Digital Economy:
What will the global market get

The fallacy of trading volume
20 July 2018   
Can you trust financial reports from a cryptoexchange?
“Turn off the news buzz, and nothing will change” – the experts are critical on bitcoin price predictions
12 July 2018   
Do the resounding statements of analysts, economists and other various specialists influence the crypto market, or is it just a buzz? Let’s find that out
Swiss SIX will become the first fully integrated digital assets trading platform
10 July 2018   
Switzerland has taken another step towards creating favorable conditions for cryptos in the country. SIX is going to launch full end-to-end crypto trading
The largest Italian bank Intesa Sanpaolo entered the capital of the start-up Oval Money
29 June 2018   
One of the largest banks in Italy invests in fintech start-up developing an application that allows not only to save but also to invest money. Learn more information in the article of Bitnewstoday
Coinbase to add GBP in the next few weeks
29 June 2018   
The British pound is to be added on a large American cryptocurrency exchange which will obviously ensure the attractiveness of the platform. Learn who confirmed the news and related background
Japan’s Line announces Bitbox, a new crypto exchange
29 June 2018   
Learn first details about this digital currency exchange and what to expect from this initiative judging by the previous background of the corporation and statements made by its high-level employees
Alexander Vinnik now also wanted in third country — France
28 June 2018   
Learn about the latest news on international money launderer Alexander Vinnik who publicly admitted a part of U.S. allegations that he had been connected to BTC-e and helped to hide the true nature of criminal money
Volatility doesn’t matter: Andreessen Horowitz invests $300 million in crypto fund
26 June 2018   
Learn why the news on the venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz matters and how this event resembles the older news about the investments of the Japanese GMO hardware firm and the following results
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