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Trending Trinity Weekly (December, 10-14)
15 December 2018    |   1055
Take a look at the most exciting topics raised by our authors in the weekly selection of Bitnewstoday’s best stories.
Image of The Day, 14 of December: CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters and Others
14 December 2018    |   2046
Today’s crypto news: ​Wall Street's Bitcoin bull Tom Lee is tired of repeating himself, Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin explains what you really need to know about blockchain, and Bitcoin bomb threats end up being a...
Cryptoeconomics: Three Real World Examples
14 December 2018    |   2138
As blockchain-based ecosystems continue to propagate a new, hybrid discipline is beginning to take shape. This discipline is being referred to as tokenomics/tokenization
Binance. USentralized exchange shows clients the door
14 December 2018    |   3004
Binance cryptocurrency exchange follows US economic policy directly violating the principles of blockchain technologies and crypto industry
Saudi Arabia: three reasons for the emission of state digital coins
14 December 2018    |   3544
In one of our previously published works, we analyzed the Islamic financial market entirely. The time has come to analyze crypto-projects of certain countries. Saudi Arabia is next in turn
Image of The Day, 13 of December: Bloomberg, ZDnet, VentureBeat and Others
13 December 2018    |   3905
Today’s crypto news: ​the cryptocurrency price plunge isn’t only an economic story — it’s political, too, Opera hopes to make cryptocurrency more than just a speculative asset, and American feds start to like cryptocurre...
A Common Mistake: 3 Typical Misconceptions About Smart Contracts
13 December 2018    |   3539
Besides crypto, one of the most promising things on blockchain is the use of smart contracts. The concept was first described by Nick Szabo in 1994 in his paper “Smart Contracts”. He describes smart contracts as ‘a compu...
Mining Сrisis: Wild West Is Over
13 December 2018    |   3835
Bitcoin mining industry revenue has fallen from around $13M/day to $6M/day just in one month
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