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22.01.2018   |   3815
DASH spokesperson Amanda B. Johnson to Bitnewstoday: it pays to be nimble
Bitnewstoday has interviewed the spokesperson of one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. See why DASH is better than Monero, what new technologies await us and some useful market tips
16.01.2018   |   4922
What will happen when all bitcoins are mined?
In a new future outlook edition Bitnewstoday asked experts to make their forecasts on what will happen when the last bitcoin will be mined
09.01.2018   |   2697
Will blockchain kill banks? Or financial sector can use this technology to improve its efficiency?
Bitnewstoday asked the experts to make their forecasts of how blockchain and banks will coexist in the nearest future
Hervé Larren, Co-Founder, Global Crypto Ventures
27.12.2017   |   764
Global Crypto Ventures co-founder: "Fiat money production is more harmful for the planet than mining"
Is it still profitable to mine at home, what has changed in mining since the first block was created - Hervé Larren, co-founder of Global Crypto Ventures gives detailed answers
Investment expert Clem Chambers
11.12.2017   |   163
Investment expert Clem Chambers: “Which coins will dominate is down to a Darwinian process”
Forbes contributor tells Bitnewstoday about how cryptocurrency is similar to private money and tokens, on countries governance and the possible outcomes of the blockchain technology use
Pavel Bykov, Founder of the Affiliate Network Faunus and Stacy Ricci, Timlid Faunus Affiliate Network. Organizers and managers of Cryptoaffiliateconf
03.11.2017   |   139
The affiliate networks fall in love with crypto and blockchain
Bitnewstoday correspondent met the organizers and managers of the uncommon conference. She discovered the peculiarities of the event, which city can be called the crypto-capital of Europe, and the ways of earning million...
Kirill Nikolaev, Managing Partner NICA Multi Family Office
25.10.2017   |   117
ICO controversy: why do some projects raise millions per hour, while others get peanuts for months?
What are the risks faced by investors when they purchase tokens? Is it reasonable to make ICO for projects from the real sector of economy? ICO's effectiveness is still under question, however compliance with a set of sp...
Marco FORNERIS, Authoritative Italian IT expert
23.10.2017   |   68
“Programmable money”: utopia or reality?
Top Italian IT expert speaks on regulation of cryptoeconomy, bank involvement in blockchain technology design and large-scale banking strategy in the sphere of cryptoeconomy
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