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5 reasons why crypto market collapsed again
23.01.2018    |   45
When will we see bitcoin at $20,000 again? Over the month, the cryptocurrency market fell almost twofold. However there had been several factors indicating an imminent correction. Which were the main ones read in the ar...
The pioneers of ICO market
18.01.2018    |   107
The article presents an overview of some of the earliest ICO. calculates how much money investors have earned with the projects that attracted funding through ICO three-four years ago
How mining equipment evolved: from GPU to ASIC
18.01.2018    |   1299 takes a look at how mining difficulty has changed components of mining equipment
What do internet users would like to know about cryptocurrencies?
17.01.2018    |   133
Bitnewstoday has analyzed users’ requests regarding cryptocurrencies. Read in this article about what internet users would like to know about cryptocoins
How to buy bitcoin and not run into scammers
15.01.2018    |   164
There are fewer people who have not heard about bitcoin, and more and more of those who want to buy it. Bitnewstoday made an overview of how to buy cryptocurrency and talked about the pros and cons of each option
Why are banks still indecisive when it comes to the issue of operations with cryptocurrencies?
10.01.2018    |   1447
Financial expert tells what he thinks about the serious financial institutions’ sentiment towards Bitcoin, what’s the bigger bubble - dotcom or Bitcoin and how all this is connected to the experience of his child at scho...
2017 was revolutionary for cryptoeconomy
09.01.2018    |   517
Bitnewstoday tallies up the year 2017 for the crypto sphere. Which events were the most significant, what experts expect from cryptocurrencies in 2018 – read in this article to find out
Top Ten Cryptocurrency Events of 2017
29.12.2017    |   2308
Bitnewstoday has prepared a chart of the most interesting and influential events happened during this year and comments on how they affected the market and overall environment
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