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Lawyer's view: how to avoid scam ICO
Posted On 13.12.2017   
Lead lawyer and expert on initial coin offerings in Russia tells Bitnewstoday how to keep your money safe and sound while investing in ICOs and which project features deserve more attention
What platform to choose for tokens issue?
Posted On 07.12.2017   
ICO is becoming more popular every day. It has led to emergence of new projects that offer their services of tokens issue for startups. figures out what platforms exist nowadays on the market and which a...
Switzerland - the cradle of ICO
Posted On 22.11.2017   
Bitnewstoday analyzed the previous ICO and figured out which jurisdictions and what legal status are chosen by projects
ICO vs IPO: so alike and yet so different
Posted On 20.11.2017   
What is the difference between IPO and ICO, comparison of ICO and IPO, how they function, what models of monetization can be applied and what are other nuances read in the article by Bitnewstoday
What are the most popular tokens on crypto exchanges?
Posted On 16.11.2017 analyzed the segment of tokens and revealed that three ICO projects account for  25% of the capitalization
What is the cost of biggest ICO tokens?
Posted On 16.11.2017   
Bitnewstoday reviews what benefits ICO projects promise to their investors and for how much one can buy or sell these tokens on cryptocurrency exchange platforms
What are tokens and what types there are?
Posted On 27.10.2017   
What is ICO token, what types of ICO tokens there are, how to pay with ICO token and whether it is a risky product, read in the article of
Life after ICO: how to maintain investors loyalty and tokens economy with the help of media
Posted On 17.10.2017   
A few tips from ICO professionals. What should be done to make the project capitalization grow and to increase the interest? Read in the article of
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