Witnessing the digital breakthrough
The Man Losing 7,500 BTC Offers the City $72 M for Hard Drive Search
15 January 2021   
The engineer claims to have thrown the device in 2013 into a trash can, which was assigned a serial number and an appropriate place on the landfill
German Real Estate Giant Issues Bonds on the Stellar Blockchain
15 January 2021   
German real estate developer Vonovia issues digital bonds worth €20 mln for the first time
Hackers Stole $3.8 Bln Worth of Cryptocurrencies in 2020
15 January 2021   
In 2020, cybercriminals stole $3.8 bln worth of cryptocurrencies in 122 attacks
San Francisco Programmer Forgot Bitcoin Wallet Password
14 January 2021   
A programmer from San Francisco, owns 7,002 bitcoins, but he does not have access to them, since he lost the password to his digital wallet
Ledger Offers Bitcoin Rewards For Information On Data Attacks
14 January 2021   
Shopify data leak affected another 20,000 Ledger customers
Polkadot Sets New Price Record
14 January 2021   
Polkadot is currently the 5th largest cryptocurrency by market cap
The Year of Stablecoins. Reasons for Development and Consequences for Markets
14 January 2021   
Stablecoins, unlike Bitcoin, do not break price records, but they are growing in terms of capitalization. What are the causes and consequences of developments?
New Dash Partnership Accelerates Cryptocurrency Adaptation
13 January 2021   
CrayPay makes Dash available to 155,000 merchants
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