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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Neural Networks In Trading: Goldman Sachs Has Fired 99% of Traders Replacing Them With Robots
18 September 2018    |   5818
Exchanges release neural networks at the market that make perfect forecasts without specialists. The experts predict a self-supporting AI that will replace all traders in 20 years.
The US and Chinese National Databases Withhold Vulnerability Information. Decentralized Database Can Deal With It
11 September 2018    |   5693
Among other cybersecurity problems, governments temporarily retain knowledge of vulnerabilities. Tae-Jin (TJ) Kang exposes the situation and presents the idea of solution.
Over 14.000 New Vulnerabilities Reported in 2017. How Blockchain To Improve The Cybersecurity
10 September 2018    |   3534
Cybersecurity specialists face different challenges every day. The number and complexity of the issues grow constantly. Tae-Jin (TJ) Kang sums up the problems and speaks about solutions
Artificial Responsibility of Smart Contracts. The Genie in The Bottle?
07 September 2018    |   3401
The issue of smart contracts security is still disputable. The idea behind is great in theory, but we need to be careful with our wishes from a genie
Banca Sella, Lloyd's and Mastercard Are Testing The Waters of Fintech
07 September 2018    |   4396
In the world of economy fintech was quite often considered as some effort to invent the wheel all over again. However, it ended up being the first herald of the new economic world.
Oldboy's father will change the South Korean movie business
03 August 2018    |   3746
Sam Chi came up with a plan of changing movie industry. Only korean could’ve came up with a plan like that!
Blockchain based hangover
02 August 2018    |   2050
Blockchain promised to become a cure-all pill for the industry. How to overcome the disappointment?
All of a sudden, for fintech partners, go to Africa
02 August 2018    |   18507
According to the Econ study, South Africa is at the 16th place among the countries with the largest number of FinTech companies. Nigeria has got the same number as South Korea
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