Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Cryptocurrencies: fastest transactions. What is already done?
27 June 2018   
Sceptics often criticize Bitcoin and Ethereum for their poor scalability, low transaction speed and the high price of digital coin transactions. We will consider the factors that influence these parameters, as well as th...
A house of cards: mysteries of cryptocurrency cards
21 June 2018   
Bitnewstoday reveals the secrets of cryptocurrency cards for our readers. What advantages do they have over traditional cards and whether it is worth getting them, read in our article
Financial world will never be the same again
31 May 2018   
The nascent crypto economy is challenging the traditional financial world. Bitnewstoday, together with experts, is discussing whether it will be possible to integrate crypto tools into the existing financial sector and w...
Cryptonews aggregator apps review
24 May 2018   
Crypto is a hot topic nowadays, and all kinds of related media projects are literally mushrooming everywhere. Apps-aggregators of crypto news appeared as tools helping people to deal with the massive flow of information....
Swiss Canton Ticino: clear rules for taxation of Bitcoin attract enterprises and capital
22 May 2018   
Crypto friendly Switzerland improves the regulation of cryptocurrencies. New taxation approaches revealed
How to choose an application for trading
03 May 2018   
Bitnewstoday made a review of best bitcoin trading apps. From this article, you will learn how to choose bitcoin trading app and what should be taken into account
Books about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO
24 April 2018   
In this article we present newcomers as well as the latest editions of popular books. From a novice to an expert
Bitcoin ATMs across the world in numbers
22 December 2017   
Every day about five new crypto ATM are opened in the world. They allow users to exchange fiat money for cryptocurrency and back. They may be called differently: bitcoin machines, bitcoin ATM, bitcoin exchanger. Many peo...
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