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Witnessing the digital breakthrough


Regtech And Suptech: Laws Are New Gold
17 May 2019   
The application of IT in finance became possible due to fintech. Regtech and suptech are even more specialized IT areas in the area of monitoring of compliance with laws and regulations
Cisco: 10% of Global GDP Will Be Stored In Blockchains By 2027
10 May 2019   
The International technology conglomerate has published a report on the development of the blockchain technology and on how it is transforming the business, and the future of the industry
Does Great Britain Risk Becoming Completely Cashless?
25 April 2019   
In London, there is a dominance of high-tech banks that crowd traditional financial institutions out. The UK became the European avant-garde in the field of electronic payments
Study: The Opportunities For InsurTech In The Next Five Years
29 March 2019   
In 2018, InsurTech was one of the most rapidly developing segments of the digital economy. The new large-scale report predicts the future of the industry
The Era After ICOs: How Does The Future Of STOs Look Like
26 February 2019   
Few remnant ICOs struggling to raise funds nowadays, and it is quite clear that the future lies within the Security Token Offerings (STO), according to Richard Shibi
Flippening 2.0: Private funding to take over ICO sales?
20 February 2019   
Flippening 2.0 is likely a market trend that could witness ICOs becoming less accessible to the public and more exclusive towards high-net-worth individuals and institutions
Can Gaming Become A Stable Bitcoin Spending Market?
28 January 2019   
There’s a reasonable chance that bitcoin needs to prove some real-world utility in order to become investable. The search for that real world utility is ongoing
Stablecoins Are Named Among The Most Promising Trends Of 2019. Is That True?
23 January 2019   
The stability in times of high volatility is called the main advantage which stablecoins obtain. But what are the negative sides of these projects?
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