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Mshelper mining virus targets Mac
25 May 2018    |   55
This material gives the reader an opportunity to learn how to outsmart the malicious authors of the latest mining virus and delete the threat from the Apple device so that cooling fans wouldn’t age too soon
Nobel Prize-winning Robert Shiller: cryptocurrencies may not reform money
22 May 2018    |   10843
See what the famous economist said about cryptocurrencies in the recent blog post and to what he compares this economic movement - as well as some brief info on why communism doesn’t work
One billion: mining company Canaan Creative holds ambitious IPO
17 May 2018    |   21046
Read the exact revenue numbers of the initial public offering held by mining hardware giant Canaan Creative and see if there were any other financial achievements made by this company this year
NigelThorn - new mining malware with same old methods
17 May 2018    |   3895
Read why NigelThorn strikingly resembles FaceX Worm which has been described on the pages of Bitnewstoday, and what’s new in this remote mining toolkit hackers use to get crypto without using their own computers
Telegram sues American company over Gram brand
16 May 2018    |   1448
Let’s try to find out who is right in the situation connected with the copyrights for Gram - a product that is often associated with Telegram Messenger LLC which unfortunately did not install all infringement safeguards
Nvidia has made almost $300 million on miners
11 May 2018    |   3892
See how much Nvidia has made on miners and what does the CEO of the corporation state despite all the hundreds millions of dollars the company has received thanks to cryptocurrency enthusiasts and entrepreneurs
Dangerous in-browser Facebook worm can both intercept and mine cryptocoins
11 May 2018    |   10146
Learn how to detect this new mining virus and delete it, why the popular browser Chrome connected to this cybersecurity issue and if it is the first Facebook mining virus in history
Drupal breach leads to mining virus infection of over 300 websites
08 May 2018    |   1025
The Drupal content management system breach attracts even more remote mining hackers. Read which organizations have suffered and what it all means in the new report about criminal finance and cybersecurity
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