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Books about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO
24.04.2018    |   389
In this article we present newcomers as well as the latest editions of popular books. From a novice to an expert
Bitcoin goes on with “melting”. Altcoins increase in power
23.04.2018    |   32
Bitnewstoday publishes the weekly digest of the cryptocurrency market: Bitcoin loses its share in the market of cryptocurrencies, altcoins grow with the fastest rates
ICOs develop new measures to attract communities: enter the ‘Bounty Bot’
19.04.2018    |   740
It is an absolute standard for ICOs to attract a community and to gather attention towards themselves; the ‘bounty campaign’. Also, in these days, often referred to as ‘airdrops’. In this article we take a look at the ev...
Cryptocurrency for everyone: the Italian township of Rovereto launches Bitcoin Exchange points
18.04.2018    |   979
Bitcoins have become indisputable in a daily life of a small Italian town. See the channel Bitnewstoday for more details
What’s new? Cryptocurrency and ICO forums review
17.04.2018    |   546
Bitnewstoday gives an overview of topics and events of the cryptosphere, which are being actively discussed in forums and communities
Weekly cryptocurrency digest: 81% — grew, 19% — fell
16.04.2018    |   707
Last week cryptomarket grew from $264,3 bn to $333,4 bn. In this article, Bitnewstoday examines what cryptocoins went up and which of them fell
Are you going to launch the ICO? Answer yourself a couple of questions first
11.04.2018    |   104
Bitnewstoday prepared a list of questions to answer before launching the ICO
Token Rocati: real housing for virtual money
09.04.2018    |   510
Italian banking sector has been pretty shaken: a young Italian Pinzi came up with the idea how to eliminate it from real estate transactions. Read about in the article of Bitnewstoday
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