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Chinese Regulators Issue Warning For Inner Mongolia Crypto Miners
16 September 2019   
The warning prescribes the elimination of mining, which is strictly regulated by law. Crypto mining is called a “pseudo-financial innovation” in the document
Important Things To Know About Bitcoin
16 September 2019   
As an investor, trader, or entrepreneur engaged in Bitcoin payments or trade, you must keep yourself updated when it comes to new developments involving this cryptocurrency
NBA Player Spencer Dinwiddie Signs Contract On Blockchain
16 September 2019   
According to sources, the basketball player signs a three-year extension of the contract for $ 34.36 mln with Brooklyn Nets and decided to convert his NBA contract into a digital investment
7 Smartest Artificial Intelligence Apps For iOS And Android
13 September 2019   
Two major smartphone platforms, iOS, and Android now include smart apps that are driven by AI (Artificial Intelligence). This will provide a high level of comfort and convenience to the users
Ripple CEO Comments on Rumors of XRP Price Manipulation in an Interview
13 September 2019   
The CEO of the company expressed the opinion that the long-term value of any digital asset will be composed of its utility meaning that XRP is better than BTC
Bitcoin Fundamentals Hit Highest Levels Ever
13 September 2019   
The volatility is still there, though the price seems set to take a positive trend and many are predicting that this is just the beginning of a bullish market
Venezuelan State Bank Opened El Petro Crypto Wallet Registration
13 September 2019   
Customers noticed the appearance of a new wallet registration module in the user interface of their online accounts. The Bank didn’t provide any official statements yet
Mastercard and R3 To Develop a Platform for Cross-border Payments on Blockchain
12 September 2019   
Initially, it will be aimed at connecting faster payment schemes and banks with the support of the Mastercard clearing and settlement network
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