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The Review Of Blockchain Projects For IoT
23 July 2019   
Smartwatches, smart coffee makers and smart cars are all elements of IoT. What it is and which blockchain projects are to fill a niche — in the Bitnewstoday review
Circle Moves to Bermuda. Why?
23 July 2019   
According to Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire, approximately 70% of Poloniex users live outside the US
India Is Just a Step Away From a Total Ban Of Cryptocurrency
23 July 2019   
The Indian Interdepartmental Committee (IMC) stated that the government should ban virtual currencies, and also presented the bill
Iran Postpones the Issue of Licenses for Mining Equipment
22 July 2019   
IRICA has not yet issued any licenses, despite the fact that the tariff rate for imports has been determined: there is still no approval by the government and the Central Bank
Crypto Crimes Cost $2.28 Bln In South Korea
22 July 2019   
The ministry claimed that 132 criminals and fraudsters associated with cryptocurrency had been indicted and detained during the specified period
How to Develop a Bitcoin Wallet Application
19 July 2019   
It’s a full guide on how to develop a Bitcoin Wallet application. We’ll explain everything in detail and discuss what Bitcoin wallet API you need to use in your app
Zcash Network Awaits For a Fork: Ycash To Be Created
19 July 2019   
The first of its kind, it boasts an almost identical codebase with Zcash, but will function as a separate network and an actual competitor
Researchers Determined The Hours Of Highest Bitcoin Volatility
19 July 2019   
LongHash is the crypto analytic company and its research is based on the archives of Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges
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