analyze it due to its size
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