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Guest posts

Four Industries That Blockchain Is To Disrupt In The First Place
19 March 2019   
Blockchain technology has the potential to be very disruptive. Let’s take a closer look at some of the industries that blockchain tech is or could impact
Common Mistakes Of Retail Crypto Investors And How To Avoid Them
14 March 2019   
The events of the past years in the crypto industry depicted the weaknesses of the retail investors, whose skills proved to fail. Learn the mistakes and don’t repeat them!
Data Science Uncovers the Spending Habits of Millennials in Eastern Europe
06 March 2019   
Eastern Europe has about 74 mln millennials. According to conservative estimates, they will spend over $27 bln in 2019. Nik Kumar presents the research of their spending habits
Using Blockchain To Clean Up A Murky Data Economy
26 February 2019   
Businesses, governments and other organisations have become evermore data driven. While oil fuelled the economic boom of the last century, so data will power this century
Decentralization Theory VS Decentralization Reality
19 February 2019   
Are cryptocurrencies truly decentralized as they are presented to the world? Hugo Jacques unveils some of the facts which seem to be obvious, but are discussed not so openly
3 Reasons To Delay Your Startup And How To Overcome The Slump
12 February 2019   
Carmen Campo devoted a lot of time to startups, and knows what crops up as the most common reasons for tarrying. She shares her vision on how to benefit from it
Why QuadrigaCX’s Cold Wallet Reserves Haven’t Been Identified Yet
11 February 2019   
QuadrigaCX went offline with $190M gone after the purported founder’s death; people have declared it to be an exit scam or fraud. Paul Sibenik investigates the case
Decentralization As The Next Step For Business Evolution
05 February 2019   
The new world of economy is made possible by the blockchain. There are several advantages of DAO you should consider to evolve your business
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