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Bitcoin goes on with “melting”. Altcoins increase in power
23.04.2018    |   32
Bitnewstoday publishes the weekly digest of the cryptocurrency market: Bitcoin loses its share in the market of cryptocurrencies, altcoins grow with the fastest rates
Weekly cryptocurrency digest: 81% — grew, 19% — fell
16.04.2018    |   708
Last week cryptomarket grew from $264,3 bn to $333,4 bn. In this article, Bitnewstoday examines what cryptocoins went up and which of them fell
In a Monero way: 10 revealing facts about the most anonymous cryptocurrency
05.04.2018    |   874
Read about noteworthiness of Monero cryptocurrency and its prospects in the article of Bitnewstoday
The way capitalization of cryptocurrency market has been changing
22.03.2018    |   1023
Bitnewstoday analyses the dynamics of cryptocurrency market capitalization
10 Things You Should Know About SiaCoin
19.03.2018    |   1729
There are different kinds of cryptocurrency. Some of them are mayflies while the others are trustful and attractive for investors. Today we will tell you all the most interesting about siacoin in 2018. Siacoin is traded ...
The case of Litecoin: five catalysts for growth
15.03.2018    |   156
Bitnewstoday in conjunction with experts analyzes the secrets of the success of one of the largest altcoins — Litecoin
Why some altcoins cost thousands of dollars, while others - several cents?
13.03.2018    |   3527
Many of our readers wonder, why some altcoins cost thousands of dollars, while others - several cents? Bitnewstoday decided to figure out what determines a coin’s price and what cryptocurrencies are better to buy - cheap...
Millions of dollars raised by Petro, but still no transactions
07.03.2018    |   1009
A Venezuelan writer prepared this opinion article about the birth of a new national cryptocurrency for The authorities of Maduro report that everything is perfect. But what's really going on?
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