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Witnessing the digital breakthrough


Eastern European blockchain projects you should monitor in 2019-2020
08 July 2019   
The region is one of the main centers of global IT industry, thanks to a high-quality workforce and technical education, as well as scientific school and engineering traditions
TOP-5 Forecasts on Libra Impact on Decentralised Finance (DeFi) Industry
02 July 2019   
At least until today, the Facebook announcement to launch their own cryptocurrency is the most discussed event in the crypto community in 2019. How will it impact the industry?
Bitcoin Tested $13,000. Retrospective And Forecasts
27 June 2019   
According to CoinMarketCap, in the week from June 21 to June 27, the growth of BTC capitalization was more than 37%, and its share of the total cryptocurrency market reached 62%
Web 3.0: A Long Way to Go
26 June 2019   
This article describes the platforms that have become the basis of existing and developing services of the decentralized Internet
Time To Future-Proof Yourself with Automation, AI and Machine Learning
11 June 2019   
From a business perspective, integrating these technologies is no more a passing fad; it has become a norm. Let us have a look at what these tech jargons actually mean
Regtech And Suptech: Laws Are New Gold
17 May 2019   
The application of IT in finance became possible due to fintech. Regtech and suptech are even more specialized IT areas in the area of monitoring of compliance with laws and regulations
Cisco: 10% of Global GDP Will Be Stored In Blockchains By 2027
10 May 2019   
The International technology conglomerate has published a report on the development of the blockchain technology and on how it is transforming the business, and the future of the industry
Does Great Britain Risk Becoming Completely Cashless?
25 April 2019   
In London, there is a dominance of high-tech banks that crowd traditional financial institutions out. The UK became the European avant-garde in the field of electronic payments
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