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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Why do altcoins become cheaper following Bitcoin?
18 June 2018    |   2472
Bitnewstoday provides a regular weekly review of the cryptocurrency market. Why does Bitcoin become cheaper? What are the reasons for the fall of cumulative capitalization of the crypto market? Read about it in the artic...
Bitcoin Cash presents a challenge to Bitcoin
14 June 2018    |   1517
The history of Bitcoin Cash is worth capturing in a movie: a tense confrontation, a dramatic break, a challenge to the leader, accusations, scandals, and successful development. And while the story has not been filmed ye...
Which cryptocurrencies are still growing despite the market downfall
13 June 2018    |   1711
Despite the decline of Bitcoin cost and all cryptomarket in general, some cryptocurrencies still become more expensive. Bitnewstoday is reviewing such coins
Cryptocurrency with a stable rate: a dream or reality?
08 June 2018    |   3141
Cryptocurrency is an extremely volatile asset. Market volatility is one of the obstacles to the spread of digital money, as the volatile price does not allow to use them for investment or as means of payment. Is there a ...
Made in China: 11 interesting facts about TRON “gaming” coin
05 June 2018    |   24588
Lots of crypto coins with strong growth perspectives have significant community support. For instance, it’s a Chinese blockchain platform TRON, a kind of a social network where users can place any entertaining content, i...
Cryptomarket in May
04 June 2018    |   2145
The past month can’t be called lucky for the cryptomarket: Bitcoin continued to lose its price, thereby affecting other altcoins and market capitalization as a whole. Read about the most important events in this review f...
Altcoin week
01 June 2018    |   1600
Bitnewstoday tries to find out the key events of the week connected with Bitcoin and instead comes to an interesting conclusion: altcoins had much more interesting background. Details below
Dash — from darkness to the light
31 May 2018    |   2005
Dash cryptocurrency has been long considered as a means of anonymous payments in the dark areas of the worldwide network, but the project team decided to prove that their brainchild is not a tool for criminal deeds, but ...
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