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Guest posts

ASICs vs GPUs: Understanding The Great Crypto Mining Debate
10 September 2019   
Miners have two categories of tools at their disposal. Here’s what you need to know about why ASIC and GPU miners clash so severely
Are Crypto Taxes A Detriment To Cryptocurrency Adoption Or Are They A Part Of It?
28 August 2019   
Reports have been piling in from all across the globe about governments demanding customers transaction information to calculate due tax on the crypto capital gain
Why Are Investors Seeking Out Digitized Bullion on the Blockchain?
26 August 2019   
The problem, or rather the challenge is how to own blockchain-based cryptocurrency that maintains real value, possibly even appreciates based on fundamental elements
Why Corporates are Delinking Blockchain from Crypto World
23 August 2019   
With the blockchain getting connected to the theory behind the cryptographic money, corporates are progressively upbeat by delinking the innovation from the digital money
Importance of KYC/AML & Cryptocurrency Regulations in Crypto Exchanges
06 August 2019   
KYC and AML are on agenda again, since FATF has imposed some new rules on crypto. Akshara Singh is here to overview the importance of KYC/AML in the brave new world coming
UK Golf Courses Now Permitted to Accept Bitcoin
17 July 2019   
The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (R&A) has implemented a new ruling that states all UK golf courses must legally accept payment in the original cryptocurrency
The Impact of the Libra Announcement on the Crypto Space
12 July 2019   
Almost four weeks after the Libra announcement the buzz has died down and a more rational assessment can be made. Giuseppe Gori expresses his stance on the project of Facebook
Decentralised Finance As a New Financial Sector
20 June 2019   
Learn the definition of decentralised finance, how the decentralised finance sector differs from the traditional finance sector and what are use-case of decentralised finance
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