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Crypto wallet or life! Best way to secure bitcoin wallet
Posted On 15.11.2017   
Protection of crypto wallet is extremely important for every owner of cryptocurrency. And the more funds are on the account, the more complicated and secure bitcoin wallet should be. explains how to keep...
Knowledge is power. Is it the case in crypto sphere?
Posted On 02.11.2017   
To build a career in the field of ICO and blockchain technology, an encyclopedic mindset and strong English-language (ideally two more languages) skills are needed. What position and what salary can a newcomer expect in ...
Should cryptoeconomic websites become media?
Posted On 25.10.2017   
The status of media gives digital outlets many advantages, including the increase of their credibility. However, Russian crypto outlets don't hurry to obtain the status of mass media. Are these websites afraid of additio...
Cryptocurrency-based accounting for legal entities: myth, reality or responsibility?
Posted On 22.09.2017   
Cryptocurrency is no longer considered as a means of payment mostly for underground trade. Individuals tend to use it in their daily activity, but what about business – bitnewstoday figures out
How to spend cryptocurrencies in this fiat world
Posted On 06.09.2017   
More and more places are beginning to emerge where you can spend your cryptocurrency or turn it into fiat money. It also the case in online shopping with a growing number of stores that accept bitcoin as a payment. Bitne...
Vitalik Buterin Gives Answers to the Internet
Posted On 15.08.2017   
The big AMA interview on The Next Web – what’s the current status of different Ethereum updates, how did the views of Ethereum creator evolve and what food does he like?
The legal status of cryptocurrencies
Posted On 24.07.2017   
Every year digital currencies are increasingly mainstreamed in our lives and already partly replace fiat money. How different countries react to the cryptocurrency phenomenon, read in this material by
How legal are cryptocurrencies around the world: Bolivia, China and Russia
Posted On 18.07.2017   
The article takes a look at regulators’ attitude towards cryptocurrency transactions in certain countries
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