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The Future of Transaction: Going Contactless
17 March 2020   
Contactless payment is defined as a secure method for consumers to make transactions by using a debit, credit, or smartcard — also known as a chip card that uses RFID or NFC
Top 5 On-Demand Mobile App Ideas For Startups In 2020
13 March 2020   
On-demand apps play an important role in the user's life. Here are the unique on-demand mobile app ideas for your startup that will generate great revenue.
Why Online Casinos Have Embraced Cryptocurrency
13 March 2020   
With reports showing that more than $1 trillion of cryptocurrency transactions were carried out in 2019, it is no surprise some major industries are getting in on the act
Why Betting on Gold-backed Stablecoin Is a Losing Game
21 February 2020   
Gold has been regarded as an eternal value since times immemorial, but the last century has brought more changes within the existing monetary system than all previous millenniums
The Face Of Entrepreneurship In 2020: Interview With Josip Heit
29 January 2020   
Today, we have the serial entrepreneur and businessman Josip Heit with us. Heit will be sharing his thoughts on the future prospects of entrepreneurship with us, especially further down this new year
8 Essential Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2020
29 January 2020   
Although there are multiple cryptocurrencies to invest in the upcoming years, here you will find the most significant out of them in the article by Amanda Jerelyn
Your Insider Track to Global Business Success
23 January 2020   
Technology and digital connectivity have made it easier for any business to get involved in the global market. Here are some tips to make it successful
Why Every Site Should Offer Crypto as Form of Payment
21 January 2020   
Not sure why the introduction of crypto payment is good for business? Get elaborate reasons why sites should widen their payment options and introduce crypto payments
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