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Bitcoin ETF: Will SEC Concede By The End of 2019?
10 September 2019   
The crypto community is looking forward to the U.S. regulator giving green light to the Bitcoin ETF launch. Learn how the adoption of a new tool will affect Bitcoin in general
One More Time About Libra: Future Money or Another Unsuccessful Project?
13 August 2019   
Libra is the most popular crypto project in recent months. Bitnewstoday has collected some information about it and spoke to several experts asking if they believe in its success
What Will Happen to Cryptocurrencies After the G20 Summit
09 August 2019   
A month ago, the G20 met in Osaka to discuss a number of issues, including cryptocurrency regulation. Bitnewstoday uncovers what has changed for the crypto community since the summit
What Does The IMF’s Report On Digital Money Really Mean?
24 July 2019   
The great authorities of the world are getting more serious about the potential of the digital economy year by year, month by month. The criticism is here but is getting weaker
Eastern European blockchain projects you should monitor in 2019-2020
08 July 2019   
The region is one of the main centers of global IT industry, thanks to a high-quality workforce and technical education, as well as scientific school and engineering traditions
TOP-5 Forecasts on Libra Impact on Decentralised Finance (DeFi) Industry
02 July 2019   
At least until today, the Facebook announcement to launch their own cryptocurrency is the most discussed event in the crypto community in 2019. How will it impact the industry?
Bitcoin Tested $13,000. Retrospective And Forecasts
27 June 2019   
According to CoinMarketCap, in the week from June 21 to June 27, the growth of BTC capitalization was more than 37%, and its share of the total cryptocurrency market reached 62%
Web 3.0: A Long Way to Go
26 June 2019   
This article describes the platforms that have become the basis of existing and developing services of the decentralized Internet
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