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Bitcoin's Use of Green Electricity Now Exceeds 50%
18 June 2021   
One of the most influential Chinese miners claims that bitcoin mining is already predominantly green
DHVC Joins Theta Network As An Enterprise Validator
17 June 2021   
DHVC venture fund becomes the ninth enterprise validator joined Theta Network
Decentralized Casinos — Going Against the Wave of Unfair Gambling Practices; Insights into CryptoPunt
17 June 2021   
The gambling industry reaps the rewards of blockchain technology's transparent and decentralized nature, creating a fairer and more appealing gambling ecosystem for users worldwide
Things to Consider Before Choosing Payment Gateway for Business
17 June 2021   
In this post, we'll talk about the things that you need to consider before choosing payment gateways for your business
Cryptocurrency As A Means Of Payment Is Illegal In Indonesia
17 June 2021   
Central Bank of Indonesia has banned the use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment, stating that this payment method is illegal in the country
How to Comply With the Legitimacy of Online Gambling With Bitcoin
16 June 2021   
More and more online platforms are beginning to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment
Tom Holkenborg Writes The Music Score «Sound Track of Your Life» Presented As An NFT
16 June 2021   
Leonardo DiCaprio's environmental group «Earth Alliance» will receive a donation from the NFT auction based on Tezos
Tunisian Finance Minister to Decriminalize Bitcoin Purchases
16 June 2021   
Tunisian Finance Minister will review the country's cryptocurrency policy and decriminalize the purchase and holding of cryptocurrencies
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