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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get
Raise The Stakes: 2018 Brings More Antes To The ICO Table
19 September 2018    |   3814
Back in 2016-2017, raising funds through ICO was pretty easy and not expensive. 2018 brought more projects to the markets, but the expenses got higher. What’s the reason behind it?
State of Startups in 2018: Modern Trends, Tech Kids and Fortune 500
18 September 2018    |   4117
Investors at Block Seoul identify main trends in the DLT startup industry and the criteria they follow to select the projects in order to put their capital.
ICO Investors Become Active Again. Global Analysis, August 2018
13 September 2018    |   3791 in collaboration with ICO Bazaar are launching a joint project dedicated to a comprehensive analysis of the ICO market. The first material describes the August market overview and trends.
8 whitepaper key points for ICOs in 2018. Points #5-8
07 August 2018    |   2588
It is more than getting investors’ attention. It is all about reliability.
8 whitepaper key points for ICOs in 2018. Points #1-4
06 August 2018    |   5899
ICO investors become more elective day by day. Here are the ideas of how to get their attention.
Sebastian Serrano: “5 out of 5 blockchain startups from Argentina go global”
19 July 2018    |   9250
Sebastian Serrano, CEO and founder of Ripio spoke about the blockchain startups success in Argentina at “Future in the City”, and gave an exclusive interview to
ICO Trends. "To do" list for the 2nd half of 2018
19 July 2018    |   11319
During the first two articles, Richard Shibi has covered the hype of ICOs during 2017-2018, frauds and scams, hacks and security breaches, which all resulted in regulatory attention. The third one leads us to an outlook ...
What is ICCO: a step forward or a circle run?
18 July 2018    |   1753
ICCO or Initial Convertible Coin Offering — a new model of business tokenization, suggested by the Palladium startup. Let’s investigate the details and analyze the perspectives of the model.
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