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21 June 2018   |   192
Viber provides a secure environment for cryptocurrency communities support
Bitnewstoday got an exclusive interview with a representative of Viber — Nadav Melnick, Director of Growth North America. We talked about introduction of blockchain technology into modern messengers, scam protection and ...
24 April 2018   |   1443
Is there a need for new cryptocurrencies to be created?
Why are there so many cryptocurrencies? Do they all make a useful contribution to market and society? What’s the future of cryptocurrencies? Find it out in the article of Bitnewstoday
23 March 2018   |   1517
What determines the success and failure of the altcoin?
Andrew J. Hacker, founder & CEO of Thought Blockchain and cyber security expert in residence at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology gives an interview to Bitnewstoday and talks about the present and futur...
14 February 2018   |   437
Russian miners put in pledge 2-3 coins in the cryptolombard
A guest of Bitnewstoday is a founder of a microloans company which offers loans secured by the pledge of cryptocurrency. In the cryptolombard for one bitcoin is paid 50% of a price with real money, an interest rate is qu...
22 January 2018   |   6388
DASH spokesperson Amanda B. Johnson to Bitnewstoday: it pays to be nimble
Bitnewstoday has interviewed the spokesperson of one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. See why DASH is better than Monero, what new technologies await us and some useful market tips
16 January 2018   |   5982
What will happen when all bitcoins are mined?
In a new future outlook edition Bitnewstoday asked experts to make their forecasts on what will happen when the last bitcoin will be mined
09 January 2018   |   4073
Will blockchain kill banks? Or financial sector can use this technology to improve its efficiency?
Bitnewstoday asked the experts to make their forecasts of how blockchain and banks will coexist in the nearest future
27 December 2017   |   1161
Global Crypto Ventures co-founder: "Fiat money production is more harmful for the planet than mining"
Is it still profitable to mine at home, what has changed in mining since the first block was created - Hervé Larren, co-founder of Global Crypto Ventures gives detailed answers
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