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8 Essential Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2020
29 January 2020   
Although there are multiple cryptocurrencies to invest in the upcoming years, here you will find the most significant out of them in the article by Amanda Jerelyn
Amount of Tether (USDT) on Tron Blockchain Continues To Grow
29 January 2020   
Tether, based on the Tron blockchain (USDT-TRX), reached about 1 billion. In the world, Tether on Omni is inferior to Ethereum in the total supply of stable coins
CEO Cardano Announces Partnership With PwC: ADA Price Skyrockets
29 January 2020   
Charles Hoskinson, CEO at Cardano, has announced a partnership with PwC. After such a statement, the ADA token skyrocketed by 15% over the past 24 hours
2020: US-Iran Tensions Spark Off Interest In Bitcoin
28 January 2020   
The new year opened with a renewed interest in Bitcoin. As tensions between the United States and Iran continued to escalate in January 2020, the value of Bitcoin kept on growing
Coinbase and Ripple Unveil “New Push” for US Crypto Implementation
28 January 2020   
Coinbase and Ripple are developing smart rules for transparency in the cryptosphere, which should contribute to the further implementation of blockchain technology
Monetary Authority of Singapore Updates Regulatory Framework For Digital Payments
28 January 2020   
The Payment Services Act was adopted in January 2019, and entered into legal force on January 27, 2020. The regulatory framework is aimed at protecting consumers
Deutsche Bank: Digital Currencies Will Receive Widespread Adoption in a Few Years
28 January 2020   
The number of blockchain wallets may exceed 200 million by 2030, the researchers say
Litecoin founder Charlie Lee involves miners donate 1% to Litecoin Foundation
27 January 2020   
Charlie Lee involved Litecoin miners to donate 1% of each block mined. Donations can be sent to some internal projects.
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