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Guest posts

How Crypto Lets Us Monetize Our Most Valuable Assets: Data and Time
25 October 2019   
Public discourse around the idea of data privacy and control of data is gaining momentum following cases of repeated hacks and exposures of vast initiatives to harvest user data
How Consumer Benefits are Helping to Drive the Digital Banking Revolution
24 October 2019   
The emerging digital banking sector is on a winning streak this year, with some big tech startups securing massive funding rounds from large-scale investors. What are the reasons?
Will Bitcoin Be Replaced?
08 October 2019   
Throughout the history of the development of cryptocurrencies, attempts to create a “Bitcoin killer” have not stopped. Is it possible that Bitcoin will give way to young in at all?
Different Types of Online Slots
01 October 2019   
Slot machines have come a long way since the introduction of the original slot around 1894. Initially players won drinks or cigars available over the bars of the saloon
Ultimate Blockchain Solutions for Ecommerce Startups
30 September 2019   
The technology has the potential to make eCommerce easier and safer by introducing cost reductions in payments, eliminating inefficiencies in the supply chain, reducing fraud, etc
ASICs vs GPUs: Understanding The Great Crypto Mining Debate
10 September 2019   
Miners have two categories of tools at their disposal. Here’s what you need to know about why ASIC and GPU miners clash so severely
Are Crypto Taxes A Detriment To Cryptocurrency Adoption Or Are They A Part Of It?
28 August 2019   
Reports have been piling in from all across the globe about governments demanding customers transaction information to calculate due tax on the crypto capital gain
Why Are Investors Seeking Out Digitized Bullion on the Blockchain?
26 August 2019   
The problem, or rather the challenge is how to own blockchain-based cryptocurrency that maintains real value, possibly even appreciates based on fundamental elements
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