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Snapchat bans ICO ads
22.03.2018    |   11
Read about another social media platform which has joined the popular trend of banning advertisement messages related to initial coin offerings in this new material by Bitnewstoday
Twitter might be planning to ban cryptocurrency ads
19.03.2018    |   23
The popular digital platform might have decided it’s enough for regular users to see scam coins’ ads. Find out below who else might suffer and if the rumors about this measure look credible
Yandex blocking crypto ads is nothing new
16.03.2018    |   38
As our colleagues have incorrectly found out, the Russian popular search engine called Yandex has decided to follow in the footsteps of its American counterpart Google (which didn’t happen). Find out more details on the ...
Mining viruses infect Apple Mac Store application
16.03.2018    |   32
The seemingly harmless application became a part of another plan of hacker masterminds to get cryptocurrency absolutely without using their own computers by intercepting resources belonging to other people
Google posts official document on cryptocurrency ads ban
15.03.2018    |   1103
Some media outlets previously described the ban as “silent”, now one might say the silence has ended. Find out the details of the new Google announcement in this new material by Bitnewstoday
Google to ban cryptocurrency-related ads in June
14.03.2018    |   872
Find out the latest news on social media editorial policy towards cryptocurrencies and how it will affect the market. Read about potential upsides of this decision. Get to know how the community reacted
Giza ICO steals $2M from investors by promising disruptive hardware
14.03.2018    |   32
Another ICO scam, $2M dollars stolen. Two million dollars is not the biggest sum, but this information wouldn’t help the victims of the fraud. Read this new material on ICO crime to find out how they could have debunked ...
New research tool to analyze 400 crypto websites’ sentiment
13.03.2018    |   30
MarketPsych Indices developed by MarketPsych and Thomson Reuters will use non-cryptocurrency, but still disruptive technologies - big data and applied artificial intelligence
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