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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


DLT: Can Users Return The Power Over Their Personal Data and Monetize It
21 September 2018    |   863
The new DLT-platform offers users to share their personal information with business and make money out of it. How much is your data worth and how cost-effective can the overall ecosystem of data exchange be for business
Four Reasons Why InsurTech Startups Won’t Get Subdued by Traditional Institutions
21 September 2018    |   1180
Let’s imagine the idea that the traditional insurance market plots against InsurTech startups. Is there a possibility of a real threat on the horizon?
Singapore Continues The Asian Race: $150M Invested in Digital Generation
21 September 2018    |   1533
The head of the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) hopes to create stablecoin on the basis of the Singapore dollar to make his country the blockchain center of Asia.
African Women In Blockchain Level Up: Popularity of DLT Grows by 600%
20 September 2018    |   3950
Johannesburg Women In Blockchain is a proof of the shifts that happen in the financial, political and social life in Africa. We discover the opportunities it may bring to the women of the whole continent
Will AI Cure The Trading of Speculations and Create The New Financial Crisis
19 September 2018    |   3750
Neural networks are used to detect the scam. AI will take control over the trading and replace the traders in 20 years, and the crypto market will burst like a soap bubble.
The Game of Techs: The Markets Are in The Midst of An Epic Struggle
18 September 2018    |   3917
FinTech and InsurTech are the most discussed evolving ‘houses’ in the technological race, but what about the other areas and opportunities?
Green DLT Can Add $1 Trillion To The Volume of The Global Trading
18 September 2018    |   4152
The World Economic Forum believes that distributed ledgers can resolve the global economic situation. But are the participants in the commodity trade market ready for this?
Will Hollywood Allow DLT To Take Control Over The Budgets
17 September 2018    |   4097
Blockchain is walking through the industries. Can the ubiquitous technology pierce Hollywood?
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