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Storing Crypto with Browser. Google Founder Takes Up Mining

13 July 2018  |   

The long-suffering Tezos project has entered the markets and immediately got into the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. However, it was just as the market was turning into bearish at the auctions so the project investors immediately started getting rid of their XTZ tokens, which they had been waiting to get for almost a year. Against this background, the price of the token began gradually declining and hasn’t recovered so far.

Nevertheless, the project management and some investors are still optimistic. Mariano Gadea, head of the Tezos delegation service CeiboXTZ, is confident that Tezos’ market cap would soon rival with the Ethereum's, although as this review was being prepared, the latter's cap was about 44 times higher. Tim Draper, who calls himself a "long-term holder" of the project's tokens, believes that the investors’ moods were badly affected by the long wait.

The Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who has long kept silent about cryptocurrency, has finally admitted he’s been mining Ethereum with his 10-year-old son. It’s not a way of enrichment for him, of course, but rather some kind of intellectual entertainment. These comments were made at a blockchain summit hosted by Sir Richard Branson on his own island.

However, Sergey Brin says his company joined the crypto-mining bandwagon too late and is now behind the pioneers of the industry.
"[Google] already failed to be on the bleeding edge," he said.

At the same time Sergey spoke positively about the potential of the blockchain technology in general, adding that the semi-secret Google research center is likely to be working on the study and use of the technology.
After two years of beta testing the Augur project has finally launched its predictions platform. So far the platform can only be used by the holders of Ethereum tokens. The decentralized application Augur has immediately beat the acclaimed Cryptokitties. However, the first prediction on the platform was erroneous. Its users predicted the England football team would go to the World Cup finals, and, as we already know, this didn’t happen. Perhaps, it’s because the platform is initially meant for predicting the outcome of any future MARKET processes, who knows? Anyway, the crypto community has long been waiting for such a service to appear. The next stage for the Augur project according its developers is reducing the commission and enabling publications of the users’ predictions.

Also this week, an ambitious China based project Ontology has launched its own network marking it with an airdrop for the holders of the NEO-crypto, which has Ontology among its partners. The ratio was one-tenth ONT token for one NEO token. The total amount of the digital currency that was "dropped" is forty million dollars. The platform is targeted at corporate clients and promises to help businesses in solving their efficiency and identification problems to make highly-loaded, fast and cheap transactions possible.

The decentralized crypto exchange Bancor have become infamous this week. Unknown hackers have gained access to the Bancor online wallet and skimmed off nearly twenty-five thousand ethereums and two hundred and twenty-nine million NPXS tokens. The total amount of the stolen funds was more than thirteen million dollars. The funds might be recovered if hackers try to sell them on one of the marketplaces cooperating with Bancor. The illicit outflow of another ten million dollars in cryptocurrency was prevented by the developers. They claim that the money was stolen from the exchange's reserves whereas the users' funds were not affected.

Finally, the Opera browser has officially launched the new software that has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. The browser is currently in its beta version only supporting Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens, as well as ERC-721 collectibles. One doesn’t have to create new passwords to use the wallet, which makes it maximally user-friendly. The software relies on the security of the Android system. The developers promise additional support for other cryptocurrencies after checking the users’ feedback to the innovation.
So, the week was rich in events, not all of them were positive, unfortunately. The cryptomarket was falling almost all the time, and only today we noticed a slight upward movement. So follow developments with BitnewsToday and have a great weekend!

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