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Jurisdictions That Attracted Investors In 2018: Will They Retain Leadership?
14 January 2019    |    4008
The statesmen seemed to wake up after long oblivion and entered the industry regulation race. We are summing up the achievements of the previous period
33 Exahash In December, 105 Blocks Away From The New Level: Mining Destiny
20 December 2018    |    3909
The hashrate of bitcoin network fell more than 30% compared to August 2018. And only 105 blocks away from the new difficulty. Will mining survive the crypto winter and what to expect after reward halving - all about this in an interview with California miner
15 Central Banks Want To Get Into Crypto But FATF Won’t Let Them
20 December 2018    |    4958
FATF’s work will strengthen the crypto-market, the IT and the blockchain security expert Martin YANDA believes
Chaotic Volatility: Unpredictable Trends Of 2019 - To The Moon or Not?
19 December 2018    |    5606
If there any prerequisites telling about the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in 2019? Why mining is not going to die despite of significant loses of giants? And what may kill the cryptocurrencies? All about this you can find in the interview with director of the Australian crypto managed fund
Healthcare Market Earns $3.8 Bln by 2020 On VR And Teleoperations
19 December 2018    |    4145
3D simulations train clinicians and help in treating phobias. What’s happening in the teleoperation market and what step is needed to gain the real breakthrough in surgery thanks to AR tech?
Small Robots And Big Money: What’s The Basis of $98 Bln Future Healthcare
18 December 2018    |    3985
Surgical robotics market will reach $98 billion by 2024. What are the current R&D trends and what robots are in a great demand in the healthcare? Why is the AI still not to be trusted in cancer detecting? And what are origami robots that are injected into the human body? About current trends in bioengineering - an interview with an expert of Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
WEX Cryptocurrency Exchange — What’s New On The Horizon
15 December 2018    |    6227
BTC-e and WEX cryptocurrency exchanges are notoriously known for the fraud scandals. What is the background of their story and would there be some bright future for WEX?
Mind Games And The Crypto Market: Psychology As 50% Of The Market Driver
10 December 2018    |    3743
The consultant of institutional hedge funds shares his views on reasons for the bear market
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