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Guest posts

UK Golf Courses Now Permitted to Accept Bitcoin
17 July 2019   
The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (R&A) has implemented a new ruling that states all UK golf courses must legally accept payment in the original cryptocurrency
The Impact of the Libra Announcement on the Crypto Space
12 July 2019   
Almost four weeks after the Libra announcement the buzz has died down and a more rational assessment can be made. Giuseppe Gori expresses his stance on the project of Facebook
Biggest Jackpot Wins in History
07 July 2019   
Although casino jackpots don’t usually offer sums of money that rival those of say, the lottery the figures can still be ludicrously high especially if they are part of a progressive
Decentralised Finance As a New Financial Sector
20 June 2019   
Learn the definition of decentralised finance, how the decentralised finance sector differs from the traditional finance sector and what are use-case of decentralised finance
Defining and Dealing with Digital Assets in Bankruptcy
18 June 2019   
There is continuing legal uncertainty concerning the approach towards cryptocurrency as an asset, however steps are being taken which will help form a consistent approach
Is It Worth Investing in Cryptocurrencies?
13 June 2019   
Put it simply, there is no such thing as a safe investment. But exchanging the cryptocurrencies does not have to be high-risk activity if you understand the marketplace
The Institutional Investor Interest in Bitcoin Is Increasing
04 June 2019   
The first time around that Bitcoin went through its massive growth in value is the time when the first large scale investors got interested in it as a useful tool for trading and as a good potential investment
Best Amazon FBA Training Class for Beginners When Starting a Business
21 May 2019   
The earning potential of Amazon FBA is very high, but it can be tricky to learn everything on your own. A training class can help you to get started on your road to success
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