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Successful experience: useful tips for ICO marketers
23 May 2018    |   2439
Many companies have already completed ICOs. However, there are very few publicly available structured reports with facts and numbers that can make the life of new projects easier. Egor Egerev, CEO of, shar...
ICOs develop new measures to attract communities: enter the ‘Bounty Bot’
19 April 2018    |   1104
It is an absolute standard for ICOs to attract a community and to gather attention towards themselves; the ‘bounty campaign’. Also, in these days, often referred to as ‘airdrops’. In this article we take a look at the ev...
Are you going to launch the ICO? Answer yourself a couple of questions first
11 April 2018    |   7322
Bitnewstoday prepared a list of questions to answer before launching the ICO
Top-5 mistakes that definitely lead to the failure of ICO
02 April 2018    |   2821
It's good when you learn from somebody’s mistakes. Bitnewstoday collected all the mistakes of ICO-projects, which can be fatal
Review of ICO: projects that received the high trust from investors
28 March 2018    |   1014
Bitnewstoday gives an overview of projects that launched ICO in January and March 2018
Want to raise millions for ICO - get ready for high expenses
01 March 2018    |   1725
As a part of a study “ICO projects promotion”, Bitnewstoday tries to answer the questions “What does determine the success of ICO?” and “How projects should build their PR-strategy to catch investors’ attention?”
Tokens can bring more money if an ICO consultant devotes much time to the project
19 February 2018    |   1510
How to find advisors? What experience do they have to possess? How to avoid dishonest specialists? What should tip you off in the behavior of an advisor? How many high-class advisors are there in the world? How much shou...
ICO bankruptcy: what happens with tokens of failed projects
16 February 2018    |   3947
Bitnewstoday decided to discuss an issue raised by many cryptoinvestors – what to do with tokens in case if a project, after the completion of ICO, did not manage to create a successful product and went bankrupt
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