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Hardware wallets vaults are slowly becoming a trend
Posted On 15.12.2017   
Physical Bitcoin and altcoin wallets need to be stored somewhere safe so that they don’t become stolen or lost by accident, and this is where the newly-arrived type of firms comes in handy
Big Waves Client update released
Posted On 15.12.2017   
Waves is a platform where users can create their own initial coin offerings. It was created by a Russian entrepreneur in 2016. The client software has been updated to 1.0. Read what changed
Another North Korean cryptocurrency-related hack trick spotted
Posted On 15.12.2017   
North Korea, or the DPRK, is aware about the digital currency market and its state-backed hackers perform various malicious acts related to the crypto space
Suit of the future: Hague’s Institute of Human Obsolescence figures out how to use human body to mine coins
Posted On 15.12.2017   
This startup is stranger than the Russian mining heater and mining farm house both. However, there are two reasons we won’t be lying around all day in these mining suits anytime soon, read below why
Cyber crime goes offline: man robbed of his hardware Ethereum wallet containing $1.8 million
Posted On 14.12.2017   
More than a million dollar sum temporarily lost after robbery involving disk with Ethereum in New York City, at least one of criminals under arrest, law enforcement thinks such crimes will only multiply
Latent mining script spotted in… Starbucks
Posted On 14.12.2017   
Apparently, someone decided to inject the mining script in the Wi-Fi instead of websites, the tactics everybody already got used to. And it’s not clear how to find out who was the criminal who did this
Sirin Labs’ successful ICO: $50 million in 4 hours (football star Messi might be the reason)
Posted On 13.12.2017   
Info from the press release Bitnewstoday received demonstrates a good example why initial coin offerings are much more efficient than traditional investment attraction methods
Cryptocurrency is #1 in Top 10 Most Searched Things and Phenomena in 2017 on Yandex, Russian search engine
Posted On 12.12.2017   
The popular Russian search engine has made a rating of trends and divided them into categories, and cryptocurrency has become the leader in one of them, being more popular than fidget spinner and new iPhone models
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Who manipulates bitcoin price?
Posted On 14.12.2017   
Bittrex sign-up not working
Posted On 15.12.2017   
Bitcoin in 2018: prognoses and fears
Posted On 13.12.2017