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Global Mobile Wallet Market to Reach US$ 350 Billion by 2026
15 December 2020   
Mobile wallet market value is on a growth trajectory as countries move to a less cash-dependent state, while the foray made by technology companies in the fintech sector has brought a shift in the digital payment landscape
Quantifying PayPal’s Impact on Bitcoin Demand
25 November 2020   
PayPal’s user base could generate demand for over 15% of Bitcoin’s current market cap over the next 12 months
New Report From PwC Predicts Global Economic Growth Of $1.7 Trln Due to Blockchain
13 October 2020   
Through the use of blockchain, the global economy can grow by $1.7 trln by 2030
PayPal: A New Hope for the Crypto Community?
10 August 2020   
PayPal has become another IT giant to join the crypto industry. What the company is now, and how the new PayPal service will affect the crypto community — read in the Bitnewstoday review
Ethereum and the Gartner Hype Cycle
20 May 2020   
The Hype Cycle is not a new phenomenon — and Anthony Bertolino describes how Ethereum passes through it and where is it currently
BTC Price Forecasts: Will the Correction Lower Bitcoin to $1200?
15 April 2020   
Since 2012, Bitcoin has been experiencing an exceptionally bullish trend, even despite the fact that the price of Bitcoin for that trend managed to collapse three times
Bitcoin Cash Halving Giving a Clue About the Future of Bitcoin
14 April 2020   
BCash now is the fifth largest digital currency by the size of market cap. BCash recently went through a halving after which rewards dropped from 12.5 to 6.25 coins
From Unicorns to Octopuses. The PwC Report Signals About New Trends
07 April 2020   
PwC published a report on mergers & acquisitions and fundraising in the crypto industry. The total number of transactions decreased, the volume of financing followed as well
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