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What will the global market get
Sebastian Serrano: “5 out of 5 blockchain startups from Argentina go global”
19 July 2018   
Sebastian Serrano, CEO and founder of Ripio spoke about the blockchain startups success in Argentina at “Future in the City”, and gave an exclusive interview to
ICO Trends. "To do" list for the 2nd half of 2018
19 July 2018   
During the first two articles, Richard Shibi has covered the hype of ICOs during 2017-2018, frauds and scams, hacks and security breaches, which all resulted in regulatory attention. The third one leads us to an outlook ...
What is ICCO: a step forward or a circle run?
18 July 2018   
ICCO or Initial Convertible Coin Offering — a new model of business tokenization, suggested by the Palladium startup. Let’s investigate the details and analyze the perspectives of the model.
ICO Trends. The past, the present, the future. Lessons learned in the first half of 2018
17 July 2018   
In this article, Richard Shibi goes on with analyzing the situation in the field of ICOs, this time deeper into the events of the first half of 2018. The regulatory movements, successes and failures, fundamental question...
ICO Trends. The past, the present, the future. The aftermath of 2017
16 July 2018   
The year 2017 has proven to be a significant milestone for the ICO industry. The first half of 2018 is not less impressive. Richard Shibi, a Blockchain Consultant, takes on the theme to analyze the past periods and draws...
How to pitch for investors
16 July 2018   
Every team wants to establish the straight connections with investors. I have been moderating one of the most significant Russia ICO Shows at WBS at 26th of April and at WBCSummit at 20th of may
Scopuly — ICO-startup which is worth drawing attention to
19 June 2018   
Today Bitnewstoday will get you acquainted with an exciting start-up. The Scopuly project solves a lot of problems that the owners of cryptocurrency have to face
Experts: ICO cannot solve the problem of funding completely
30 May 2018   
Is ICO able to promote the development of financial companies and small and medium-sized businesses from the traditional economy? Read about it in the article of Bitnewstoday
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