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Shenzhen Exchange: how about you stop mentioning blockchain just to get more money
21.03.2018    |   16
The regular stock exchange in China will now counter those companies who claim they have blockchain technologies in store while in reality they do not. Find out below if this measure is adequate
Coinbase to cooperate with Barclays
21.03.2018    |   18
See the details of the new cooperation agreement between the vast digital currency exchange Coinbase and Barclays, a major United Kingdom investment company dating back to 1896
Nobuaki Kobayashi: incorrect to think I influenced Bitcoin price
19.03.2018    |   41
Get to know the interpretation of the recent downfall of Bitcoin from, as the public thinks, the one actually behind it. What does Nobuaki Kobayashi say in defense to allegations? See below
Coincheck doesn’t operate with Dash, Monero, ZCash anymore
19.03.2018    |   30
DASH, XMR, ZEC are excluded from the listing of the digital currency exchange which recently lost a great sum of NEM due to the security breach successfully made by unknown hackers
Wells Fargo strategist: coin markets cannot serve as fiat market state indicator
15.03.2018    |   23
In this material one can get to know the opinion of a corporate economic expert on which market depends on which and additionally, get familiar with the situation on fiat market right now
John McAfee: don’t fear the market trends
15.03.2018    |   32
See the new motivational statement of software businessman John McAfee in this new Bitnewstoday’s material and find out what grim cryptocurrency market event is it connected to
Coinbase acquires licence to trade e-money in UK, but e-money is not crypto
14.03.2018    |   26
Find out the important difference between electronic money (e-money) and digital (virtual) currencies in this new material regarding the latest achievement of Coinbase on the British financial market
Finnish banks block Prasos Oy exchange transactions
13.03.2018    |   25
See this material to find out the degree of the regulator involvement in this story. Or is it just between banks and Prasos Oy without any directions coming from the government, as one would expect in China?
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