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Mandatory Notification of Cryptocurrency Transactions Introduced in Italy
18 September 2019   
This measure recommends paying maximum attention to the alleged anomalous creation of reserves used in the purchase of virtual assets
Italian Citizens are Required to Include Cryptocurrency Transactions in Their Tax Declarations
28 August 2019   
By an act of April 10, 2019, an obligation for individuals to reflect cryptocurrency transactions in the tax return has been introduced. The Italian Revenue Agency has issued an instruction
Avant-garde Fintech And Traditional Banks in Italy: War or Truce?
16 April 2019   
Last year became a period of unprecedented rise for one of the leaders in the fintech sphere - Satispay. Banks felt threatened and responded immediately
Investigating Black Fintech: Regulators' Verdict
06 September 2018   
Regulation of the crypto market is a highly complicated topic, where every step should be thought over - one wrong move will make everything worse
Italian Notarchain: Too Many Problems, Too Few Solutions
21 August 2018   
It is due to the complexities and limitations that smart contracts in the notary sphere cause not only lively and genuine interest but also a fair share of skepticism
Fintech Is Obviously Affecting The Economy Of Italy. CONSOB Is Taking The Industry Under Control
14 August 2018   
According to Paolo CIOCCA, an important step in the practical application of Fintech is its use in the logistics chain and the associated financial network. Less noticeable, but more important in terms of impact on the economy, are Big Data and artificial intelligence
CONSOB Banned 23 Financial Operators In Italy
13 August 2018   
CONSOB activities have been of a notification nature, limited to warning investors of illegal financial activities, but since 2018 its rights have been significantly expanded, also acquiring a repressive nature, up to a mandatory order to terminate the activities of unscrupulous financial operators.
Italy: blockchain and fintech included in the program of the coalition government contract
31 May 2018   
What variants of reshuffle in the Italian government will open up opportunities for the advent of the national cryptocurrency and are there any obstacles? You can learn the answer from this article on our portal
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