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Ripple’s Top Managers Voiced Their Expectations from the Crypto Market in 2020
23 December 2019   
CEO Brad Garlinghouse, as well as several leading company managers, shared their ideas on what will happen in the coming year with the cryptocurrency market
Report from the Future: What Will Happen in the Tech World in 2020?
23 December 2019   
BNT analyzed the plans of high-tech companies, listened to the rumors and opinions of experts and decided to present the events you should definitely pay attention to next year
How Halving Can Affect the Bitcoin Price
09 December 2019   
Although the first crypto is almost 90% more expensive than a year ago, market players do not believe that this is the limit of the price growth which is planned due to the halving
Deutsche Bank Strategist: Cryptos to Become the Main Financial Agents by 2030
06 December 2019   
According to research called “Imagine 2030”, which is a publication from the Deutsche Bank, the world is already moving towards cryptocurrencies at a faster and more accelerated rate
Could Google’s ‘Quantum Supremacy’ Break Cryptocurrency?
25 November 2019   
Google announced that “quantum supremacy’ has arrived, shifting the world in a new direction in which quantum computers are inching closer to overtaking traditional computers
Global Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Market is Anticipated to Grow $1.6 Bln by 2025
20 November 2019   
The Global Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Market size is expected to reach USD 1.6 billion by 2025, progressing at a CAGR 65.0% over the period, according to a research study
Hot Markets for the Coming Year 2020
19 November 2019   
Amidst the digital developments, there are industries which will be in highlights in the upcoming year. It is possible to find stocks that offer a high probability for substantial profit
What Could Happen to Smaller Crypto Exchanges in the Future?
20 September 2019   
Looking at how most traders tend to go for short term gains, it’s only natural to see the trading volumes be concentrated on large exchanges offering “exotic” crypto pairs
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